Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 872 - Tough Battle

Chapter 872 - Tough Battle

Chapter 872: Tough Battle


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The pain was used to charge up his fury. The lion beastman’s eyes radiated red light in the darkness. He let out an enraged roar and turned to bite at Parker.

He was a four-striped beastman, after all, considered to be in the beast king’s level. His speed when in a rage wasn’t much slower than a leopard beastman, and he instantly turned his body around.

Parker’s taut nerves instantly noticed this, and he immediately dodged. He jumped up onto a boulder with the lion beastman fast on his tail.

The lion beastman had clearly entered an optimum battle condition. Parker’s movements continued to be just as agile, and he narrowly but perfectly dodged the other party’s attacks each time.

However, if he were to make the slightest mistake, he’d definitely die under the lion’s mouth at the very next instant.

The battle situation was intense, and all the surrounding beastmen held their breaths. It was something unexpected to them that the battle would continue for so long.

Lion Head was terrifyingly strong. He was definitely a lot stronger than the beastmen on the surface to have been able to survive here for so long.

However, they didn’t expect that a three-striped beastman that came from the upper level would be able to survive for so long amidst Lion Head’s all-out attack. He even managed to bite him.

The spectating beastmen all thought,

As expected of a beastman that made his way up to the highest level!

The baby’s cry in the cave came to a stop, but no one could neglect the fact that there was still a female inside.

Just as the lion and leopard were biting at each other, over ten males unafraid of death set their eyes on the cave and secretly got close.

Parker constantly had his attention on Bai Qingqing’s side and instantly noticed what they were intending to do.

Just as the first male was planning to enter the cave, Parker ferociously roared and turned to run toward the cave.

Lion Head was about to bite into the air when Parker suddenly made a turn, unafraid of death. Their distance closed up.

Lion Head was elated and immediately bit out toward him.


Parker was bitten on the side of his waist, but he didn’t stop at all. He kicked out with his hind legs and forcefully jumped out from the lion’s mouth, scattering blood into the air.

Parker dragged along a trail of blood and, with two to three leaps, caught up with the male beastman who had just darted into the cave. He bit onto the male beastman’s hind leg and swung his head fiercely, sending him flying out. He smashed into Lion Head coming behind him.

Lion Head chased after him only to discover that the surrounding beastmen weren’t behaving themselves anymore.

The male beastman that flew over had his neck snapped from his bite, and his eyes swept the other beastmen.

Although the beastmen feared him, the greed and desire in their eyes didn’t diminish at all. All of them backed off a little, but not a single one of them left.

“Parker, are you alright?” Bai Qingqing leaned at the corner and asked.

Hearing Parker’s voice, her heart rose to her throat. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Parker’s shadow.

The dim light rays made it impossible for Bai Qingqing to see if he was bleeding. However, she could smell the scent of blood drifting in from outside. There was a high chance that Parker was hurt.


Parker glared at the beastmen who had their ideas set on the cave. He replied Bai Qingqing without turning his head.

Hearing how his voice sounded quite strong, Bai Qingqing felt a little more at ease.

What should they do? There were so many beastmen outside, and Parker couldn’t defeat them all. She must get Curtis back.

Should she just go out?

Maybe her body’s defense mechanism would summon Curtis back if she was given a scare by these males.

However, after seeing the many pairs of green glistening eyes outside, Bai Qingqing felt horrified.

What if she was dismembered by them before Curtis could come back in time?

Alright, in the end, Bai Qingqing didn’t dare to go out. Those males’ disposition was too frightening.