Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1429 - Winston Gets Drunk

Chapter 1429 - Winston Gets Drunk

Chapter 1429: Winston Gets Drunk



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The dishes were served one after another, and Winston started eating up. He picked the meat dishes, but human food was on the saltier side for beastmen. Thankfully, there was beer on the side, so Winston would drink a large mouthful of beer after a few mouthfuls of meat.

In the beginning, the fatty and the others kept on encouraging him to eat more, but after a minute pa.s.sed by, they were all stunned.

The plates on the table that were filled with food were just considered a mouthful for Winston. He picked up a plate of food and sc.r.a.ped it all into his bowl, finis.h.i.+ng it up in a couple of mouthfuls. He then reached out for a second plate.

In just one minute, the salt-baked chicken, beef, and other meat dishes that were considered the main dishes had all entered Winston’s stomach.

Fatty gulped, then beckoned for the owner to come over, saying, “Come over here, we’ll be adding a few more dishes.”

“Alright.” The owner was all smiles as he walked over with the menu.

Fatty and the tall guy exchanged a few glances before they gritted their teeth and ordered another portion of the meat dishes Winston had finished.

Seeing Brother Tiger eating so much yet it didn’t seem to be enough, big droplets of sweat appeared on fatty’s head. He opened a bottle of wine and handed it to Winston. “Brother Tiger, Brother Tiger, have some beer. Just eating the dishes will make you thirsty.”

Winston’s food was very salty, so he took the beer and finished it up in one gulp. Gradually, he appreciated how delicious beer was and felt that it was quite good to eat like this.

Fatty then picked up and opened another bottle. The dishes were expensive, but beer was cheap. It was better to fill their boss up with beer.

Therefore, under his own need and the persuasion from the others in order to save money, Winston had too much to drink.

“Boss? Boss? Do you want some rice?”

Fatty’s oil face looked like a big and greasy meatball, shaking slightly.

Three crates of empty beer bottles were placed next to the table. Out of which, over two crates had entered Winston’s stomach.

Winston pressed on his temple. His countenance suddenly sank and he shot to his feet.

It seemed that drinking too much alcohol would make one uncomfortable. This was bad. His current state wasn’t safe.

Winston stood up and headed out.

“Brother Tiger, you’re done eating?” The tall guy stood up quickly as well, at the same time, exchanging glances with his companions who were all crestfallen.

The few of them immediately understood and quickly had a discussion.

“I only have 150 yuan on me. What about you?” One of them spoke up.

“I have 50 yuan,” the fatty said.

“To h.e.l.l with you. We’ll be splitting this equally. Don’t try to s.h.i.+rk.”

“Fine. You guys can just pay first. I’ll pay up tomorrow.” The fatty raised both hands as a sign of giving in.

The few of them pooled money together and paid the bill while the tall guy chased after Winston across a few streets.

Winston’s face was slightly flushed, but his steps were steady and fast. If it wasn’t the strong scent of alcohol he was giving off and also holding an unopened bottle of beer, it’d be hard to tell that he was drunk.

Even the tall guy was finding it a little hard to keep up with him despite his long legs. He wanted to help Boss back, but he didn’t seem like he was drunk at all.

“Brother Tiger, where do you stay? I’ll send you back.” The tall guy panted as he followed behind Winston.

“No need.” Under the influence of alcohol, Winston didn’t pay attention to restraining his emotions, displaying his air of dominance fully.

Lanky suddenly thought of how Boss had walked up to him with a cold look the other night. He s.h.i.+vered and paused on the spot.

“Brother Tiger, how do we contact you?” Seeing as Brother Tiger walked into the distance, Lanky suddenly thought of an important detail and quickly asked.

Winston neither slowed down nor turned back as he replied, “I’ll go look for you guys.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it reached clearly into Lanky’s ears even across such a great distance. It even caused Lanky’s eardrums to tremble.

Lanky suddenly felt as if he had entered the Wuxia world, thinking to himself,

Is this the legendary inner force?