Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1076 – Who Would Go First?

Chapter 1076 – Who Would Go First?

Who Would Go First?

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“Big Brother Jiang is acting a little weird. Why did he leave with Han Cong all of a sudden?”

Yan Qingchen frowned, feeling uneasy when she recalled what Yuan Chengjun said about Jiang Chen. Although she didn’t believe that Jiang Chen had anything to do with Huang Family, she still felt uneasy deep inside. She felt more suspicious learning that Jiang Chen had left the Prefecture with Han Cong so early in the morning. If Jiang Chen really wasn’t a spy, why did he left with Han Cong?

She then chased after them at her maximum speed. Regardless of her doubts that Jiang Chen was related to Huang Family or her curiosity about why Jiang Chen left the Prefecture with Han Cong so early in the morning, she had to follow them to get her answers. Jiang Chen was the first man that she had ever liked. She didn’t hope to see that her eyesight made a mistake this time. If Jiang Chen was really doing something that would harm the Prefecture, she absolutely wouldn’t be lenient to him.

Jiang Chen’s one hand was grabbing Han Cong’s shoulder while travelling. There was a cold light every step he made which created innumerable afterimages on the ground he travelled. Due to the swift speed, Han Cong could hear the whistling of the wind and his face slightly hurt. His body was completely in mid-air. He was dragged all the way back without expending a bit energy.

How can Big Brother Jiang be so fast? Not even a late Earth Immortal expert can be this fast. Big Brother Jiang is truly extraordinary.

Yan Qingcheng wasn’t able to keep her calm and suffered a psychological blow.

In this world, all geniuses had one common failing, and that was pride. Yan Qingcheng was no doubt one of them. All of her confidence had been crushed in front of Jiang Chen. Thinking back when she was just a late Human Immortal expert, Jiang Chen’s ability made her downright inferior.

She wasn’t a person who would easily admit defeat. She continued to maintain her maximum speed. She no longer desired to catch up with Jiang Chen’s speed, she just hoped that she wouldn’t lose sight of him.

On the front, Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a slight smile. Given his sharp senses, he surely knew that someone was following him. He also knew that the person was Yan Qingcheng. It wasn’t hard to guess why she was following him. With the spies in the Prefecture, he had already antic.i.p.ated that they would be stirring up unnecessary trouble in the Prefecture, therefore she must be here to find things about him and Sixth Master Huang.

To him, speed wasn’t an important element right now. If he used the Flaming Wings, he could have reached Han Village in just a few minutes. However, there were some cards that he had to hide so that he could use it to kill at the critical moment.

Two hours later, Jiang Chen arrived in Han Village under Han Cong’s lead. The place was remote and was surrounded by mountains. Looking across the village, there were four to five villages at this mountain range. Undoubtedly, low level experts resided in this area. Those who lived in these villages only hoped to have a peaceful and comfortable life instead of dreaming and achieving big things.

To Han villagers, offending Huang Family was their end.

Although Han Village wasn’t big, there were dozens of families that totalled roughly 100 people.

Outside Han Village was a s.p.a.cious land. It was currently occupied by all the Han villagers with a dozen of black-clothed vicious looking guards surrounding them. Standing at the very front was Chief Han Changling and the seniors of Han Village.

Those black-clothed men were the people of Huang Family. The weakest among them was an early Earth Immortal expert who was stronger than the half-step Earth Immortal Han Changling. With so many experts watching over them, none of the villagers dared to make a single move. All their faces were grim.

Han Changling’s face was also filled with sadness. Han Village had existed for so long, but nothing like this had ever occurred in their village. A disaster like this was going to wipe them out for sure.

Beside them was a large rattan chair, a person called Sixth Master Huang was sitting on it. Next to Huang Xiong were two tall and robust late Earth Immortal experts.

“Sixth Master, our village has never offended your family. Your family is one of the rulers in Yan City, why do you want to create trouble for a tiny village like ours,” said Han Changling.

“There’s no need for you to worry, Chief Han. As long as Jiang Chen agrees to join our family, I a.s.sure you that all of the villagers will be safe and rewarded handsomely,” said Huang Xiong.

“I don’t think Brother Jiang is a kind of person that will change his mind easily. I’m afraid that he will disappoint Sixth Master.”

Han Changling’s words were filled with anger. After being held hostage for so long, he started to feel angry about it. He now knew that it must be Huang Xiong who had gone to invite Jiang Chen personally to join their family but was refused, which prompted him to make a move on Han Village.

