Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 985 - Scorpion Colony Invading (1)

Chapter 985 - Scorpion Colony Invading (1)

Chapter 985: Scorpion Colony Invading (1)


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The two beastmen armies faced each other, but the scorpion beastmen didn’t stop. Under Saint Zachary’s lead, they rapidly extended out toward the direction of the forest, the stretch of black color looking like evil demons crawling out from h.e.l.l, attempting to wreak havoc in the human world.


The white tiger in silver armor let out a furious roar. Before the army of scorpion beastmen attacked, he first gave the order for all the beastmen to charge forth and kill.

The air instantly seethed with beast roars that surged right to the clouds. Even the clouds in the sky were shaken.

The army of silver-armored beastmen charged into the desert, and the barren desert instantly had three colors.

Black in front, yellow in the middle, and white on the sides.

The black and white rapidly got closer to each other, engulfing the yellow sand completely. Black and white crossed each other, and the silver-armored fierce beasts who had entered the black region quickly had black dots crawling all over them.

However, they were fearless and charged even fiercer onward. Their only opening was their big and b.l.o.o.d.y mouths exposed outside. It was extremely difficult for the scorpion beastmen to attack from this point. It was more convenient for the small wild scorpions to get through there.

The armors were forged to be very smooth, and it was hard for the wild scorpions to crawl on them as well. If their feet were to step on the intersections of the armor, they’d break amidst the beastmen’s intense movements. Scorpions kept on climbing onto the beastmen, but then kept falling again.

Winston was the first to charge forth. He leaped off from a scorpion beastman’s back, and when he landed, his sharp claws cut off the tail of the scorpion beastman under his feet.

Winston created a path filled with corpses as he killed his way through the wave of scorpions, showing off the disposition of an invincible general. Only when Mitch.e.l.l faced off against him did the river of corpses come to a stop.

Mitch.e.l.l could still go neck to neck with Winston in the past, but it could also be said that they had reached a point of peris.h.i.+ng together. Winston was. .h.i.t with his scorpion poison, and Mitchel had also been bitten on the head by Winston.

This time around, Winston had his armor on, and it was hard for his scorpion tail to get the better of it. Moreover, Winston was fiercer, and it was hard for him to keep up after three to three moves.

Rustling sounds rang out as Mitch.e.l.l called over a few three-striped beastmen. Only then did he manage to stabilize the battle situation.

The battle of the armored horde of beastmen against the bare colony of scorpions was like a battle of hot weapons like machine guns and cannons against cold weapons like blades, spears, swords, and staffs. It wasn’t a case of one-sided wipe-out since the higher the scorpion beastmen’s level, the st.u.r.dier their It was still possible for them to fend off metal claws a few times.

However, it was clear how the battle situation was going.

Saint Zachary looked at the surrounding battle situation coldly, raising his scorpion tail high up as he crawled toward Curtis.

Capture the ringleader first to capture all the followers.

Curtis stood quietly on the clean sandy land, looking at Saint Zachary as he came crawling over.

He was extremely wary of Saint Zachary. It wasn’t easy for him to stay alive in his hands, let alone being able to kill him. However, when he saw the huge scorpion’s six legs moving rapidly but still at a very slow speed, his eyes showed a hint of contempt.

Muir jumped off from the tree. At the same time Saint Zachary attacked Curtis, he also joined the battle.

This battle went on for one day and one night. The scent of blood in the air was so strong that it could almost condense into something physical. It was as if the air was dripping with blood.

The black dots on the desert had clearly become, but the number of beastmen didn’t reduce by much.

Only Saint Zachary still had the upper hand for his fight. Between Curtis and Muir, Curtis was still fine, only looking a little battered from all the dodging. On the other hand, Muir was covered in blood, looking like a b.l.o.o.d.y figure who had his skin ripped off as he moved around the scorpion beastman. It was unknown how he had managed to sustain such strong battle prowess and agile avoiding speed.

Curtis and Muir weren’t able to kill Saint Zachary when he was affected by snake venom. Now that Saint Zachary had recovered to his peak abilities, they naturally weren’t planning on facing him head-on. Instead, they tried to drag things out.