Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1426 - Sharing Weal

Chapter 1426 - Sharing Weal

Chapter 1426: Sharing Weal

Like Parker, Winston didn’t use Muir’s money either. He was also going hungry.

After finis.h.i.+ng the can of food, he tossed it into the trash bin and asked, “Have you not eaten, either? I got these from Qingqing’s house. I’ll share half of them with you.”

As Parker said that, he tossed two cans to him.

Winston caught them and walked over to the other side of the trash bin. He placed one of them on the trash bin’s lid while sizing up the one in his hand.

Parker had already bit the edge of the can and tore up an opening. Meat fragrance drifted out from the can.

Winston gulped and opened the can in the same way Parker had done.

The two of them started chewing at the round canned food like they were eating ice cream, with a trash bin between them. There were two cans on top of the trash bin too, with the label facing the road. En, the brand had a great reputation.

When the pa.s.sersby saw this, all of them turned to look at them. Some of them pursed their lips and snickered while others pointed at them. Some people even took out their phones and took photos secretly.

Winston bit the can and said, “They seem to be laughing at us.”

Hearing that, Parker sized him up before saying with certainty, “It must be because you look so strange. I’ve been walking around outside for two days and haven’t been laughed at before.”

Winston was used to feeling inferior about his appearance and thought the same.

Therefore, the two of them continued with their meal, ignoring the others.

Four to five young men who looked like ruffians walked over with their eyes on Winston.

Parker saw them and said, “Those humans there don’t look normal.”

Winston looked over as well and said, “You head back first. I’ll go deal with them.”

After saying that, he walked toward the young men.

The young men paused in their footsteps, seeming like they wanted to run.

However, at this moment, Winston turned as well, heading back to the trash bin. He picked up the remaining can and then headed toward the ruffians once again.

Parker didn’t doubt Winston’s capabilities at all. He picked up his can and headed for Splendid Villa.

As Winston had turned back a few times, the young men felt a little braver and walked up to him.

Winston said openly, “Are you guys here to seek revenge for that bald guy?”

The young men recalled how the bald guy had died as well as his rolling eyeb.a.l.l.s. They shuddered.

Out of which, the fatty had exchanges with Winston before (had his pants s.n.a.t.c.hed by him) and was slightly more daring. His voice shuddered as he said, “No, we… we’re here to join you. We want to be your underlings.”

To show his sincerity, the fatty even said, “When the police came to look for us the other day, we didn’t say a word about you.”

“Police?” Winston felt that the person called “police” should be very amazing. He should be an existence who managed humans.

Winston’s tone had a hint of bafflement, and it was a true reflection of his thoughts at the moment. However, to the ruffians, his tone was filled with contempt and mockery.

They instantly held greater respect toward him. The fatty said, “Of course you aren’t scared of the police, but it’s a representation of our loyalty to you. Please take us in.”

Winston had just come to this world and wasn’t familiar with it yet. Therefore, he remained patient and asked, “To do what?”

“We’ll do whatever you want us to do. Leave all the tiring work to us.” As the fatty said this, he was elbowed in the stomach by a tall and skinny guy. The fatty secretly threw him an inquiring look.

The tall guy gave the fatty a look as if he was looking at an idiot, saying, “Boss is asking us what we used to do in the past.”

The tall guy quickly explained before saying to Winston respectfully, “Boss, we used to steal and rob in that area. We even joined a big local group.”