Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1637 - Escape

Chapter 1637 - Escape

Chapter 1637: Escape

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After ascertaining An’an’s condition, Bluepool had no further reservations. He carried An’an and was planning to leave.

“Where did you come from? Why weren’t you discovered?” Bluepool asked.

The young man smiled proudly and then turned to leave. “Snake beastmen can dig.”

Bluepool was struck by the realization and hurried to follow after him.

The hole was made in a woodshed that was very close to the river. Humidity was coming out from the hole, and when it was high tide, the water from the river would probably flood up into the woodshed.

Bluepool said, “You’ll have to fill it up in the future.”

“Why?” The young man asked sluggishly.

Bluepool said with certainty, “Otherwise, this hole will probably remain here forever.”

That bunch of lazy guys would probably not care about such a ma.s.sive project.

“Let’s escape first.” The young man looked toward An’an, then said, “Hand her to me. I’ll bring her out. You’ll lure them away.”

Bluepool tightened his grip around An’an, saying outright, “I don’t trust you.”

“You don’t have any other choice.” The young man slapped the truth mercilessly into his face. “They’re running out of patience. If they were to discover that you aren’t in the stone castle, they’ll definitely come to give chase following the river. Will you be able to swim faster than eagle beastmen can fly?”

He could, but rivers were meandering and eagle beastmen could just fly in a straight line downstream to wait for them. The risks were too high.

Bluepool took a deep breath. No longer holding any hesitation, he asked, “How should I find you?”

“You can just wait for me at the seaside.” The young man took An’an from him. An’an was very docile and even put out her arms toward the young man, wrapping them around his neck.

Bluepool subconsciously tightened his grip. Although he eventually let go, it was still clear that he couldn’t bear to let go of her.

“If you dare lie to me, I won’t let you off even if I have to chase you to the ends of the world,” Bluepool said, adding emphasis to each word. In the end, he planted a kiss on An’an’s forehead, turned into a merman, and darted into the underground tunnel.

Not long later, a bubble was pushed out from the tunnel.

The young man put An’an inside and entered the tunnel, too.

The two beastmen each took different paths, one heading upstream and the other downstream.

It wasn’t long after they left when some beastmen sneaked into the stone castle. Their sharp sense of smell caused them to quickly discover the tunnel in the woodshed.

“They’ve escaped!”

A loud cry caused all the beastmen surrounding the stone castle to fly into a rage. They didn’t give a second thought and gave chase, following the river.

After one day and one night, some eagle beastmen managed to block Bluepool’s path downstream with wooden fencing.

However, Bluepool was by himself, causing the eagle beastmen to be caught off guard.

Bluepool leaned against the fence, looking refreshed and energetic. He said to the eagle beastmen in the air, “You guys have fallen for the trick. An’an is in the stone castle. Do you still want to fight me now?”

Fight against a three-striped merman in the river? Even if they had more in numbers, none of the eagle beastmen dared to step forward.

Moreover, they were also worried that the other males in the City of Beastmen would get An’an before they did. Therefore, they didn’t wish to waste their time on him and immediately turned to fly off.

Bluepool let out a stifled laugh, broke the wood, then continued to swim toward the seaside.

Right now, An’an was moving leisurely in the forest with her brother, who was one and a half years older than her.

The young man turned into his half-beast form, his snake tail slithering rapidly on the ground while he carried her in his arms.

An’an held the young man’s head and looked at him with wide-open eyes.

“You’re blocking my view.” After the young man’s view was blocked for the nth time, he felt utterly helpless. “What’s there to see about my head?”

An’an only felt that the one carrying her seemed to have a different head. She felt a little worried.

“Even if you like me so much, I won’t become mates with you..” The young man misunderstood An’an, freed up one hand, and moved her head away once again.