However, the later events would surely disappoint Huang Xiong. Although Han Changling didn’t know Jiang Chen for a long time, he knew what kind of a man Jiang Chen was. He was sure that Jiang Chen wouldn’t pledge himself to Huang Family after deciding to join the Prefecture.

“Humph! Then everyone in Han Village will have to die along with him.”

Huang Xiong let out a cold humph. His expression switched faster than flipping a page.

This scene was clearly seen by the newly arrived Jiang Chen, Han Cong and Yan Qingcheng clearly. With Yan Qingcheng’s wisdom, she could already tell what happened.

“So that was it.”

Yan Qingcheng felt relieved, the weight in her heart had finally been lifted. It seemed like Jiang Chen did b.u.mp into Huang Xiong yesterday night, but had declined Huang Xiong’s offer, which provoked Huan Xiong to use Han Village to blackmail him.

Such action of Huang Family was indeed mean and crooked, but instead of asking her for help, Jiang Chen came alone to face them. This manly and decisive action made her admire him even more.

Only three late Earth Immortal experts. They’re no match for me. But I won’t interfere first. I have to see what Big Brother Jiang will do.

After knowing that Jiang Chen wasn’t betraying the Prefecture, she felt a lot comfortable. She wanted to see how Jiang Chen would deal with the current situation. She had already witnessed his concoction skills. Now, she wanted to witness his true strength.

Therefore, she found a good hiding spot to observe the development of the situation. If Jiang Chen failed to cope up with the circ.u.mstances, she would definitely help.

“Big Brother Jiang, what do we do now?” asked Han Cong.

He cracked his fists upon seeing that all of his fellow villagers were being held hostage by those bad guys. Although he was feeling extremely angry right now, he knew that if he charged at these experts, he would be crushed by their finger given his strength.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Jiang Chen patted Han Cong’s shoulder with a smile and strode forward.

Everyone’s eyes fell upon Jiang Chen when they saw him.

“Brother Jiang.”

Han Changling and the others called out.

“Jiang Chen, I had never thought that you have the guts to come here alone.”

Huang Xiong was crossing his leg and said leisurely.

“Release them,” said Jiang Chen without wasting another breath to talk nonsense.

“Humph! How can a puny Human Immortal speak so arrogantly? Let me teach him a lesson!”

An Earth Immortal expert let out a humph, preparing to lunge at Jiang Chen.

“Stop, don’t be rude to Master Jiang.”

Huang Xiong stood up from his chair and said to Jiang Chen, “Jiang Chen, I have no choice but to do what I have done today. My patriarch ordered me to get you back to our family. If I failed to do that, I will need to eliminate you. Last night, you didn’t give me face at all, so I could only make this decision to lure you out. You don’t have much of a choice now. If you give up the Prefecture and come work for us, I promise that Huang Family will treat you nicely and all of these villagers will be safe and sound.”

He believed that as long as Jiang Chen wasn’t a fool, he wouldn’t refuse this offer again. The current situation was already very obvious. The gap between the two of them was too great. Even if Jiang Chen could accept his death, he wouldn’t do that at the expense of these villager’s lives.

“Huang Xiong, you really shouldn’t mess with me.”

Jiang Chen’s tone turned incomparably cold. Real flames rushed out of his eyes as he slowly drew out the dragon-shaped Heavenly Saint Sword which produced a buzzing sound, as if it was thirsting for blood.

“Old man. I will grant you all a pleasure today.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Anyone who was familiar with him knew that such a smile meant that someone would surely suffer. Ever since he arrived in the Immortal World, he had never killed anyone, his Heavenly Saint Sword had never been stained with blood after becoming an Immortal Weapon.

Though he hadn’t killed any Immortals didn’t mean that he wouldn’t kill. As a matter of fact, he had already lost count of how many people he had killed.

“Jiang Chen, I hope that you know what you are doing. You are just a puny Human Immortal, how can you fight us?” Said Huang Xiong viciously.

At the back, Yan Qingcheng was tensed. Although Jiang Chen’s action had warmed her heart, she couldn’t imagine what would happen if he confronted Huang Xiong.

“Who will be first? If any of you can defeat me, I will pledge myself to Huang Family. However, I have to warn you that my sword is deadly.”

Killing intent was radiated off of Jiang Chen’s body. A destructive sword light was rippling out of the Heavenly Saint Sword.

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