Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1569 - Huahua Resembles Her Mother More

Chapter 1569 - Huahua Resembles Her Mother More

Chapter 1569: Huahua Resembles Her Mother More

Bai Qingqing’s expression froze. She was rendered speechless momentarily before she said, semi-annoyed, “Don’t make wild guesses. I’ve already introduced all your older brothers in this world. There aren’t any others.”

“Then, are there other beastmen? Are there beastmen other than the ones in our family?” Bai Zhenbei raised another question.

Bai Qingqing shook her head. “I have no idea. But you must keep this a secret. If this secret is divulged, our entire family will be in trouble.”

“Mm.” Bai Zhenbei nodded.

Knock knock.

Two knocks sounded on the door, following which, Curtis opened the door and entered. “Have you told her everything?”

“Yeah,” replied Bai Qingqing.

Curtis sat on the edge of the bed and patted her. “Go out for a while. I have something to say to Huahua.”

Hence, Bai Qingqing got up to leave.

Facing her old man, Bai Zhenbei didn’t dare to have any temper at all. Neither did she have the guts to correct the way he addressed her. She merely stared at her daddy with widened eyes.

“Nothing would’ve happened originally. You were the one who caused this. Are you satisfied now?” Curtis asked coldly.

Bai Zhenbei replied in a tiny voice, “Yes.”

Curtis was surprised. He understood his daughter. Although she was a girl, the domineeringness in her bones wasn’t any less than that of the males. Just three older brothers were enough to make her go crazy. Yet, now there were another six. Why was her reaction like this?

Seeing her father’s surprise, Bai Zhenbei said softly, “Mommy is also their birth mother. My older brothers have already let me have Mommy for ten years. If I don’t leave a bit of Mommy for them, they’d be too pitiful.”

Curtis stared fixedly at her for a long while after hearing that, then suddenly said, “Everyone says you take after me in terms of temperament. But today I realized that you resemble your mother more.”

“What?” Bai Zhenbei looked towards her father.

Curtis recalled the past, and his expression grew much gentler. “Like her, you’re softhearted and kind.”

As he spoke, Curtis’s tone changed and he said in a deep voice, “But this isn’t a good characteristic. This will become your weakness. You will be made use of because of this. You will get duped because of this. If we were still in that world, you could lose your life at any moment.”


Curtis’s tone turned gentle as he stroked his daughter’s hair and said, “Thankfully, you’re a girl and this isn’t a forest world. If you suffer a disadvantage you’ll only lose money. If you encounter danger, there’s Blossom[1] to protect your life.”

The father-and-daughter duo looked towards the little snake slithering in the room. That was the pet snake Curtis had raised by Bai Zhenbei’s side since young.

It may seem docile and well-behaved, but it was actually highly venomous. If one lay stationary after being poisoned with its venom, they could still be rescued. But if that person moved vigorously, the venom would act up within half a minute. That snake had been specially picked out by Curtis to prevent crooks from continuing to target his daughter.

“Got it.” Bai Zhenbei covered her head with the blanket, and her m.u.f.fled voice rang out from underneath. “I’d like to be by myself for a while. Can you please go out?”

Curtis patted his daughter and then got up to leave.

Only after Curtis left did the little snake find the courage to freely move about. It crawled to the edge of the table, then retreated backward, and finally dove a distance and pounced onto the bed.


The little snake squirmed into the blanket, pressed against its mistress, and slithered upwards.

Bai Zhenbei scooped it up, placed it beside her pillow, and tilted her head to look at it.

She had just learned that the animals she had grown up with could transform into humans. Moreover, they were her older brothers. Regardless of how calm she was, she had received an unprecedented blow.

How was she to face her older brothers in the future? Was there other beastmen in this world? Could that super-sized doggie downstairs be a beastman, too?

[1] Bai Zhenbei’s pet snake, thus named because Bai Zhenbei’s pet name is Huahua, which means flower.