Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1553 - Animal Hot Dance (2)

Chapter 1553 - Animal Hot Dance (2)

Chapter 1553: Animal Hot Dance (2)

As Curtis walked over step by step, the aura of the little beastmen speedily wilted like seawater during the falling tide.

“Just perform what you’re best at,” Curtis said breezily, as though they truly were circus animals.

Parker nearly exploded from anger, his chest heaving up and down violently. “He’s going too far! Going too far!”

Bai Qingqing’s headache intensified. She lifted the hem of her gown and went onstage as well.

“Eh, Qingqing!” Mommy Bai called out worriedly but wasn’t able to stop her daughter. They were wild beasts, after all. Even if they were raised by her son-in-law, she couldn’t help but worry.

Once Bai Qingqing went onstage, the little fellows quickly surrounded her. Bai Qingqing stroked the head of one of the leopard cubs and said gently, “Just perform a dance.”

Kids’ idols tended to be their fathers, especially when he was an idol idolized by the The little beastmen at home were Parker’s loyal fans. Every time Parker’s hot dance played on TV, they would sway their bodies to the music as well.

Howl howl howl~



The three nests of little beastmen’s interest was aroused. Bai Qingqing walked to the spot where the music was being played while being surrounded by the little beastmen and requested to play Parker’s biggest hit.

Pale from fright, the staff member instantly changed the song.

The little beastmen took the initiative to run to the center of the stage and started bouncing and twisting their bodies, their actions bearing a remarkable similarity to Parker’s dance moves.

The leopard cubs and tiger cubs straightened their front limbs and stood up on their two back limbs, skillfully shuffling their paws. At the same time, their front limbs continuously moved to the beat of the music.

Much more mature comparatively, the five-year-old little eagles looked serious as they performed. This adorable contrast made the audience burst into laughter.

Their tough claws made ‘thud thud thud’ sounds as they stepped on the ground, making it seem like they were doing the tap dance. As they flapped their wings, the air resistance resulted in their wings’ actions being unable to keep up with the beat. The way they slanted left and right made them look silly and adorable.

The audience felt as if they had mistakenly entered a cartoon animal world.

“Pfttt! Hahahaha…”

The audience erupted into laughter. During the entire five-minute duration of the song, the laughter never once stopped. Everyone’s faces had turned red from laughing.

Looking at the scene of the animals interacting harmoniously, most people were envious. Zhang Xin, however, felt odd.

He recalled that back then when Bai Qingqing was kidnapped, these few types of animals had appeared too.

It was just that this time around, snakes were absent, and there was the new inclusion of leopards.

Bai Qingqing seemed to have a particular affinity with animals. But what exactly was it that made her so well-loved by them? For the life of him, Zhang Xin couldn’t figure it out.

Could it be that she truly was a demon in the mountains?

After the song ended, Bai Qingqing hurriedly led the baby animals backstage and left Curtis to deal with the guests’ fervent request for an encore.

“You guys really gave me a scare.” Bai Qingqing rebuked. However, as she did so, she stuffed all sorts of food in their mouths.

“You must be hungry, eh. Look at your claws, they’re so oily. You’ve got to take a proper shower when we get home.”

The little fellows instantly howled repeatedly, rubbing their claws on the floor. However, instead of rubbing away the grease, their claws were now stained with a layer of dust.

The four males also entered. Muir, Parker, and Muir fed their offspring their favorite foods. The moment they placed it on the floor, the baby animals surrounded it and wolfed down the food.

Having come in empty-handed, Curtis put an arm around Bai Qingqing’s waist and lowered his head, gazing at her gently. “Are you tired?”

Bai Qingqing nodded. “A little.”

“Then go rest. I’ll keep an eye on things here,” said Curtis.

Parker instantly ran over. “I’ll send you back.”

Winston and Muir also expressed that they were going to leave, so the four of them left with the little ones, leaving Curtis to hold the fort alone.

Clearly, he was the groom. Yet, in the end, it was the other three who accompanied Snow. Facing the guests all by himself, Curtis suddenly felt that something wasn’t quite right with his wedding. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop a silly grin from appearing on his face.