Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000: Unt.i.tled


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After locking up the prey, Parker then dashed into the bedroom.

“Well! While Winston and I are doing hard work outside, it’s fine if you don’t help! But how dare you take this chance to mate with Qingqing!” Parker questioned Curtis the moment he came in.

Looking at his mate laying on the thick gra.s.s pile with a flushed and pleasurable expression, he gulped and his eyes went into a daze as his disposition became weaker.

Her clothes weren’t removed and were piled up on her body messily. It made her look more tempting when she was just half-exposed.

Curtis pressed down on Bai Qingqing’s body, not moving. However, the part where they were joined together was very hot, making Bai Qingqing’s body tremble incessantly.

Curtis lay on Bai Qingqing’s body, looking coldly toward him as he said, “Close the door!”

In the short moment Parker lost his senses, a few mutated armored gra.s.shoppers had flown in, causing the leopard cubs to run over excitedly.

Recalling their mommy’s words, they slowed down and turned to take a look at their mommy, then at the insects. They seemed to be struggling.

Parker quickly closed the door and, with a few jumps, pounced down on the few insects that had flown in. He then continued to glare at Curtis, feeling displeased.

Curtis said each word clearly in a cold voice, “Snow needs to constantly have someone protecting her by her side. Is there a problem if I do other things while protecting her?”

Parker was rendered speechless, then said in a displeased tone, “No problem.”

“Then scram out! Put your children in another room while you’re at it.” Even though leopard cubs didn’t have legacies, he couldn’t just leave them be. They were male children, after all.

Parker was so angry that he felt like spurting blood. He threw a glance at the leopard cubs. They wanted to go out and play, and quickly followed by their daddy’s side.

“You get to do it today. Tomorrow it’ll be my turn to watch over Qingqing.” Parker thought of how he must make things up tomorrow so he wouldn’t lose out.

However, Qingqing didn’t smell like she was in heat. Could he do it?

Parker brought the children out and threw a look at his lower body, secretly deciding to test it out for once. He mustn’t embarra.s.s himself in front of Qingqing, nor must he lose to Curtis even in this area.

If Curtis could do it, then he’d definitely be able to as well.

Parker heaved out a murky breath, then clenched his fists tightly to encourage himself.

The leopard cubs finally saw the scene outside. The sun was no longer in view, and their ears were filled with densely-packed sounds of wings brus.h.i.+ng against each other. Although it was known that the overwhelming black dots were formed from fist-sized insects, they still instilled fear, giving the feeling as if one was engulfed by seawater.

The excitement in the leopard cubs’ eyes gradually turned into wariness. They stayed by their daddy’s side, not daring to run off recklessly.

Parker closed them up in a big room without any windows, tossing in a few pieces of wood for them to play before he shut the door and continued to search for food.

The densely-packed black dots moved around chaotically in the air. Even the trees and houses were covered with insects.

Every family had their doors and windows closed tightly, not leaving a single one of them behind. The males were all running around outside, easily killing a bunch of bugs by just casually running a few steps. Their bodies were all covered by the insects’ corpses.

Every family was stocking up on food crazily. Thankfully, several beastmen had joined the village last year and a lot of smoked meat had been stored up. After all, they didn’t have to look for the mermen to trade salt with them.

Although this insect plague would bring great harm to the forest, the beastmen’s village wouldn’t be harmed at the roots. It was a stroke of luck amidst adversity.

Everyone thought this and didn’t have any complaints about this disaster at all.

However, what they didn’t know was that this insect plague shouldn’t take place. It was intentionally created by the scorpion tribe to deal a blow to the village in the forest. The one who came up with the plan was naturally the ape king’s soul, who had an extensive amount of knowledge.