Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 672 - The Murderer Behind the Scenes

Chapter 672 - The Murderer Behind the Scenes

Chapter 672: The Murderer Behind the Scenes



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Curtis chased after the floating beasts to the foot of the mountain and then stopped.

Rosa fell onto the ground and was surrounded by floating beasts. No one knew if it was from fright or pain, but she lay on the ground, as if unable to move. She only shuddered incessantly.


The floating beasts parted, and a black floating beast about twice the size of an ordinary one crawled over.

Its length was one and a half floating beast long, but its stomach was wider than two floating beasts. Its mouth was also bigger and its sh.e.l.l thicker.

Animals that lived together in groups would all have a beast king. And the king of this group of floating beasts was clearly this one.

The floating beasts that crowded around Rosa backed off further away from her. The beast king crawled in and turned his head, using one eye to stare at Rosa.

Rosa stopped crying, but her sobs continued to squeeze out from her throat uncontrollably as if she was being cut off from the air. She kept thinking of escaping, but her body was unable to move. She could only watch as the floating beast got increasingly closer and even crawled over her. His ma.s.sive body covered the light above her head.

The sound of the rain seemed to have the taste of despair.

The floating beast’s body sank down, and Rosa’s choked voice broke out. She opened her mouth and let out a horrifying and agonizing cry.

The floating beast’s ma.s.sive body immediately covered her entire body, performing the perfect mating action.

The floating beasts in the surroundings started to release hissing sounds, stacking together in pairs in someone else’s territory.

They were a group of willful hotheads.

Curtis took a look at Winston on the other end and then turned to slither back home.

The group of beastmen behind Winston were all stunned.

“How could this…?” The tribal head said this, then, suddenly, was delighted as he continued excitedly, “They aren’t attacking our females anymore!”



The beastmen cheered. They had been fighting for so many days and lost over ten of their tribesmen. However, this didn’t matter. Their females were almost in danger. Thankfully, the threat was now gone.

It was just a female who wasn’t from their tribe and whom they were about to send away. If they could use her life to exchange for the safety of their mates, even if she was innocent, all the males with mates would resolutely do it.

Even if they had to pay with their life.

“Your Majesty, what’s going on?” The tribal head asked, astonished.

“I should understand this matter better.”

Harvey, who was standing next to Winston, spoke out in a clear voice. “The female floating beast’s reproductive organ has an extremely strong tendency to leave behind a scent. Eaten raw, in a short period, it’ll change the body scent of the person who ate it. The floating beast will mistake the person for a female floating beast. The scent will only gradually dissipate after one month.”

All the beastmen were struck with understanding. “Rosa ate a female floating beast’s reproductive organ?”

Harvey nodded. “Most of the time, they tend to be accidentally ingested by wild beasts or male beastmen. It has never happened to female beastmen before. That’s why I didn’t think along this line before. Moreover, it couldn’t be such an exaggeration that the floating beasts would go into an outburst when Rosa happened to go into heat.”

“So that’s how it is! It seems that the one she ate was the floating beast’s mate.” The tribal head felt emotional. “But… females don’t like to eat raw meat. Moreover, it’s that part. How could Rosa get herself to eat that thing?”

“She must have been forced! And was then intentionally sent to our village. Someone is clearly trying to harm us.” Someone spoke up.

Many voices spoke up in consensus.

Winston’s lips twitched coldly. “Harvey, I recall that you learned your medical skills from the ape tribe?”

Harvey said, “Yes.”

“The one who forced Rosa to eat the floating beast and sent her to our village should be the ape king!”