Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 592 - He's Back (3)

Chapter 592 - He's Back (3)

Chapter 592: He’s Back (3)


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The females, scared without the protection of their mates, nearly burst into tears with what Bai Qingqing was doing.

“Sorry, sorry.” Bai Qingqing apologized as she moved. Looking at how enthusiastic her cubs were, she reckoned she wouldn’t be able to stop even if she wanted to. If she had known this would happen, she would have asked Bluepool to help.

Bai Qingqing said to everyone, “Don’t be scared. This bubble is very st.u.r.dy. Even if we wish to, we won’t be able to break it. Don’t be scared.”

Only then did the females ease up a little.

Seeing as she was about to collide with Becky’s bubble, Bai Qingqing hurriedly said, “Hurry up and stop!”

The leopard cubs ran a few steps excitedly and only halted as they were about to collide with Becky’s bubble. But due to inertia, the bubble still ended up knocking into it.

Ford pressed his hand upon the ground and managed to steady the two bubbles.

Due to inertia, the leopard cubs were sent flying to the back when they stopped abruptly, ultimately collapsing into a pile.


Bai Qingqing smacked their little heads one by one. “Mischievous!”

“Ooh ooh~”

Bluepool swam over and glanced at Ford. “You need to be careful. The bubble cannot withstand the claws of a male.”

Unlike how harmless he sounded when he was talking to Bai Qingqing, he spoke to Ford coldly.

“Mm,” Ford responded in a deep voice. Becky, lying in his arms, was as quiet as a wooden doll. She pressed tightly against her mate, and from time to time she would murmur “Don’t leave me”.

Bai Qingqing went to the edge of the bubble and poked at it. “Are Becky and her babies fine?”

Ford lowered his head and looked at his spouse and cubs, his resilient face turning gentle. “They’re fine.”

Newly born tiger cubs were just like leopard cubs, with red bodies and spa.r.s.e light-colored fur that didn’t sport tiger prints. The tiger cubs were soundly asleep, their little tummies undulating as they breathed. Next to them was a pile of their fetal membranes.

What heartened Bai Qingqing the most was that their mouths were wide like a hippopotamus’s. Hehehe…

“Did you see the tiger cubs? You three grew up from such a tiny size too.” Bai Qingqing called for her leopard cubs to come over and take a look.


Third scratched at the bubble.

So tiny!

Having taken a look at Becky, nothing worried Bai Qingqing anymore. Then, she looked left and right. “Molly? Where are you?”

She had nearly forgotten that Molly felt traumatized by Bluepool. Furthermore, a person who nearly drowned would typically have a phobia of water. She must be frightened, right?

No one responded to her in the water for a long while.

Panicking, Bai Qingqing got to her feet and looked around, raising her voice. “Molly?”

“Ah?” Molly replied as though she was shaken out of her sleep. “Bai Qingqing, is that you?”

Relief washed over her. She found Bluepool and asked for a wooden rod mounted with luminous b.a.l.l.s, then rolled towards Molly.

“Why didn’t you reply to me when I called out to you just now? I thought you hadn’t come down.”

Having been taught a lesson by their mommy, the leopard cubs were much more obedient this time. They cautiously rolled with their mother.

Very quickly, Bai Qingqing caught sight of Molly squatting in her bubble and seeming out of sorts.

“What’s the matter?” Bai Qingqing asked, puzzled. She wondered if Alva had upset her again.

Holding a bag of horned melons, Molly lowered her gaze and said in a soft voice, “He’s back.”

“Who’s back?”

“The male whom I canceled my spousal relations.h.i.+p with.”

Bai Qingqing froze and reflexively looked in Becky’s direction.

What happened to Becky made it hard for others not to be wary of those pitiful males, although they seemed incapable of doing anything to harm their ex-spouses.

Bai Qingqing pondered for a moment but still reminded. “You have to be careful of him.”

“Mm.” Molly nodded.