Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1616 - Buying Buns

Chapter 1616 - Buying Buns

Chapter 1616: Buying Buns

The next day, by the time Shen Yin realized her clothes were still being held hostage somewhere, Mu Ya had already gone off to school.

She put on the clothes he had placed on the bed and stood at the door for a good while before summoning the courage to open it.


As the heater was turned on in the living room, it was rather warm. The four leopards were playing in the center of the living room, adding a hint of liveliness to the house.

The minute Shen Yin opened the door, she was noticed by the leopards, who came running over to surround her, sniffing and rubbing against her.

This caused Shen Yin to stagger along as she made her way to the main hall, where she saw her G.o.dfather reading newspapers next to the coffee table.

She immediately held her breath and subconsciously wanted to hide.

Curtis, however, seemed to have eyes on the top of his head. He said, “You’re awake? Breakfast is in the kitchen. Help yourself to it.”


Curtis set down the newspapers and said with a benign countenance, “I’ve found the florist shop you wanted. It’s undergoing renovation right now. What kind of style do you want?”

Shen Yin looked up in delight. It hadn’t felt real yesterday, and she had been fine with whatever she was given. Today, she had truly entered Mu Ya’s life, entered a new world. It was only now that she started to like that shop which was in the midst of preparation.

“You can decide, G.o.dfather. I don’t know how to choose,” said Shen Yin.

Curtis said, “I’ll do it my way, then.”

After that, he continued reading his newspapers and didn’t seem to pay any attention to her. Shen Yin heaved a sigh of relief and walked softly into the kitchen, where she finished the food in the pot.

As it was quite a big portion, she was stuffed by the time she was done with it.

While she was doing the dishes, Bai Zhenbei, who had slept in, finally got out of bed and lazily strolled into the kitchen. She glanced into the pot and immediately asked in surprise, “Where’s my breakfast?”

Shen Yin: “…” Drats, how she wished she could just vomit it out.

Bai Zhenbei glanced at her third sister-in-law and generously waved a hand. “I’ll go out to buy buns.”

“… I’ll accompany you.” Shen Yin hesitated for a good while before offering to go with her, feeling bad. However, Bai Zhenbei had already run out and didn’t hear what she had said.

Bai Zhenbei found Curtis and asked for money, then ran out the door. Shen Yin returned to her room and put on Mu Ya’s mother’s thick jacket, before following her out.

This being December already, the icy wind was like a blade piercing into one’s skin. Everyone on the streets was covered up firmly and shrinking their heads.

The young Bai Zhenbei was, however, only clad in a pair of jeans and a sweater, her short legs running swiftly amid the chilly wind. Shen Yin only managed to catch up to her after jogging a few steps.

Seeing that Bai Zhenbei was only 12, Shen Yin felt bolder and grabbed her hand.

“Don’t you feel cold?” As Shen Yin spoke, she paused and looked towards Bai Zhenbei’s hand.

Her hand felt cold as ice and soft to the touch, like what certain reptiles felt like.

Bai Zhenbei replied, “Yes.”

Shen Yin snapped out of her thoughts and was prepared to take off her jacket, when Bai Zhenbei said, “Don’t. No matter how much I wear I won’t warm up. I won’t feel cold anymore when I get home.”

Thus, Shen Yin quietly walked with Bai Zhenbei’s hand in hers.

There was a breakfast shop right outside the district. Out of politeness, Bai Zhenbei asked her if she wanted to eat. In the end, Shen Yin nodded, so she bought two portions of buns.

The two of them ate as they walked back. After Shen Yin sent Bai Zhenbei to the villa entrance, she went out again by herself.

Shen Yin secretly packed up her belongings in the abandoned building, then strolled aimlessly in the vicinity of her school. To her surprise, she saw a convenience store outside her school which enjoyed brisk business undergoing renovation.

With a speculation in mind, she walked over to ask. Just as she had guessed, it was being renovated into a florist shop.

So this was the shop G.o.dfather was giving her? It was near to the school, which meant she could watch as Mu Ya went to and from school. How wonderful.