Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 608 - The Duel Between Rivals in Love

Chapter 608 - The Duel Between Rivals in Love

Chapter 608: The Duel Between Rivals in Love


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However, the tiger beastman edged closer to Parker and bombarded him with questions. “When did Molly say that? Did she say when she’s going to accept me?”

Parker hammered a fist against the stone mountain.


A rock fell off and landed upon the tiger beastman’s head.

Parker dusted his hands and heaved a sigh of relief.

My ears will finally enjoy peace again.

The rock with a small tree growing upon it shook, then rose. Though the rock landed smack on the face of the muscular beastman carrying a rock, he didn’t appear mad at all. After all, it was he who offended the other party’s spouse first.

“When exactly did Molly say that? Hurry up and tell me!” The tiger beastman shouldered the rock and walked towards Parker. However, the rock he was carrying kept squeezing Parker outwards.

Wherever Parker went, he would follow like a tail. Parker had no choice but to stop working and answer his question. “Yesterday.”

The tiger beastman grinned, revealing a row of blindingly white teeth. From his vibrant smile, Parker sensed the bitterness only a male would know.

It wasn’t easy chasing after a female. Parker decided to be benevolent and tell him everything he knew. “Yesterday, when you asked my Qingqing to help you bring food to Molly, Qingqing asked Molly about it. So, it turns out, someone told her that the males in the village despise her for her inability to go into heat. Maybe she decided to accept you because you showered her with concern at the right time.”

Upon hearing this, the joy in the tiger beastman’s face faded. His facial muscles twitched, and he suddenly heaved out the large rock he was carrying.

“Who said that?”

As he spoke, he recalled that Molly had cried after she spoke with Carl. Having gotten his answer, he immediately transformed into his beast form.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

A series of furious roars reverberated throughout the mountains.

Frowning, Parker lifted the rock thrown away by the tiger beastman before walking away.

Carl heard someone challenging him, hurled the rock on his shoulders away, and transformed into his beast form.

Two tigers confronted each other, one of them fuming, and the other with a calm and roguish expression.

[Were you the one who told Molly the males despise her for her inability to go into heat?] The one-ear tiger


held back his rage and asked, [Yesterday, when you asked me about her, I clearly only told you that she hasn’t gone into heat and that she doesn’t have any mates.]

Carl licked his claws and said, [Didn’t you say other males said that?]

[So, you admit you’re the one who told her.] The one-ear beastman grew even more infuriated by his cavalier att.i.tude. He let out a roar and pounced towards him.

Carl instantly kept away his nonchalance and leaped towards his opponent with a roar as well.

The two tigers got into a fight instantly. Although both were two-striped beastmen, the one-eared tiger had earned his second stripe first, so his capabilities were pretty solid. Yet, with his rich and terrifying actual combat experience, Carl actually managed to get the upper hand.

Although the one-eared beastman didn’t think much of this opponent previously, now that they were up against each other, he was shocked by how powerful he was.

Just as the two beasts were engaged in a fierce battle, a white figure dashed over and let out a majestic roar.

The roar of the tiger caused the stone mountain to tremble slightly, and the two tiger beastmen halted in their actions, then instinctively dropped on their stomachs and whimpered.

Winston cast a cold glance at Carl, then said to the one-eared tiger: [Go back to work.]

“Ooh ooh!” The one-eared tiger responded in a submissive manner, and as he turned around, he threw a ferocious glare at Carl before running away.

Winston walked to Carl and said in a cold voice: [You ought to know where I come from.]

[Your Majesty, I don’t get what you’re saying.] Carl, behaving orderly in front of the tiger king, like a kitten, replied fearfully.

[It’s best that you don’t get what I’m saying.]

Winston took one final look at him, before turning around to leave.

He was somewhat famous in Flame City. Although not all the beastmen in the city knew him, there wasn’t a single tiger beastmen there that had never heard of him. Hopefully, this young tiger beastman wasn’t one that bore great resentment and didn’t mix around with the beastmen there.

Carl also transformed into a human and got back to work.