Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1638 - Home in the Sea

Chapter 1638 - Home in the Sea

Chapter 1638: Home in the Sea

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The moment he let go, An’an immediately turned her head back and continued to stare at him.

The young man felt helpless about this. Out of jealousy, he had wanted to tease that merman who could be together with An’an. But after this episode, he only wanted to get to the seaside as soon as possible.

Thinking this, the young man’s movement speed increased.

For safety, the young man chose a very concealed path. Therefore, he arrived at the seaside three days after Bluepool.

When Bluepool received An’an, his heart, which had been unsettled for three days, finally calmed down.

“Take it that I owe you a favor. If an opportunity arises in the future, feel free to call for me,” Bluepool said sincerely.

The young man didn’t pay any heed to the merman’s words. He patted An’an’s head and said, “Goodbye… troublemaker.”

After saying that, the young man turned and entered the forest without any hesitation, turning into a snake and slithering off.

An’an held Bluepool’s head and took a few glances before resting her chin on his shoulder as if she felt at ease.

Bluepool reached into An’an’s dress, then heaved a sigh of relief and said, “You aren’t bleeding anymore. Let’s go back.”

An’an didn’t answer him. She just followed Bluepool into the sea, quiet as a doll.


Since then, Bluepool didn’t take another step into the City of Beastmen. He led a quiet life with An’an, cutting off contact with the rest of the world.

The peaceful days pa.s.sed by quickly, and over two years were gone. An’an gradually grew out of her childishness into a young lady with a great figure. She was already 16 years old. According to the age of the females in the beastmen world, she had already turned of age.

She lay on a gra.s.s field that had small white flowers blooming, turning her head to look at a flower swaying with the wind. As she looked at it, she suddenly realized that the fine pollen had drifted out from the stamen and was heading toward her face.

An’an got up as if she was given a shock, dodging it.

That was a male flower. When the pollen landed on a female flower, the female flower would fruit.

She didn’t wish to have fruits growing on her.

“What’s the matter?” Bluepool ran over immediately, hugging her and looking around. However, he didn’t see anything that could harm her.

An’an was always easily shaken up, and Bluepool had gotten used to it. He kept his arm around her and walked toward the sh.o.r.e.

“We’ll go into the sea today.”

An’an looked at his face seriously, and curiosity seemed to gleam in her eyes.

Bluepool opened her mouth but wasn’t able to say anything. However, a faint flush appeared on his face, and he avoided An’an’s gaze as he looked straight toward the sea.

After blowing up a bubble by the seaside, Bluepool brought An’an to the bottom of the sea.

The light rays gradually dimmed. Thankfully, Bluepool was prepared and had placed a ma.s.sive luminous ball in the bubble.

An’an started to feel uneasy and held onto the luminous ball with both hands, her face turning toward Bluepool’s direction.

After submerging for a long time, it became completely dark in the sea, making it hard to see things with human eyes. One would only be able to see a star-like light spot moving in the darkness.

Gradually, an obvious brightness appeared in the darkness. That speck of star was heading straight for the brightness.

An’an’s eyes opened even wider. Having been in the darkness for so long, her pupils magnified and were able to capture more light. That hint of brightness looked bright as the sun.

She patted on the bubble twice, as if urging Bluepool on. He smiled and said, “We’ll be arriving soon. That’s our home in the sea.”

Under An’an’s body language to urge him to be faster, Bluepool pushed her closer toward the light source.

It was a stone cave that was carefully carved out. It looked small from the outside but was very big on the inside.

There were several tens of palm-sized luminous b.a.l.l.s embedded into the walls, and the light rays that leaked out from the entrance were just the tip of the iceberg. It was bright as day in the stone cave.

Even someone as indifferent as An’an mouthed “wow” at the instant she came in.