Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1609 - Karmic Retribution

Chapter 1609 - Karmic Retribution

Chapter 1609: Karmic Retribution

Shen Yin swung her knife crazily, and the man drew his hand back, crying out agonizingly. The back of his hand also received a few big slits.

The guy held onto his injured hand, bellowing like an enraged lion as he walked toward her. “You dare to hurt me?”

The commotion alerted many people, and everyone moved away.

The man walked up to Shen Yin in a couple of steps and raised his fist, planning to swing it down, when someone lifted him by his collar. Then, a series of banging sounds rang out and he fell onto a table.

Shen Yin held onto the knife with both hands, looking nervously and warily at Curtis, who was moving closer toward her.

“Are you alright?” As Curtis said this, he grabbed onto her wrist wielding the knife, wanting to take her weapon away in case she hurt herself.

Shen Yin screamed, “Go away!”

As she said that, she managed to break free from Curtis’s grip and swung the knife around crazily. “Go away!”

“Ss~” Curtis drew his hand back and saw blood coming out onto his sleeves. He was instantly a little stunned.

Muir walked over as well, grabbing her hand. He was prepared for Shen Yin to use the powers of her mate and thus didn’t let her break free.

Shen Yin’s power quickly dissipated and her body weakened. Muir quickly helped her up.

Unable to exert any strength, the horror in Shen Yin’s gaze deepened further. However, when she saw the face of the person in front of her, she was suddenly stunned.

This person had a 40-50% resemblance to Mu Ya, and their disposition was very similar too. This made her a little more composed, and she opened her eyes big, looking at Muir in a daze.

Muir said, “I’m Mu Ya’s father. Don’t be scared. It’ll be fine in a while.”

Shen Yin nodded ever so slightly.

“What happened? What happened to Shen Yin?” The bar manager walked over and asked about the situation.

The injured man immediately walked over while holding onto his bleeding hand, saying angrily, “Your waitress injured someone with a knife. She cut my hand. You have to give me an explanation for this.”

Before the manager spoke up, Curtis looked over and smiled with interest. However, his gaze was extremely cold.

Before he made a sound, everyone nearby couldn’t help but look toward him.

The red-haired man spoke with a composed but cold voice, “How much does your hand cost? I’ll buy it.”

Everyone gasped. The injured man instantly flared up, raising his head and looking straight at him. “What do you mean?”

“10,000,” Curtis said this calmly. Seeing that the man didn’t react, Curtis continued, “20,000, 30,000, 50,000.”

The people nearby didn’t understand what was going on, but the injured man’s face flushed up. Wasn’t this what he had said to the waitress?

As expected, Curtis then said, “State your price, then.”

“Brother, you’re bent on standing up for her?” the man asked with a grim countenance. He could tell that this person wasn’t to be trifled with and thus didn’t wish to go against him head-on.

Curtis walked toward him, responding with his actions.

His cold hand held onto the man’s palm, then, with a jolt, the man instantly let out a heart-wrenching cry of pain, sounding as if he was going to breathe his last.

Shen Yin’s eyes darted to them. Curtis was very sensitive and immediately looked toward her.

Then, he revealed a considerably amicable smile.

Muir was surprised. Curtis didn’t act friendly toward many people.

Mu Ya had already gotten off school and reached home. According to his habit, he’d have dinner first before heading out to work.

However, his heart suddenly trembled and he instinctively felt that something bad had happened to Shen Yin. He immediately rushed over.

By the time he arrived at the bar, it had already returned to its usual liveliness.