Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1077 – Heartless Slaughtering

Chapter 1077 – Heartless Slaughtering

Heartless Slaughtering

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Overbearing! Domineering!

He was just a man with a sword, but his average-sized body was like an iron tower standing in front of them, impressing and charming them with his unique charisma.

“Big Brother Jiang...”

Han Cong felt extremely worried. Faced with very powerful opponents, he had never thought that Jiang Chen would decide to fight them. No matter how great Jiang Chen was, he was merely a late Human Immortal. How could he possibly take down so many experts of Huang Family alone? He was afraid that Jiang Chen wouldn’t stand a chance at all.

However, Jiang Chen’s composure and confidence, and thinking of the miracles Jiang Chen had created days ago slightly eased his concerns.

Han Changling, on the other hand, believed that Jiang Chen wasn’t a rash person and must have his own purpose of doing so. Otherwise, Jiang Chen wouldn’t appear here alone. At this point, all he could do was to hope that Jiang Chen could create miracles once more even though he didn’t know what kind of means Jiang Chen would use to deal with these opponents.

Taken over by her curiosity, Yan Qingcheng refrained herself from charging out to see what means would Jiang Chen use. Nevertheless, she had still readied herself in case something happens. As long as Jiang Chen failed to handle them, she would rush out at once to prevent Jiang Chen from getting any harm.

“What? None of you dares to fight me?” Jiang Chen smirked and said.

“Haha! This is a serious joke. A puny Human Immortal expert wants to challenge us? I wonder where he got his confidence from. Sixth Master, allow me to teach him a lesson so that he knows what his limitations are.” A brawny man said aloud.

Without waiting for Huang Xiong’s consent, he strode towards Jiang Chen. This man was tall, had a robust body and a fierce-looking face but too bad, none of these could scare Jiang Chen at all. With him being an early Earth Immortal, he was just as harmless as an ant to Jiang Chen.

“Brat, I’ll let you know what’s power today and that a young man like you should know some manners.”

Immortal Qi began to roll from the brawny man’s body. He cracked his knuckles, seemingly determined to take Jiang Chen down. His face was full of contempt, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes. It was a logical reaction. How could an early Earth Immortal expert put a puny Human Immortal junior in his eyes?

*Pu Chi!*

As soon as his voice trailed off, Jiang Chen thrust his sword, but no one saw him moved. The sword in his hand stabbed through the brawny man’s chest.

“You have too much of nonsense.”

Jiang Chen smiled at his opponent. The brawny man was sure that he was now seeing the most terrifying smile in this world. He could feel the vital force in his body draining constantly and an unprecedented fear rushed to his head.

“No, this is not possible. This is not possible!”

That brawny man shook his head continuously, refusing to accept what he saw. How could he end up like this even with his cultivation base two levels higher than his opponent? But the fact remained as it was.

Han Changling and the others’ mouth were opened wide in astonishment. As they had already witnessed Jiang Chen’s strength before during the time when he fought against Steward Wu who was also an early Earth Immortal expert in front of the Prefecture, they weren’t very surprised seeing Jiang Chen defeating this early Earth Immortal expert with a single strike. What amazed them was that Jiang Chen was so ruthless in his killing, although they knew that their hatred for Huang Family could no longer be resolved even if Jiang Chen agreed to join them.

Yan Qingcheng felt incomparably shocked at the back as well. She knew that Jiang Chen had defeated Steward Wu, but Jiang Chen;s strength didn’t astonish her as much as seeing it by herself. Jiang Chen moved so fast that the early Earth Immortal expert didn’t even have the chance to respond. The word scary was no longer the right word to describe his strength.

It was also her first time seeing Jiang Chen’s ruthless side. She didn’t think that Jiang Chen was so decisive in killing someone who offended him.

“Can’t even withstand a single strike. Next.” Jiang Chen looked up slowly at his opponents.


Many experts of Huang Family couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. Having never seen a late Human Immortal expert killing an early Earth Immortal expert with just a single strike, how they viewed Jiang Chen now changed.

“Let me fight him. I would like to know how powerful a late Human Immortal actually is.”

Another man stood out. He was a mid Earth Immortal expert, much stronger than the brawny man. The Qi that was exuded from him was frightening.

Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his gaze to this man, but his expression didn’t change at all. With his unparalleled combat experience and powerful means, any ordinary early Earth Immortal was no match for him. In addition, his dragon transformation skill was strong enough to jump two levels of cultivation base. In other words, his current combat strength was equivalent to a mid Earth Immortal expert.

“You’re no match for me,” said Jiang Chen casually.

“Exceedingly conceited. Watch the sword.”

The man harrumphed as he held a dazzling sword in his hand. Without saying another word, he lunged at Jiang Chen with extreme speed. It was like he and his sword had turned into a gust of cold wind. The Qi he unleashed was fully locked on Jiang Chen, not giving Jiang Chen a single chance to escape.

Although his opponent’s sword was very fast, Jiang Chen wasn’t any slower. It was always easy for him to strike after his enemy attacked.


The Heavenly Saint Sword produced an ear-splitting howl as it slashed at its target.


Two swords clashed, creating a piercing buzz and sparks. The man in black couldn’t hold Jiang Chen’s force and was sent three steps back.


This time, the onlookers were truly shocked, including Yan Qingcheng who was watching the scene secretly. One should know that the ability to defeat an early Earth Immortal opponent was very different from defeating a mid Earth Immortal opponent. It was so astounding that a mere late Human Immortal expert could actually do this. Neither of them would believe it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

“This brat is strong.”

The man’s expression turned grim. He no longer dared to look down on Jiang Chen like before.

“Brat, you are really a rare genius. Too bad, you shouldn’t have gone against the Huang Family as I’m not going to be lenient on you,” said the man coldly.

It was his carelessness that he had underestimated this young man. Now, he was going all out. He believed that with his power, killing a late Human Immortal wasn’t a difficult task at all.

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