Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1610 - Found a Treasure

Chapter 1610 - Found a Treasure

Chapter 1610: Found a Treasure

At the door, Mu Ya pa.s.sed by an injured person who was holding a few stacks of money and whose right arm was dangling weakly. He only threw the person a glance and then continued to rush to where his mate was without slowing down.

“Shen Yin!”

He entered a private room. Curtis, Muir, and Winston were all present. Shen Yin was curled up in the very corner of the sofa, with a few traces of blood on her. A lingering horror could still be seen in her gaze.

At the sight of Mu Ya, Shen Yin’s eyes instantly gleamed. She got up and wanted to walk toward him.

Mu Ya was faster. He dashed over like the wind, knocking over the chairs in the process, and put her behind him.

“What do you guys want?” Mu Ya’s breathing was heavy as if he was facing a great foe.

No, “facing a great foe” was insufficient to describe it. He was more like a porcupine going up against a ferocious tiger. He had all his p.r.i.c.ks out, but it was still a futile effort.

Did Shen Yin slip? That’s why they wanted to kill her?

Mu Ya felt despair, but he didn’t regret it. In the worst-case scenario, he could just die together with her.

It had been mentioned in the second chapter that beastmen were willful beings. Once they laid eyes on someone they liked, it was decided for life. It could be that when he first saw Shen Yin, he had felt that she was different from others.

Mu Ya cleared up his thoughts in a short instant. He felt very blessed when he was with Shen Yin, and this was enough. He wouldn’t have any regrets.

Shen Yin didn’t say anything either and just wrapped her arms around his waist, putting her face on his back, inhaling his scent.

Muir ma.s.saged his temples and then threw Curtis a blaming glance before saying to his son, “You’ve misunderstood. We only helped her out coincidentally. The person who looked for her trouble is someone else.”

Mu Ya was stunned, then he thought of the man he met earlier. “It was him?”

However, he still wasn’t a.s.sured. He looked toward Curtis, who always had the most vicious means.

However, Curtis’s reaction wasn’t within his expectations. He patted his shoulder and said sincerely and earnestly, “You’ve found a treasure!”

Shen Yin might seem to have a great flaw in outsiders’ eyes, but to them beastmen, she was a priceless treasure.

The environment she had grown up in made her extremely loyal to her partner, so much so that it made them jealous and their hearts also ached for her.

Coming from the beastmen world, Curtis was able to be more easy-going than anyone else. Wealth, education, and other things were just appendages. Feelings were the most important thing to a person.

Shen Yin’s characteristic of being reliant on her mate and being opposed to the temptation coming from people other than her partner was hard to come by.

Mu Ya had really picked a treasure!

The other children in their family might not be as blessed as him in the future.

If he had encountered a female like this before meeting Snow, he’d definitely s.n.a.t.c.h her for himself. He might not even care to use cruel means to nurture a mate similar to this.

However, these were just pa.s.sing thoughts.

Other than not being able to make him her only mate, Snow had satisfied him in all other aspects. Most importantly, he liked her. This was good enough.

Even if he was given a chance to have things within his grasp, he probably couldn’t bear to let Snow go through such a terrible childhood. He had gotten used to the existence of the other three males in the family, and each of them served a useful purpose.

“You’ve recognized her?” Mu Ya asked, feeling pleasantly surprised. He then looked toward his father and Winston.

Muir smiled and said, “She’s a good girl. Treat her well.”

Winston didn’t really understand this matter and didn’t say anything.

He was only here to clean up the mess. His influence included such nightlife businesses, and no one dared to not give him face. Therefore, this matter hadn’t caused any ripple at all.