Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 609 - Untitled

Chapter 609 - Untitled

Chapter 609: Unt.i.tled


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Winston had made markings to indicate where the wall was to be built. Following the scent markings, the males piled up a line of city walls with huge rocks, then drizzled the mixed mud mortar to glue them together.

There were two types of mud mortar—one was the special stones commonly seen in the cracks of the stone mountain, while the other was the clay found on riverbeds.

The stones were pounded and ground into powder, then mixed with clay. After the mixture dried, it would turn into a solid object not much different from a rock, and it achieved similar results to the cement used in the modern age. However, the mud mortar was st.u.r.dier and denser.

This task was given to Alva as he could fly. While the hundreds of beastmen built the wall, he only had to drizzle the mud mortar with them, which was considered quite an easy task.

After busying himself for a day, when evening came, Winston arranged for a team to hunt for food, and the beastmen returned to their village in a mighty formation.

“Parker!” Standing beside the waterhole, Bai Qingqing caught sight of the leopard and white tiger among the crowd of tigers at one glance, for they had appearances that stood out from the rest of them.

This wasn’t a boring day for her. She had helped Bluepool inspect his water wheel, and also repaired the damaged parts. Before she knew it, the skies had turned dark.

Parker spun two circles around her and rubbed his filthy head against her waist as he purred.

“Why is there so much soil on your head?” Bai Qingqing dusted his head and turned around to look at the white tiger.

Though Winston had white fur all over his body, he appeared nice and clean, forming a stark contrast with Parker.

Bai Qingqing poked at Parker’s head. “Look, why is Winston so clean?”

Huff! Parker let out a disgruntled sneeze.

Seeing that he looked exhausted, Bai Qingqing softened her tone. “Alright, it’s been hard on you. Quickly sit down and rest.”

Parker shook his fur and bolted towards the waterhole.


He fell into the water, forming large ripples on the water surface.

The elderly beastmen had already set up the firewood around the waterhole. When the young beastmen came back, they struck the flint and lit the fire.

The beastmen started handling the prey at the waterhole. As blood drenched the water, Parker and Bluepool hurriedly climbed to the sh.o.r.e.

Bai Qingqing was still seated next to the waterhole, and as usual, Becky sat beside her. She was leaning close to Ford, and even her little cubs were being neglected.

Due to Becky’s reliance on her mate, adding to the fact that she had just given birth, Ford didn’t go out today. He was the only tiger beastman in his prime who stayed behind in the village.


The kitten-like little tigers encircled Becky, stumbling along as they moved towards the fire.

Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but remind, “Watch that they don’t get burnt.”

Ford swept away the four “kittens” with his tail. As their limbs were soft, after staggering for a few steps, they fell sitting on the ground.

Bai Qingqing’s heart nearly melted. Catching sight of her own leopard cubs, she reached out a hand to grab his tail.

Her original intention was to pull Third over to her, but unexpectedly, the tail slipped away with a “swoosh” sound.


Startled, Third’s body sprang into the air in an instant and spun an unbelievable 180 degrees. Now, what faced Bai Qingqing wasn’t the leopard’s b.u.t.t but his head.

“Pff!” Bai Qingqing flicked a finger against Third’s forehead. “Come over and let Mommy give you a hug.”

Third relaxed upon seeing that it was his mommy. He happily ran over and laid on his mommy’s lap.

Bai Qingqing caressed the soft fur of the leopard cub. Then, looking at the newly born tiger cubs, she couldn’t help but comment, “You’ve grown.”


Third responded happily. Kids liked to hear that they had grown up.

Jealous, Eldest and Second both came and rested their front paws on Bai Qingqing’s lap.