Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 999

Chapter 999

Chapter 999: Unt.i.tled

Curtis said nastily, “The places where the insect plague pa.s.sed by would be like a forest on fire. The ground would either be filled with corpses that were devoured cleanly or filled with battered bodies left behind. Rarely any living creatures would be left alive.”

Bai Qingqing looked at him in disbelief.

She couldn’t understand why Curtis wasn’t worried at all when such a huge matter had taken place.

Curtis soon replied to her, saying, “There’s no need to be anxious. The insect plague won’t continue for very long. They’ll disappear after the heavy rainy season comes.”

Only then did Bai Qingqing had some hope and fell weakly into his arms, s.h.i.+vering even more strongly than before.

Curtis enjoyed the reliance from his mate. If Bai Qingqing looked up, she’d be able to see that his face was filled with smiles.

Bai Qingqing looked toward the leopard cubs in the room and beckoned to them, saying in a trembling voice, “Children, come over quickly.”

The leopard cubs came over docilely. From their big glistening eyes, it was apparent that they were interested in catching the bugs.

Bai Qingqing was given a shock by their playfulness and quickly chided them. “You aren’t allowed to go outside and catch the bugs! Definitely not!”

She couldn’t imagine the scene of countless insects crawling out from her children’s bodies.

“Are Parker and Winston fine outside? The females would definitely be hiding at home. What about the other males?” Bai Qingqing asked, feeling unsettled.

Curtis said, “Males have thick skin and fur. These little insects won’t be able to hurt them. The male children are considered safe as well. Only the females…”

Curtis stroked Bai Qingqing’s smooth and fair skin, not minding scaring her a little more. “Even a leave can cut your skin, let alone the mutated armored gra.s.shoppers…”

Curtis didn’t have to spell everything else out clearly. Bai Qingqing could fill in the rest with her own imagination. She stared at how Curtis was rubbing against the skin on her arm, imagining an insect the size of a fist landing on it, opening its sharp mouth, and biting out a big b.l.o.o.d.y hole…

Bai Qingqing felt as if her breathing had been stopped, and she gulped with great difficulty. Her big eyes moistened up, and she was on the very of crying from the scare.

Sensing that the person in his arms was trembling even harder, the smile on Curtis’s face gradually dissipated and his gaze sank, starting to gleam with a dark bloodthirsty glow.

Bai Qingqing was still immersed in the scene she imagined, unable to break free from it, when she suddenly fell. She let out a surprised cry and looked over. Before she could focus, her vision was taken up by a magnified face.

Curtis stabilized Bai Qingqing’s pale lips, his icy tongue reaching in rapidly, stirring around in that hot place.

Bai Qingqing panicked for a moment, then felt very much at ease. With Curtis, she wouldn’t be in any danger.

No, she also had Winston and Parker. She was very safe.

Once this thought came up, the fear in Bai Qingqing’s heart became fainter. She moved An’an to the gra.s.s pile next to her, then circled her arms around Curtis’s neck, raising her head to respond to his kiss.

Parker and Winston came back together, each of them holding onto a living herbivorous animal in each hand.

There was no end to killing the insects, anyway. They might as well store up food to avoid going hungry.

The buzzing sounds kept on ringing outside, covering up the intimate moans in the stone castle. The two of them had just stepped into the hall when they heard the familiar sweet cries.

Winston paused, then headed for the backyard as if nothing happened. However, Parker was enraged. He wanted to dash into the bedroom, but he had only taken a step when he realized that he was holding onto prey and it wasn’t convenient. He could only run quickly toward the backyard.