Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1428 - Swindling a Meal

Chapter 1428 - Swindling a Meal

Chapter 1428: Swindling a Meal


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Brother Leopard was the biggest local gangster around. Even though the tall guy kept on addressing him as “Brother Leopard” as if they were close, he had only seen him a few times from a distance.

Brother Leopard had countless underlings, and they also dealt in arms trafficking. His trusted aides were all equipped with guns.

Winston’s words had frightened these youngsters. However, seeing how composed he was, looking so much more amazing than Brother Leopard, they felt at ease for some reason.

The tall guy fell silent for a moment before saying, “Alright. I, Lanky, will follow Boss from now on.”

“I, Fatsea, too,” the fatty said.

“Me too.”

“And me.”

All five of them said that they’d follow Winston to their deaths.

Fatty rubbed his hands together and said, “It’s time for lunch now. Boss, you haven’t eaten, right? Why don’t you let the few of us treat you to a meal today?”

Winston’s stomach let out a loud rumble at this time, but his countenance didn’t change. He said calmly, “Sure.”

Fatty exchanged a glance with the tall guy happily, saying, “Come, let’s go to the usual restaurant. The food there tastes good.”

The others were also in agreement. Winston didn’t mind it either and thus went with them.

The fatty was very talkative and kept on currying up to Winston on the way. “Oh, right, we still don’t know how to address you. We can’t possibly keep addressing you as ‘Boss’, right?”

Winston gave it some thought before saying, “Since there’s a Brother Leopard, then I’ll just go by the name Brother Tiger.”

“Brother Tiger is good. You look just like a ferocious tiger to me. If you were to stand next to Brother Leopard, he’d probably be so scared that he’d pee his pants.” The fatty finally understood that Brother Tiger wished to push Brother Leopard off his seat and thus kept on saying disparaging words about him.

“That’s right. It’s just that they have a lot of weapons. Brother Tiger…” The tall guy looked at Winston.

“What weapons?” Winston recalled the metal armor and weapons he had forged back in the City of Beastmen that had helped raise a lot of defensive and battle prowess. Humans were smarter than beastmen and their weapons were likely to be better.

The few young men instantly broke out in a sweat, suddenly asking themselves if they had made the right decision.

However, they instantly felt confident once again upon taking a glance at Brother Tiger.

The fatty said, “One’s own capabilities are still the most important thing. Let’s take it slow first. There’ll come a day when we’ll replace Brother Leopard’s position.”

“Then, wouldn’t we be considered the doyens?” chuckled and said a quick-witted blond-haired young man.

They immersed themselves in their imaginations on the way. Winston couldn’t be bothered with them but didn’t stop them, either. He just tried to learn basic common sense from their conversations.

After reaching the restaurant, the fatty reached for the few notes that everyone had pooled together and acted generous, ordering a table full of good dishes.

“Owner, hurry up with it. We’re treating our boss to a meal. Don’t let us embarra.s.s ourselves.” The fatty handed the menu to the owner and then said with great familiarity.

The restaurant owner took a look at the menu, let out an “oh?”, clearly surprised by their generosity.

The fatty and the tall guy were familiar faces in this area. The owner was scared of getting in trouble and would tend to show them more convenience, so he immediately said, “Alright, I’ll let you guys jump the queue and serve your food first.”

“Thank you, thank you.” The fatty said, “Get us a crate of beer first.”


The beer was immediately served. Fatty opened up a bottle first, handed it to Winston, then said, “Boss, you can drink first. The dishes will be served soon.”

Winston smelled the scent of energy. He took the bottle and had a drink, then was stunned.

This seemed to be… alcohol? Although it tasted different from what Qingqing had brewed from grapes, they had a similar scent and the energy level wasn’t low either.

He immediately decided to bring some back for Qingqing.