Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1624 - A Bloody Lesson

Chapter 1624 - A Bloody Lesson

Chapter 1624: A b.l.o.o.d.y Lesson

“You… You were also sent here by that unfilial daughter?” Father Shen retreated as he spoke.

Curtis sized him up with not an ounce of emotion in his heart. He was purely curious about what sort of a person a father who managed to raise a female like Shen Yin was like.

“You can say so.” Curtis continued walking towards him at a pace that was neither urgent nor slow. His calmness intensified the fear in Father Shen’s heart all the more.

“What does she want?” Now that he had completely sobered up, his originally red face due to the alcohol turned deathly white.

With contempt in his heart, Curtis whipped out a cheque from his wallet and handed it over with one hand.

Anxious and doubtful, Father Shen lowered his head and glanced at it. The number of zeros in that string of numbers instantly caused him to widen his one good eye, and he even rubbed it in disbelief.

“This cheque is sufficient for you to soak yourself to death in a bathtub of alcohol for the rest of your life. The condition is for you to have no more connections with Little Yin,” Curtis said blandly.

Father Shen’s heart erupted with joy, and all he could think of was “I’m a rich man now”. However, faced with Curtis’s calm and oppressive aura, he didn’t dare to overly express his euphoria. He quickly kept the cheque away.

“What’s your relations.h.i.+p with my daughter?” Father Shen sized him up with restrained suspicion.

Curtis replied, “Since I’m asking you to cut off all ties with her, naturally, I’m the person who is taking over your ident.i.ty to become her father.”

Father Shen had an “I thought as much” expression on his face. Seeing that Curtis didn’t launch an attack after several exchanges, he got bolder and blurted out his dirty thoughts. “G.o.dfather, eh? I understand.”

That lewdness on his face and in his gaze almost caused Curtis to retch. His gaze turned icy in an instant, and he reached out to grab his head. With a slight exertion of force, Father Shen was pinned on the ground completely.

His slender and long fingers stabbed into that good eye without hesitation. Amid the extremely tragic cries of agony, he dug out that disgusting eyeball and threw it on the floor. Stained with dust, one couldn’t recognize the original form of the wet eyeball.

This time, it was a hundred times more painful than being pierced with the gla.s.s bottle previously. Father Shen was in such excruciating pain that he rolled around on the floor as his body convulsed.

“Forgot to tell you. I don’t have a good temper.” Curtis pinned Father Shen’s body with his foot and wiped his blood-stained hand on the man’s clothes, only letting go of him for he found his clothes dirty. He got up and wiped his hand with a wet tissue.

When Father Shen eased up from the intense pain, he heard that sinister voice again, and a piece of paper landed on his face.

“This cheque is sufficient for you to spend the rest of your life in a nursing home. I believe that only without eyes will you truly stop seeking trouble with Little Yin.”

Curtis looked down at Father Shen with a gaze that suggested he was looking at an ant. Suddenly, he let out a sneer. “If not, I have countless ways for you to forever vanish from the face of the earth without anyone knowing.”

Having said that, he ignored the man struggling on the ground and walked into the distance as he wiped his hands.

“Yinyin, I’m back!” Mu Ya ran into the shop happily. Shen Yin was cleaning the place, and the baby eagle following in his mommy’s footsteps immediately pounced over at the sight of his daddy.

Shen Yin stood up straight and quietly blocked the racks that had a few bonsais missing. With a smile, she said, “How was your exam?”

“Went very smoothly. I’ve been doing these types of questions for a few years now, it’s a piece of cake for me.” Sensing something amiss with her, he observed the surroundings and lifted his aggrieved-looking son up.

“Your dad’s been here?” Mu Ya suddenly asked.

Shen Yin trembled and lowered her head. “Sorry…”

After his speculation was confirmed, Mu Ya’s heart instantly ached. He walked over to hug her and said, “Why are you sorry? You should’ve told me earlier. Did he hit you?”