Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 871 - Discovered

Chapter 871 - Discovered

Chapter 871: Discovered

“Your face…”

Bai Qingqing pursed her lips and smiled, making a shus.h.i.+ng gesture. “Be softer. I’m afraid that other people will see me, so it’s safer this way. Am I very dirty?”

Parker wiped one finger on Bai Qingqing’s face, then said, “Like a block of wood that grew eyes.”

“That’s good.” Bai Qingqing felt a.s.sured.


Suddenly, a loud sound erupted outside. Both Bai Qingqing and Parker were shocked, and An’an, who was almost falling asleep, burst out crying from the shock.

“Wah— Wah—”

The baby’s sharp and loud cry immediately spread out of the cave.

Bai Qingqing thought,

It’s a goner!

Parker’s hair erupted, and he pushed Bai Qingqing to the very inside. He then turned into his beast form and ran to the cave’s entrance.

It became eerily quiet outside. The source of the loud sound was because a beastman’s ore had been s.n.a.t.c.hed, and the two beastmen were fighting each other. The ore had shattered from the fight.

Something like this would take place every day. This time around, they were lucky and had smashed black crystals. Many beastmen were crowding around and watching, but no one had their attention on that precious crystal anymore.

Everyone’s gazes turned toward the cave where the sound of a crying baby came from.

The lion beastman hidden nearby immediately ran out in disbelief. He then looked at how the surrounding beastmen were all astonished and stunned and finally believed his ears.

“Female child! The leopard has brought a female child here!” Someone gasped.

“Female children can’t leave their mother! There must be an adult female here as well!”

The lion beastman’s eyes radiated strong yearning and greed. He pushed the other beastmen aside and ran at the very front.


A lion’s roar rang through the underground palace, and the surrounding beastmen quickly backed off. All of them groveled in submission.

However, the unexpected thing was that at this moment, when the lion beastman’s pressure was at its peak, a golden leopard suddenly darted out from the cave.

Parker leaped out at lightning speed, pouncing at the lion beastman in front of him. His speed was so fast that most beastmen couldn’t see him clearly. They only saw a glimpse of a gold shadow.

The lion beastman was caught unaware as well. His level was above that of the leopard beastman, and even the rootless beasts in the underground palace, and except for those seeking to die, no one would attack him dauntlessly like this.

Unless there was something he had to protect even if it meant that he had to put his life on the line.

The baby’s sharp cry still continued, and the duel at the cave’s entrance immediately started.

Lion beastmen had burlier figures than tiger beastmen, but as this lion beastman was malnourished for a prolonged period, his huge bone rack seemed to be all skin and bones.

Despite this, the healthy leopard beastman was still overly “slim” in comparison.


Parker bit at the lion beastman ferociously at an extremely fast speed. The force he exerted was quite big too.

The lion beastman turned and tried to bite Parker as well. The two of them bared their fangs at each other, and the one with the bigger mouth had the advantage. Parker noticed that things weren’t good and immediately dodged, but the lion beastman’s fangs still managed to leave a deep scratch on his face.

However, Parker seemed as if he couldn’t feel this injury and bounced off agilely. He jumped onto a piece of bulging rock on the wall, then kicked out with his hind legs, biting toward the lion beastman with even great ferocity.

His figure wasn’t comparable to the lion beastman, but he had the advantage of being agile. The lion beastman was still stuck in the same position for the first round of battle when he sensed a killing threat coming from behind him. However, his body wasn’t able to react in time.

Lion Head wasn’t able to dodge Parker’s bite, but after he was bitten at the waist, he turned his body around, opened his mouth that was a lot bigger than the leopard’s, and bit out toward his back.

Parker stepped on Lion Head’s back and jumped off, biting off a piece of his flesh.

Roar! The lion beastman let out a deafening roar, completely enraged.