Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 984 - Scorpion Beastman Army Coming

Chapter 984 - Scorpion Beastman Army Coming

Chapter 984: Scorpion Beastman Army Coming

Under Harvey’s lead, Winston found a carnivorous plant called “Death Zone” over the night.

It had very few of its parts that grew outside, with them being at most the length of one palm, and was very inconspicuous. It didn’t taste good either, and its stems and leaves had the smell of bedbugs. Bai Qingqing had tried eating it before, and the taste was even more unacceptable than the Chameleon plant.

However, that leaf was only 1% of the Death Zone’s ma.s.s. Its roots covered all the ground and it was the domineering existence of an area, just like the poisonous weed that the mermen had planted in the water.

The Death Zone was true to its name. As long as this thing grew on a piece of land, no living thing would appear on the same ground. From something as small as poisonous bugs, snakes, and ants, to things as big as marmots several tens of kilograms in weight or even weaker beastmen. As long as one entered, they could forget about coming out intact.

Moreover, there was no end to killing them. It’d be useless even if the leaves outside were cut off. Even if the village wished to get rid of them, they could only leave them be until they starved to death naturally.

After being fed with sufficient blood, the Death Zone rooted itself at crazy speed on the soil outside the walls, deep into the depths of the soil.

It didn’t seem obvious on the outside, but dig a layer of the soil and one would be able to see the earthworm-like roots wriggling intensely like a group of maggots. Ordinary scorpion beastmen would definitely die if they were to get in. Their blood would just increase the strength of the Death Zone.

After ensuring that the village was strongly protected, Winston felt a.s.sured. Parker was also done tidying up the crops they had planted and kept them in the warehouse after they were dried in the sun.

After all the preparations were done, the army of scorpion beastmen from the desert also arrived in a formidable array.

A huge scorpion was at the very front, with a stretch of black scorpions behind him. They were so densely-packed that the sand’s original color couldn’t be seen anymore. It just looked like an endless stretch of black.

If it wasn’t because they were done with the war preparation, ordinary beastmen might really cower off after seeing this disposition.

Screech— Screech— Screech—

An eagle beastman’s encrypted cry rang out, then several other cries also rang out in succession. The entire village was instantly alerted. The enemies had come!

Bai Qingqing was having her afternoon nap. Winston, Parker, and Curtis appeared at the very first instant, rapidly making arrangements.

Parker was left at home to protect Qingqing while Winston and Curtis would go out to fight. Winston could lead all the other beastmen while Curtis could put up a fight against Saint Zachary.

They made all the arrangements quietly, not making a single sound. However, Bai Qingqing still woke up from her dream for no reason.

When she opened her eyes and saw that Parker looked serious and was guarding by her side, Bai Qingqing instantly understood what was going on. She asked, “The scorpion tribe has come?”

“En.” Parker rubbed Bai Qingqing’s head to console her, intentionally making his voice sound gentle. “There’s no need to be scared. The forest is our territory, and it is even safer in the village. Things won’t be as dangerous as when we were in the desert.”

Bai Qingqing felt a lot more a.s.sured and nodded.

Before the scorpion tribe arrived at the city wall, several thousand ferocious beasts wearing armors had arrived at the borders. They also took on a formidable array, spreading themselves out into a row. The many metal armors reflected strong light under the sun. There was no need to test to guess how st.u.r.dy they were.

Although their numbers were a far cry from the scorpion tribe, all of them were strong and young. Besides, they had powerful defense and claws that were sharp as blades. It was unknown who’d emerge victorious in the battle.

Saint Zachary’s two eyeb.a.l.l.s raised in surprise. It seemed that it had been too long before he had gotten involved with the world that he had no idea such changes had occurred in the beastmen world.

That armor would probably be able to fend off sharp claws, let alone the scorpion tribe’s poisonous stingers.

However, how could he possibly care about such petty tricks? These things might be able to harm ordinary scorpions, but he didn’t care about them at all.