Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 325 - Put off by One Another

Chapter 325 - Put off by One Another

Chapter 325: Put off by One Another

“Ahhh!” Jean screamed and took a step back, falling to the ground.

Seawater rushed in, causing the female’s beautiful clothes to get wet.

“Can you bring me out?” Jean didn’t appear nervous.

The female’s reaction caused Curtis to raise his brows. He had come across this group of merfolks by chance and came over to take a look because he was bored. He hadn’t expected that the merfolk tribe’s female would be so beautiful and he couldn’t help but want to bring her away.

However, he hadn’t expected that not only was the merfolk tribe’s female not afraid of him, she even took the initiative to speak with him.

It should be because the merfolk tribe’s males hadn’t told her how terrifying snake beastmen were.

“Of course,” Curtis spoke up, spurting out a chain of bubbles. His voice sounded very stifled as it entered the water.

Snakes were unable to breathe in water, but after gaining four animal stripes, they would be able to store a tremendous amount of oxygen in the air sac in their body. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to stay in the water without breathing for ten days to half a month.

However, the air in his chest was limited, and once he let them out, they’d be gone. He couldn’t speak too much.

After saying this, Curtis wasn’t planning on saying anything anymore. He lifted the female out.

Jean was elated as she went toward Curtis. When she came into contact with a body temperature that was cold like that of the merfolks’, the joy on her face faded a little.

There didn’t seem to be any difference from merfolks. Was he also a race that lived in the water? It didn’t matter. She’d get onto land before making further decisions.

On the way, Jean was greatly astonished by how powerful the snake beastman was. Even though there were so many merfolk guards, none of them had managed to detect their traces at all.

Curtis moved along with the currents and swam out of the encirclement.

His speed was very fast as well. Just as Jean was unable to hold onto her breath anymore, they reached the water surface.

The light rays of the outside world was a lot brighter than that at the bottom of the sea. Jean squinted her eyes the moment she went up to the surface of the water. However, this didn’t affect her excitement.

“I breathed it! The air is warm!”

Jean closed her eyes, speaking with a hint of bossiness in her voice, “Quickly bring me to the! I want to take a look at the land!”

Curtis a.s.sessed her for a while before swimming toward the without saying a word.

Jean’s eyes gradually became accustomed to the light rays, and she was now able to barely open her eyes a little with her hand blocking above her eyes.

When they got near to the, she felt that the seawater had become warm. This made her feel very surprised. “It’s so warm…”

This continued until her feet landed on the seething hot and rough sand.

“Ahhh!” Jean let out a scream and bellowed furiously. “What’s the matter with you? It’s so hot, but you made me step on it.”

Curtis didn’t reply but just quietly glanced at the female merfolk. He then looked toward the vast and endless blue sea, saying in a soft voice, “I’ll send you back.”

This voice sounded even more clear than it did in the sea. However, it also let Jean feel the ice-cold and heartlessness in his voice very clearly.

Jean’s rationality rapidly came back to her as she looked at the lush green world of the land. She gently held onto the snake beastman’s arm, speaking in a sobbing voice.

“Are you going to abandon me? I didn’t do that on purpose. The sand was too scorching and I only flared up at you because I was given a fright. I won’t do it again in the future.”

Curtis turned his head to look at her, his eyes that resembled amber stones emitting a doubtful glow.

He liked the female merfolk’s appearance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought her out. However, he couldn’t really accept her character, especially when she had been too noisy earlier on.

He wasn’t willing to live amidst a ruckus in the future.

The current Curtis wouldn’t have expected that ten years later, he’d live in a place that was a lot noisier than this female and that he wasn’t even able to go out freely.

However, it was where his heart was. As long as he could watch over his beloved and stay by her side, it wouldn’t matter how horrible the environment was.

Jean softly cuddled up to him, becoming very quiet. Curtis hesitated as well.