Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1623 - From Beating Someone Up to Getting Beaten Up

Chapter 1623 - From Beating Someone Up to Getting Beaten Up

Chapter 1623: From Beating Someone Up to Getting Beaten Up

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“Be good. Mommy will come and fetch you in a while.” Shen Yin stroked her son’s head and, ignoring his objections, closed the door.

The baby eagle scratched the floorboard and ripped out a few shreds of wood with his claws as he let out ear-piercing screeches. Then, he proceeded to leave his mark on the door.

Screech screech screech! [Want to lock me up with a door?!]

Screech. [There’s still the window.]

The baby eagle looked at the gla.s.s window facing the road and, moving his slender legs, tottered over with his chubby body and pushed open the window with his claws.

It’s that smelly maternal grandfather again! Every time he was here, Mommy would be upset. He had to go comfort his mommy.


The baby eagle scratched his head with his claws and cautiously peeked downstairs. After taking a deep breath, he jumped to the signboard. His sharp claws allowed him to steady himself. He then jumped down from a height of over two meters and flapped his wings to ease the impact of his fall. Nonetheless, he made a dull thud as he fell to the ground.

Having failed to find a single cent, Father Shen felt a loss of face in front of his friends and instantly flew into a rage. He briskly strode to Shen Yin’s side and reached out to grab her hair, preparing to smash it against the rack.

“Take out the money!”


The moment the baby eagle entered, he saw his mother being beaten up. He flapped his wings and flew to mid-air, repeatedly pecking Father Shen on the head.

“Aaahhhh!” Father Shen gasped in pain and flung his arms wildly. Seizing this opportunity, Shen Yin ran to grab the baby eagle’s legs, then ran outside with her baby in her arms.

Father Shen hugged his head and looked over. “Darned b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I’m going to kill you!”

He shouted and gave chase together with his two companions.

When Shen Yin heard the shout behind her, she turned pale and sprinted with all her might.

Four or five youths who were shaking their heads walked over. Seeing Shen Yin being chased after with the baby eagle in her arms, they glanced at each other, then approached her.

Shen Yin had no choice but to stop. She glanced at them vigilantly, then anxiously turned her head to look.

“Get out of the way!” Holding the baby eagle tightly, Shen Yin prepared to squeeze through between the youths.

The burliest youth among them blocked her path and said, “We’re Brother Tiger’s men. Brother Tiger instructed us to take care of your shop. What’s going on? Is someone causing trouble?”


Shen Yin froze and sized them up again.

Father Shen and his friends had caught up by this time. Before even clarifying the situation, the youth blocking Shen Yin’s way shot his companions a look, and the youths immediately ran over to beat him up.

Father Shen was only a good fighter in front of his daughter. In front of outsiders, he was but a wimp, wailing non-stop as the punches rained upon him. His two companions repeatedly claimed that they had nothing to do with this matter and cursed Father Shen.

Upon hearing this, the youths cast a questioning look at Shen Yin.

“Little Sister-in-law?”

With the baby eagle in her arms, Shen Yin retreated a step and ran back to the shop without saying anything.

Hence, the youths ignored what the drunkards had said and beat them first, before warning them, “This street is filled with our men. Don’t ever appear here again, or else we’ll beat you up every time we see you!”

Father Shen didn’t even dare to let out a fart and repeatedly said “yes”. It wasn’t easy for him to finally escape, but when he went back, he was given another beating by his two companions. All that rage pent up inside of him had no outlet to vent, nearly giving him internal injuries.

He was planning to, after some time when things quietened down, redouble his efforts and go to his daughter to demand money again when suddenly, someone found their way to his door.

Father Shen was like a bird startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bowstring. This was especially because the other party had a dark and cold disposition, and his countenance was so cold it felt like ice shards might drop from it. It was obvious he wasn’t of the same caliber as the few ruffians he had encountered earlier.

Next, he saw the person remove the cap of his hoodie and reveal a head of smooth red hair that also exuded a chilliness.

Just now, Father Shen was just afraid of the physical pain from the beatings, but now, he started fearing for his own life.