Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1654 - Sick

Chapter 1654 - Sick

Chapter 1654: Sick

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Silver replied, Alright, go prepare Just do it according to Anans preferences and make a bigger portion.


At his order, the mermen instantly formed a team and left.

Considering the fact that Anan was injured, the food prepared by the mermen was very light in flavorone portion of steamed seaweed and one portion of poached meat paste were brought to the depths of the sea while still hot.

When the food was sent to the stone cave, Anan had yet to regain consciousness. On the other hand, the baby was awake.

She was tiny and her skin wrinkly, her facial features had yet to develop. One couldnt see any resemblance to Anan and Bluepool yet.

It was as if, just like the mermen had said, Anan only bred a female to replace herself because she was overly devastated.

This idea only lingered a moment in Silvers mind before it dissipated. The fact that Anan was still alive went to show that the legend was unreliable. Their tribe would have two females.

Silvers mood brightened, and he carefully carried the baby and scooped up some soup with a polished sh.e.l.l, before feeding it into the babys mouth.

Even though her eyes couldnt quite open yet, and the way she had scarcely any breath left made it appear as if she would die at any moment, the instant the soup entered her mouth, she drank it.

Feeling a particularly great sense of achievement as he watched her, Silver fed her spoonful by spoonful.

It was only after he fed her half the bowl of soup that the babys mouth truly opened. Realizing that she actually had no teeth, Silver couldnt help but worry. He hoped that female babies were all like that and that the teeth would grow out in the future.


Having also woken, Anan let out an imperceptible moan.

Silver immediately set down the child and helped her sit up.

Youve woken? You must be hungry. Eat something first.

As he spoke, Silver brought over the food to feed Anan.

Anan didnt have much appet.i.te and only drank a few mouthfuls of soup before lying down to sleep again.

Shortly after, the baby started getting diarrhea and couldnt stop crying, attracting the attention of the strong in their tribe.

Leader, whats wrong with the child? Wasnt she fine a moment ago? The mermen outside were gripped with anxiety.

Most able to sense the childs fragility, Silver decisively ordered, Hurry up and go ash.o.r.e to look for a doctor. Bring more salt with you.


But the trip to and fro would take at least four to five days. Silvers brows furrowed deeply, feeling that this baby might not survive if they were to just wait for the doctor.

Actually, he wasnt overly upset, for he only needed Anan. It was just that Anan had gone through so much suffering to give birth to this child, thus he couldnt bear for Anan to lose her.

Moreover, with this child around, perhaps he would be able to have Anan all to himself.

With such a thought in mind, Silver showered the child with even more meticulous care.

Afraid that the child would continue to have diarrhea, he stopped feeding her food and at most gave her some warm water to drink.

Thankfully, this stupid method was very effective, for the childs diarrhea stopped that night.

However, she was entirely devoid of strength and slept with only a faint breath of life left, looking so feeble it led one to think she might become a corpse that no longer breathed the next day.

Silver didnt dare to leave and kept guard by the stone cave at all times.

From the time Anan started giving birth until now, Silver hadnt slept for nearly three days. After coaxing the child to sleep, he leaned against the stone wall to rest and fell asleep before he knew it.

Very soon, he was awoken by a noise and instantly opened his eyes.


To his surprise, he saw Anan carrying the child, her clothes in an utterly disheveled state. With her snow-white bosom revealed, she was actually letting the baby bite her.

Silvers first instinct was to carry the child away. Anans body language was a little resistant, but it wasnt very obvious.

He carried the baby away from Anan. However, the babys toothless mouth had a tight suction on Anan. Due to being dragged away, a few drops of milky white substance dripped out from her mouth.

Silver was stunned.. With the baby in his arms, he froze for a good while before he finally realized what was going on and quietly placed the baby back in Anans arms.