Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1552 - Animal Hot Dance (1)

Chapter 1552 - Animal Hot Dance (1)

Chapter 1552: Animal Hot Dance (1)

The emcee had a breach of etiquette for a fleeting moment, before recovering his usual demeanor. “Spicy is good. Spicy implies prosperity.”

As he spoke, the emcee filled Bai Qingqing’s wine gla.s.s once more, lowered his microphone, and softly told Bai Qingqing and Curtis to do it again.

This time, Curtis swiftly finished his wine and, before Bai Qingqing drank hers, edged close to her wine gla.s.s and put his lips to it and finished it for her as well.

“Erm…” The emcee was finally rendered speechless.

Basking in the joy of the wedding, Curtis didn’t notice what Bai Qingqing had seen earlier on, and had a.s.sumed that she wasn’t used to drinking fruit wine. Also, he knew that drinking wine was not good for the fetus. Thus, he eagerly drank it for her.

“Sharing weal is fine. But when it comes to woe, let me do it. This wine is spicy, I’ll drink it on her behalf.” Curtis graciously explained himself, and the people below the stage responded with enthusiastic applause.

After they finished all the customs, at long last, the final step—toasting the guests—was dispensed with, under the excuse that the groom and the bride couldn’t hold their liquor.

Bai Qingqing lifted the hem of her gown and walked over to Parker’s table. She lowered her voice and said in disbelief, “Why are they here? Careful, lest they get discovered.”

Winston explained in a deep voice, “They wanted to come. We’ll disguise it well…”

Before he even finished speaking, Parker glanced at the high-spirited Curtis and suddenly lifted the table, shouting loudly, “Come out and have a big feast!”



Just like magic, a group of animals vied to dash out from under the table and excitedly looked left and right:

Where’s the big feast?

The guests froze in unison, and the vast hall instantly fell completely silent. Only the romantic and soothing background music could be heard.

Bai Qingqing clenched her fists and felt an urge to thrash Parker.

The little eagles were already five years old and over a meter long—over two meters long if they spread their wings. The sound when they flew even carried a ferocious aura.

The four leopards were two years old and had similar physiques to the adult leopards of the modern ages. Most of the childishness was also gone from their faces. Amid their agility, they exuded an inviolable n.o.bility and aloofness, like four little princes of the leopard tribe.

Only the little tigers looked relatively harmless. Standing on all four limbs, they reached Bai Qingqing’s thighs. Judging from their fine hairs, one look and people could tell they were little cubs. Though adorable, the fangs revealed at the corners of their mouths looked extremely sharp. It’d be no joke to be bitten by them.

Even the emcee quit and hid backstage. The guests present expressed: I want so much to leave!

Holding a mike, Curtis stood on stage and said calmly, “Everyone, don’t panic. I own a zoo, and these are the animal celebrities I invited to perform and liven up the event.”

“Oh, I see.” Daddy Bai and Mommy Bai were the first to react. Although they were still a little panicked inside, they immediately supported him. “The celebrities of Qingqing Zoo are very docile and won’t bite.”

More at ease upon hearing that, the guests stared at the animals ahead with the utmost concentration.

The baby animals were dumbfounded. They were only here for a big feast!

Curtis cast a threatening look over, the meaning in his eyes obvious: If you refuse to cooperate, the few of you will be the big feast.

In the modern world, Curtis had become much more genial, but his imposing aura remained. In their family, the little beastmen were most terrified of him. Being stared at like this, they instantly showed cowardice and obediently crawled onstage.

The guests relaxed further, their worry replaced by interest. Someone even urged them to quickly perform.

Shy and furious, the leopard cubs kept howling. The little tiger cubs were confused and started imitating their older brothers, howling twice in their babyish voices. On the other hand, the little eagles took on the role of the big brother and surrounded their younger brothers like bodyguards, staring coldly at the humans.