Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 593 - He's Back (4)

Chapter 593 - He's Back (4)

Chapter 593: He’s Back (4)


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Seeing the bag in Molly’s hands, Bai Qingqing asked with uncertainty, “Are those horned melons inside? You haven’t eaten them?”

Molly forced herself to stop thinking about those vexing matters. Pinching the fruits in the bag, she leaned towards the side of the bubble near Bai Qingqing and whispered, “The males aren’t around. What am I to do if I go into heat after eating them?”

“Eh, you’re right.” Bai Qingqing felt helpless on her behalf.

On the land, the two tribes were still locked in a fierce battle. Most of the beastmen were gathered around the waterhole, biting and fighting each other.

Some wolf beastmen even went into the tree holes with no beastmen keeping a watch over, in the hopes of getting lucky.

A wolf beastman sniffed the surroundings of a large tree with a tree hole, and after confirming the scent of a female in there, entered from the first story.

Time pa.s.sed quietly for a few seconds, then all of a sudden, a black figure was sent flying out from the second story of the tree hole.


A wolf fell onto the ground and stopped moving.


This eerie scene attracted the attention of several wolf beastmen. They looked at each other, and one of the more muscular wolf beastmen lightened his footsteps and transformed into a human, then climbed up the tree and entered from the third story of the tree hole.

The same quietness ensued for a few seconds before another loud thud was heard. Out flew a wolf beastman from the second story of the tree hole once more.

The hairs on the backs of those wolf beastmen outside stood up as a chilliness entered the pores of their fur and seeped into their bones.

They walked over to their dead companions and sniffed and scratched at them.

Though he had gone up in his human form, he had died in his beast form. That could only mean that some danger made him change forms all of a sudden, making him transform into a wolf against his will. But still, he wasn’t able to escape his fate.

The bones all over his body were crushed, and all that was left of his corpse was a limp pile of flesh.

This time, another few wolf beastmen noticed something going on here. Thinking they had the advantage of numbers, a few of them edged closer to the large tree at the same time and entered the tree hole one by one.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

However many went in, was however many flew out. They slammed onto the ground, their corpses looking identical to that of their previous two comrades, and some even had their bones crushed into finer bits this time.

Suddenly, the fur of the wolf beastmen outside exploded.


Letting out sharp and horrified howls, they instantly turned their heads and ran out of the village like a bunch of lunatics.

Without females dragging them down, the tiger tribe instantly gained the upper hand. They gathered around the waterhole, forming a resilient and indestructible wall around it.

They merely heard the strange howls of a few wolf beastmen, and all of a sudden, the wolf beastmen battling them intensely turned their heads and started sprinting off.

The tiger beastmen were puzzled.

Nonetheless, everyone rejoiced at having chased away the intruders.

After the battle, blood was seen all over the place. The corpses of twenty over wolf beastmen were strewn across the ground, and the tiger beastmen also lost a few of their own.

Unwilling for the females to see such a brutal scene, the male beastmen quietly cleaned up the battlefield, before going to the waterhole to bring the females back up.

Bluepool spun the water wheel at the bottom of the waterhole and said, “Thankfully, it wasn’t damaged. I want to press it back up there.”

As there were three half-grown leopards in her bubble, oxygen was depleted at a more rapid rate, making her a little oxygen-deficient by now.

Patting the bubble, Bai Qingqing called out, “Bluepool…”

The instant he heard this, he knew what was the issue. He set down the water wheel immediately and swam over. “Can’t breathe? I’ll blow a new bubble for you right away.”

Bai Qingqing shook her head. The lack of oxygen, combined with the fatigue, made her feel sleepy. Panting, she said, “Bring me back up.”

“Okay.” Bluepool carried her bubble and shook his fishtail as he swam towards the surface.

Over two hundred males gathered around the waterhole, licking each others’ wounds.

Bai Qingqing floated from the water surface and caught sight of Parker right away.