Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1615 - Shen Yin Grew Fatter

Chapter 1615 - Shen Yin Grew Fatter

Chapter 1615: Shen Yin Grew Fatter

Shen Yin lowered her head and said nothing.

When someone spoke to her at the dining table, she would just give a brief reply before continuing to eat.

Those few times previously when she ate in front of Mu Ya, she only ate a lot because she was too hungry. But now, it was because her appet.i.te had truly increased. Or perhaps it was because she now had some spare money and could afford to buy food.

Having eaten a lot of meat today, Shen Yin only hoped that Mu Ya’s family, with their huge appet.i.tes, wouldn’t think that she ate a lot.

After the meal, Bai Qingqing tidied up a room for her on the first story.

“Little Yin, your work venue must be near, right? I’ll get Mu Ya to carry your luggage over,” said Bai Qingqing.

How would Shen Yin dare to let others help her move her luggage? Upon hearing that, she repeatedly shook her head.

Mu Ya said, “Mom, I’ll help her settle down. You should go rest.”

Bai Qingqing shrugged. “Alright, then. Call me if you can’t find anything.”


Only after she left did Shen Yin relax.

Now that only the two of them were left in the room, the atmosphere naturally turned a tad delicate.

After closing the door, Shen Yin hugged Mu Ya’s waist and said enviously, “Your family is wonderful.”

“They’ll also be your family in the future,” Mu Ya said as he patted her back fondly.

Family… Speaking of family, Shen Yin suddenly recalled her mother’s voice from her distant memories. She had experienced such familial warmth before, too.

Her mother used to call her “Yinyin”. Even now as she recalled it, it invoked a sense of closeness. As for “Shen Yin”, it only brought back memories of her alcoholic father.

“Can you call me Yinyin?” Shen Yin asked.

Mu Ya’s face heated up, yet he feigned his usual expression and called out gently, “Yinyin.”

Shen Yin pursed her lips and smiled. She turned to face him and stood on tiptoes, wanting to kiss him on the lips.

Mu Ya bent over to receive her kiss—otherwise, with Shen Yin’s height, she wouldn’t be able to reach his lips.

As he kissed her, Mu Ya subconsciously led her to the bed and pinned her upon it.

Shen Yin, however, turned her head away to end this kiss and pressed a hand against his chest, saying, “This isn’t a good idea… you’ve still got school tomorrow.”

“I can get up,” Mu Ya said as he breathed heavily.

But Shen Yin continued to shake her head, so Mu Ya could only dismiss the thought and help her get up.

“I’ll help you shower. Your wound can’t come into contact with water.”

This time, Mu Ya didn’t allow Shen Yin to reject him. He nudged her along into the bathroom, then took the clothes she had taken off to wash, leaving a naked Shen Yin hiding under the covers.

Bai Qingqing was hanging the clothes in the was.h.i.+ng machine out to dry when she saw her son walking over with clothes in his arms. She said, “Leave it here. I’ve dug out a few sets of clothes that I wore during my school days. It’s on my bed. You can go retrieve it for her.”

“Okay, Mommy.” Mu Ya placed the dirty clothes in the bucket and then turned to leave.

After retrieving the clothes from his mother’s room, Mu Ya returned to Shen Yin’s room. Yet, he wickedly didn’t let her see the clothes.

“If the clothes are washed today, will they really be dry tomorrow?” Shen Yin asked, not quite believing it would.

“In any case, you’ll definitely have clothes to wear tomorrow.” With his back facing her, Mu Ya hid the clothes in the wardrobe, then climbed into bed and hugged the person underneath the blanket.

Shen Yin’s face grew darker as each second pa.s.sed. Although the two of them had had s.e.xual relations twice, it was their first time hugging each other to sleep in a sober state like this. Moreover, she was naked under the sheets.

She felt around and turned off the lights, only then did she feel more at ease.

Mu Ya pinched Shen Yin’s arm, then touched her tummy and said happily, “You’ve grown fatter.”

Shen Yin shrunk her body and thought to herself that she ought to lose some weight.