Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1655 - Unforeseen Event

Chapter 1655 - Unforeseen Event

Chapter 1655: Unforeseen Event

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Since there was nothing he could do to help, Silver came out of the stone cave.

Immediately, a merman went up to ask, Leader, how are Anan and the child?

Theyre fine.

His words rea.s.sured the entire family. Everything about them was dependent on the female. If Anan and the child died, even the stupidest of the mermen knew that their tribe would perish.

Anan had solved the difficult problem that the entire tribe couldnt solve. This made them view Anan in a different light, and they couldnt help but feel respect. Towards her, there was a newfound admiration on top of adoration.

Silver didnt dare to anyhow feed the child again, so he could only feed Anan with more food. The childs main source of food was Anans breastmilk, and for the time being, they couldnt find any replacements.

Just as the mermen started worrying about this problem, the baby started teething.

They tried feeding the baby with small portions of food, paying attention at all times. Thankfully, it didnt give the child diarrhea this time. In the future, the child could slowly wean off breastmilk, right?

While they were looking forward to an era where two females existed in their tribe, a serious matter that shocked all the mermen happened in their family.

Silver came to the stone cave with freshly cooked food and said gently, Anan, time to eat.

Carrying the baby and gently cradling it, Anan exuded a maternal glow.

Upon hearing this, Anan did something she never did before and looked up at him.

Delighted, Silver briskly strode to her side and squatted down.

You look good today. Are you in a pleasant mood? Silver said gently as he smoothed her hair.

With one arm carrying the child, Anan drew a circle in the air with her free hand. She opened her mouth and spat out a few broken syllables.

What? Silvers heart instantly raced. He clutched Anans shoulders and asked anxiously, What do you want to say to me?

To think Anan spoke to him. Silver didnt dare to believe his ears. If this was a dream, he wasnt willing to wake up.

Bub Anan looked towards the food contained within a bubble and slapped it a few times. Want bub bubble.

Though Anans articulation wasnt clear, Silver understood and immediately said, Okay, Ill blow you a bubble right away.

After saying that, he got up without any suspicions and exited the stone cave to blow a bubble the size of a watermelon in the water. He then brought it to Anan as though presenting a treasure.

Anan carried it and stroked it, before starting to gesture again. Bubble

She spread open her arms, as though saying this bubble was too small.

Even though Silver felt baffled, he still did as Anan asked and blew a bigger bubble before coming in.

Finally satisfied, Anan placed the bubble behind her and started eating.

Silver was a tad disappointed not to see her playing with the bubble.

After Anan finished eating, Silver cleaned up the stone cave as usual and changed the air inside. Then, he contained the rubbish using a bubble and brought it out.

When he came back, he saw that Anans nest was surrounded by mermen.

Why are you all squeezing here? Silvers voice carried a hint of rage.

The mermen instantly avoided him, panic written all over their faces as they looked at him hesitatingly.

An ominous feeling washed over Silver, and he ordered sternly, Speak frankly!

Leader Anan is dead, someone replied in a trembling voice.


As though struck by lightning, Silver froze in the sea.

Only after several seconds did he shake his tail a few times. I dont believe it. She was just talking to me a moment ago.

After saying that, Silver rushed towards the stone cave, knocking countless mermen out of his way before he finally arrived at the cave Anan lived in.

That air that had just been replaced by him. The cave that had been replaced with a fresh and thin film was filled with seawater, things were strewn messily all over the ground, and clothes of various colors were drifting in the seawater.

Anan was also drifting, quietly floating at the top of the stone cave, her clothes swirling with the current like seaweed