Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 673 - Curtis’s Plan

Chapter 673 - Curtis’s Plan

Chapter 673: Curtis’s Plan

As a preventive measure, Winston didn’t let the tribesmen send the females back. The females in heat and pregnant stayed in the cave to be collectively protected.

Thankfully, after the floating beasts’ “ma.s.s exercise” ended, they calmed down.

The floating beast king crawled up, using the top of its mouth to against its “mate” under it. She didn’t move at all. It let out a few cries before using its mouth to nudge its “mate” up onto its back, then led the other floating beasts in search of a resting spot.

Floating beasts were lazy. They would only recognize one mate in their lifetime.

They didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving the tiger beastmen’s village. They just found a waterhole by the foot of the mountain. The floating beast king, carrying its “mate” on its back, had its back dyed in blood. The rain kept on diluting the blood traces, but blood continued to flow out. The source was from the place between the female’s legs.

Rosa’s body was twisted unnaturally, like a poorly made wooden doll. Her head was bent stiffly and her face was still wearing a horrified expression. Her eyes were wide open and bloodshot, yet spiritless at the same time… She had died thoroughly.

Only then did Winston let the beastmen carry the females back.

This turbulence frightened many females, and Harvey got busy. The other beastmen were even busier. They needed to drive the floating beasts lazing in their village away.

Winston didn’t take care of these trifle matters personally. He returned home to share his suspicion with Curtis and Parker.

“Ssss—” Curtis’s emotion was calm, indicating for Winston to speak more softly. He then tucked the sleeping Bai Qingqing under the blanket.

He didn’t tell her about those b.l.o.o.d.y and brutal matters and had even coaxed her to sleep.

“The ape king?” Curtis smiled coldly. “Leave this matter to me.”

If it was any other matter, Curtis couldn’t be bothered to care. However, this time around, even his mate was affected. Therefore, it was better to deal with this as soon as possible.

Winston sat down next to Bai Qingqing, lowered his voice, and asked, “How do you plan to do this?”

“He controlled the floating beasts and threatened the village. I’ll use the same method. The heavy rainy season happens to be the timing when we snake beastmen are at our strongest.”

Winston was surprised and immediately understood. Four-striped beastmen were king beastmen. Given Curtis’s capabilities, he’d long be a king amongst the kings. It would be no surprise that he could command other snake beastmen.

Snake beastmen had extremely strong reproductive abilities and were ma.s.sive in numbers. It was just that they were too cold in character and liked to live alone that they weren’t feared. If they were to gather together as the other beastmen did, their influence would be too terrifying.

Winston started to feel pity for the ape king. The ape king was a strong beastman as well, but it was a pity that he had offended Curtis.

“Aren’t you thinking of expanding the village to protect Snow?” Curtis’s lips curled up slightly, and he said as if it wasn’t a big deal, “How about I s.n.a.t.c.h their females over?”

Winston was stunned for a moment before saying, “I’ll get them to start building houses right away.”

Parker, laying in bed to warm Bai Qingqing, was very glad. Curtis was finally leaving. He would be able to have Qingqing all to himself! Howwwwwwl!

But there was still Winston?

The ugly tiger could be ignored.

However, Curtis looked toward him and said, “You come with me.”

“Howl?” Parker was so shocked that he let out a loud cry. Both Curtis and Winston, who were by the bed, looked toward him coldly. Parker immediately shut up and looked at Bai Qingqing while holding his breath.

Bai Qingqing only let out a moan, then curled her body and went back to sleep.

All three males heaved a sigh of relief.

Curtis seemed intent on surprising them as he continued, “Snow needs to mate once every three days. Just make the duration as long as I usually do.”

Curtis threw Winston a chance. He would be hibernating in the cold season, so he mustn’t let Snow be even more dependent on Parker.