Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1570 - Huahua Cooks Noodles

Chapter 1570 - Huahua Cooks Noodles

Chapter 1570: Huahua Cooks Noodles

Heavens! What’s wrong with this world?

Bai Zhenbei buried her head in the blanket again and groaned.


With difficulty, the little snake crawled to its little mistress’s face and gently rubbed its smooth and icy head against her face.

Gazing at the little snake’s head, Bai Zhenbei whispered, “Thank you.”


“Are you hungry?” Without waiting for the little snake’s reply, Bai Zhenbei held a hand to her stomach and said, “I’m hungry, too.”

Having eaten an early dinner today, plus the fact that she hadn’t eaten much because of her three older brothers, her stomach had started growling long ago.

Seeing that Little Hua seemed hungry too, Bai Zhenbei crawled out of bed and put Little Hua on her shoulders, before opening the door to look for food.

As it was already nine-plus, it was pitch-dark in the house. Bai Zhenbei stood in the corridor and looked at her parents’ room for a while, before finally quietly heading downstairs by herself.

As it had been supposed to be a seven-day trip, most of the food at home had been cleared out and the fridge stripped bare.

After searching for a while, Bai Zhenbei finally stood on tiptoes and retrieved a bundle of noodles from the cabinet.

She summoned the courage to turn on the gas stove and heat up half a pot of water. Before the water even boiled, she rushed to put in the noodles before stirring with a pair of chopsticks non-stop.

“Is Huahua not asleep yet? Are you hungry?” A youth’s unfamiliar voice suddenly rang at the kitchen entrance. Bai Zhenbei froze and softly responded, “Mm.”

Mu Tian entered the kitchen and placed a big bowl on the countertop. “Do you know how to cook it?”

“No,” Bai Zhenbei replied with her head lowered. She didn’t look at her older brother’s face, but her gaze closely followed his footsteps.

Mu Tian turned his head and gazed at the pot for a good while before saying, “I don’t know, either.”

Bai Zhenbei: “…”

Both of them fell silent momentarily.

As the water hadn’t been boiled, the noodles stuck together in a clump in the water, turning murky from Bai Zhenbei’s stirring.

Finally, the water boiled, and, by then, a layer of white foam had formed in the pot. It was an agonizing sight.

After a momentary silence, Mu Tian said, “From the looks of it, it probably doesn’t taste good.”

“Then, what should we do?” Thinking the same, Bai Zhenbei looked at him inquiringly. When she saw his face which had two animal stripes, she instantly turned her head away.

Her older brother still had such an expression and was still so concerned about her. Wasn’t he at all angry by the tantrum she’d thrown earlier?

Mu Tian took the chopsticks from his younger sister’s hands and placed a few strands into his mouth. After chewing it, he frowned and said, “It’s already turned soggy on the outside, but it’s still raw on the inside.”

Bai Zhenbei cast a doubtful glance at her older brother before picking up a few strands to taste. After which, she immediately vomited into a rubbish bin.

“So awful! I clearly saw Mommy cooking with this much water! Could I have put in too much?”

The baffled Bai Zhenbei gazed at her older brother with a look of shock.

Mu Tian suddenly laughed and reached out to pinch her face.

Only then did Bai Zhenbei realize that she had suddenly become much closer to her older brother. She broke free of his hands uneasily and poked at the soggy noodles in the pot. No idea if Mu Tian had pinched her too hard, but Bai Zhenbei’s cheeks had turned pink.

Mu Tian opened the cabinets one by one and called out in delight, “There are instant noodles. Brother will cook you instant noodles.”

“Where? Why didn’t I see it just now?” Bai Zhenbei suddenly forgot about her shyness and looked over in delight. Indeed, she saw her older brother holding a packet of instant noodles.

“I want to eat that!” Bai Zhenbei nodded eagerly, looking like she was waiting to be fed, the way she did when Mu Tian and his brothers flew her to the forest to look for food.

Mu Tian’s heart melted, thinking to himself that his younger sister was indeed the most adorable.