Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 326 - The Ape King Who Smells Like Sunshine

Chapter 326 - The Ape King Who Smells Like Sunshine

Chapter 326: The Ape King Who Smells Like Suns.h.i.+ne


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As they were close to each other, Curtis could feel the sudden tensing of the female’s body. With his lips curled up coldly, he grabbed the pet.i.te hand—that was preparing to attack the back of his neck using a sharp seash.e.l.l—with his backhand.

Jean’s face—that was ridiculously fair, to begin with—turned as white as dead ash instantly. With her hand forced to clench due to the tight grip around it, she felt a piercing pain from her fingers. Blood droplets of a vibrant shade of red slipped down her fair and delicate fingers.

“Ah! Let go of me.” Jean yelped in pain.

Curtis tossed her hand away. When Jean saw how much blood she had lost, she nearly fainted from shock.

Seeing that the snake beastman was prepared to send her into the sea, Jean retreated in spite of the pain and shrieked loudly. “No! Don’t send me back there!”

Curtis cast a lazy glance at her. “Up to you.”

With that, Curtis left in a suave manner.

There was a patrolling team in the vicinity. So long as this female wasn’t too unlucky, she would be rescued by them. Looking at how scheming she was, Curtis figured she would be able to live well anywhere.

Hence, Curtis, who was lazy by nature, decided to wash his hands of this matter.

Immensely relieved, Jean let out an exhale. As she washed the bloodstains off her hands in the seawater with her brows furrowed, she scolded the snake beastman countless times in her heart.

Was she not pretty enough? Clearly, the males all said she was the most beautiful female ever.

Or was it that the females on land were prettier? She had to check it out herself.

“My goodness! Are you a lone female?”

Amidst the lush greenery, Jean met the second non-merfolk beastman she had ever seen in her life.

His appearance was rather peculiar and he wasn’t good-looking. However, his thrilled reaction pleased her.

His hands were very large. Although rough, they felt very warm. The instant Jean touched his hands, she fondled them admiringly in her hands and found herself reluctant to part with them.

“You like me?”

Completely different from the att.i.tude of that snake beastman earlier, this male sounded overwhelmed with honor.

“Mm.” Jean nodded her head with a faint smile. Although this male wasn’t good-looking, his body was very warm—it was the temperature of suns.h.i.+ne.

“I… I belong to the ape tribe. How about you?”

With a dazzling smile, Jean replied, “Merfolk.”

Subsequently, Jean became even more certain that the snake beastman she ran into was an oddball—the females on land were so unbelievably ugly, yet he chose to give up on her who was so stunningly beautiful. Ridiculous.

But perhaps it was even better that he didn’t take a fancy to her—she didn’t like snake beastmen in the least bit as well.

As for those merfolk males in the seas, she would return once she had enough fun.

Time zoomed back to reality. Jean ran back to the castle in a haste. At the sight of her, the ape king instantly ran up and held her in an embrace.

“How did it go?” The ape king stared at Jean with a palpitating heart, concerned as to whether she was able to make Winston fall for her.

Jean slapped the strand of hair on the ape king’s chest.

“This is the hair you wanted. I’m going upstairs to rest, don’t come and bother me.”

With an expression that turned instantly sunny, the ape king carefully picked up the strand of hair. “I won’t let you down.”

Jean didn’t reply to him.

Hopefully, this ape beastman would succeed in obtaining a green crystal. It had been ten years already. If she still didn’t manage to get her hands on a green crystal, her looks would start to wither.

Even the death of a beastman didn’t dampen the joy of rain falling upon the City of Beastmen. Merry laughter and chatter could be heard everywhere.

To celebrate yesterday’s rain, Parker deliberately cooked many dishes today, all of which were Bai Qingqing’s favorites; though, the quant.i.ty wasn’t a lot. Curtis, Parker, Winston, and the little snakes were seated around the food. Well, it was just for celebration, to get into the festive mood.

“Wait a minute, I’ll go and carry a bucket of grape wine over.” Bai Qingqing took a whiff of the aroma of the food and was prepared to turn around when Parker held her down by the shoulders and made her sit back down.

“I’ll go and bring it over.”

Bai Qingqing, therefore, instructed him. “Bring the highest bucket by the side. I added the egg white of half a bird’s egg inside. The grape wine should be clearer.”