Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 317 - Ape King Leveled Up

Chapter 317 - Ape King Leveled Up

Chapter 317: Ape King Leveled Up


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The wolf king was stunned when he saw the ape king’s strange dress up and then noticed the fruit peels under his feet. He asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m being targeted by the snake beastman. These things can conceal my scent,” the ape king explained simply.

The wolf king instantly flew into a rage. “He wants to kill you? Feral beasts are really barbaric. We shouldn’t have let him stay on Bai Qingqing’s account back then!”

“It’s too late to say this now.” The ape king interrupted the wolf king’s furious words, looked at him with an anxious gaze, and asked, “Where did you put your transparent crystals?”

“In my bedroom. You have an urgent need for them?”

“Quickly give them to me!” The ape king’s tone sounded even more anxious. He even acted roughly, grabbing the wolf king’s shoulders.

The wolf king looked at him, feeling perplexed. He then led him to the highest floor.

The wolf king’s family members were also immersed in the joy from the rain and hadn’t slept. The female in the room was chatting happily with her mates, her words showing her great admiration and respect for the tiger king.

The ape king’s countenance immediately turned ghastly pale and he glared at them coldly.

“Cough!” The wolf king feigned a cough and the beastmen in the room immediately fell silent. They then got up and greeted the ape king respectfully.

However, this “ape king” sounded very piercing to him.

“Do you guys have matters to deal with when it’s already so late?” The wolf king’s female asked softly.

The wolf king’s replied in a gentle tone, “We’ll leave right after taking something. You guys should have an earlier rest. Don’t sleep too late.”


After picking up the transparent crystals, the two kings went downstairs to the 5th floor where it was quieter.

Two shadows were cast on the ground of the dim room—one tall, the other strong.

“Give me the transparent crystals.” The shadow that looked wider and stronger had its hand reaching out to the other. The ape king’s voice sounded hoa.r.s.e and there was a clear tone of desire in it.

For some reason, the wolf king suddenly drew back his hand and asked, “Why do you need so many transparent crystals? Where are yours? And the tiger king’s? Aren’t they enough?

“It’s… because of the prayer for rain this time around?” The wolf king tried to ask.

“En,” The ape king replied patiently, then reached out his hand toward the heavy animal skin bag that the wolf king was holding.

The wolf king instinctively dodged, feeling increasingly perplexed. “The rain has come. Why do you still need the transparent crystals?”

Transparent crystals were the fixed a.s.sets of the City of Beastmen. When the beast tide came, the transparent crystals could be used to replenish the warriors’ stamina. When females fall sick, they could be used as a life-saving measure. Half of the transparent crystals in the City of Beastmen had been used to pray for rain this time around, so it’d be a lie to say that the wolf king’s heart wouldn’t ache.

“Do you still not understand? Bai Qingqing wants her males to kill me!” The ape king bellowed hysterically, his eyes gleaming with a strange green glow. “Give me the transparent crystals and I’ll be able to level up into a three-striped beastman.”

“What?” The wolf king was shocked. Using transparent crystals to fill up the gap to reach a three-striped beastman?

The reason the wolf king was in unconditional submission to the ape king was because of the City of Beastmen. He felt that only one that was intelligent was suitable to lead the City of Beastmen. The ape king was the best beastman candidate for the role.

However, what did he just hear? The ape king had used up half of the City of Beastmen’s transparent crystals and was now even asking for his. Even if it was because he wanted to save himself, the price to pay was too great. The transparent crystals were the City of Beastmen’s wealth!

The wolf king couldn’t help but tighten his grip on the bag, giving his a.s.surance in a low voice. “I’ll go look for the leopard king. I believe that he won’t sit by and watch.”

The ape king suddenly fell silent as he took a deep glance at the wolf king. No one knew what he was thinking.

The wolf king a.s.sured once again. “The City of Beastmen’s citizens won’t allow them to do this either. Don’t worry.”

“Alright,” the ape king replied.

The wolf king heaved a sigh of relief and quickly turned to head out. Suddenly, all the hair on the back of his neck stood up, with every single pore scream “danger”!