Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 316 - Targeting to Kill the Ape King

Chapter 316 - Targeting to Kill the Ape King

Chapter 316: Targeting to Kill the Ape King

To let Bai Qingqing feel better, Curtis was generous to let Parker have her. Bai Qingqing said as she leaned against Parker’s warm chest, “Do you guys think that the ape king’s reputation will be able to compare against Winston after this?”

Parker gave it some thought before saying with affirmation, “To the beastmen who didn’t know anything, Winston will seem a lot more amazing. He was able to detect the flooding and drought earlier than the ape king did. He also gave an outstanding contribution to farming. Although the ape king managed to call for the clouds, he only gave everyone hope and there weren’t any direct benefits. On the other hand, Winston managed to lead everyone to call for rain. Furthermore, it was with all the beastmen’s partic.i.p.ation. Not only did they get the rain they wanted, but the comrades.h.i.+p they shared from standing alongside each other would also let the beastmen be more partial toward Winston.”

Parker explained rationally.

Bai Qingqing tightened her small, pale fist, exerting so much force that her joints turned even paler. “Then there wouldn’t be any chaos if the ape king is killed now, right?”

Curtis threw a glance toward Bai Qingqing before standing up.

Bai Qingqing immediately understood his intentions and quickly said, “Take a rest for a day. Wait for Winston to go along.”

Curtis’s thin and pale lips curled into a confident and contemptuous smile. “There’s no need to go to the extent to kill him.”

Parker wanted to go as well but was ordered by Curtis to stay at home to protect Bai Qingqing. After Curtis went out, he also called Winston over to get him to protect her.

The ape king’s face was like that of a vicious ghost under a transparent crystal’s soft glow in the dark room. He put the transparent crystal into his mouth. As the light source was gone, the room instantly sank into pitch-black darkness.

Gradually, the light from the night sky spread to this place and the ape king’s face appeared once more. He touched his own face and his expression became twisted.

No, this was still not enough. He was just a little short!

When water flowed into the river, he knew that he was in danger. He decisively took out all of his transparent crystals, including the one he had gotten after combing through the tiger castle. He ate all of them but was still unable to break through the two-striped bottleneck.

He could sense that the energy level in his body was full, and he was just one step away. If he could get another beast king’s transparent crystals, he’d definitely be able to advance to become a three-striped beastman!

The ape king’s eyes rolled a few times. His eyeb.a.l.l.s were so agile that they were like that of a killing puppet in horror films. His gaze settled down and the ape king’s shadow moved outside.

Curtis came to the ape castle with a strong killing aura. The two-striped beastmen guarding the ape castle weren’t worth mentioning in his eyes. The wolf beastmen didn’t wish to court death either. They merely surrounded Curtis, not daring to act recklessly. Curtis moved around the castle as he wished as if there weren’t any barriers at all.

Curtis’s snake tongue allowed him to accurately capture beastmen’s temperature. He was even able to sense the pet.i.te figure hiding behind the door. However, he didn’t check it out since he knew that it wasn’t the ape king.

The ape king was known to be an intelligent king, after all, and was skilled in hiding his traces. Curtis was unable to detect any traces of the ape king even after searching through the entire castle. Left with no choice, he could only go home.

Jean trembled as she pushed open the door, walking out from the corner.

It was too terrifying. That beastman’s disposition was too cold. Even as a female, she could feel that she might be killed at any moment. She was so scared that she couldn’t even catch a glimpse of the beastman’s face. Was this Bai Qingqing’s feral beast mate?


A figure covered in a cape and moving hurriedly appeared at the wolf king’s castle.

“Stop right there! What beastman are you?”

The wolf beastmen on guard let out a stern shout, blocking his way.

The ape king put down his hood and the wolf beastmen immediately backed off and said respectfully, “Ape king, you’re here to look for the wolf king?”


“Please come in quickly.”