Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1425 - Parker and “Brother-In-Law”

Chapter 1425 - Parker and “Brother-In-Law”

Chapter 1425: Parker and “Brother-In-Law”

Seeing that Qingqing’s “younger brother” liked him, Parker felt very happy. He covered Furry’s mouth and made a “shush” sound.

“Your sister doesn’t allow me to appear in front of her parents. Let’s keep our voices down,” Parker said in a softer voice.

“Ooh ooh~” Furry wagged its tail furiously.

Seeing how excited Furry was, Parker felt as if he could understand its language and asked, “Your parents aren’t around?”

“Woof woof woof!” Furry continued to bark loudly.

Parker felt a.s.sured. He stood up and openly sized up the house in which his mate had grown up.

“Hey, do you have any food at home?” Parker asked. “I’m almost starving to death. Can you lend me some food? I’ll return it to you.”

“Woof woof woof woof woof!” Furry wagged its b.u.t.t and followed beside him. It had been left at home by itself for very long and was extremely bored. Now that it had a companion, it was naturally very pa.s.sionate.

Furry was very sensitive to the word “food”. Hearing it, its ears perked up and it dashed straight for the cupboard in which the canned dog food was stored.

Parker followed it to a wooden cupboard and saw 20 to 30 cans that had pictures of dogs on them.

Parker now considered himself with “great experience and informed”. He immediately suspected there to be food in the cans and reached out for one.

“Woof woof woof!” Furry became even more agitated and stood up on its hind legs, resting its front paws on him.

Parker sniffed at the can and attempted to take a bite. “Ssss, it’s so hard.”

He left a bite mark on the can.

“Howllll~” Furry was almost twisted into a fried dough twist, sticking out its tongue and salivating.

“Don’t worry, this hardness will be no trouble for me.” Parker bit the can once again, forcibly tearing it open.

“Howl?” Furry turned its head, feeling baffled. It had smelled the scent of the canned dog food and it licked its mouth greedily.

Parker also took a whiff and said in surprise, “It isn’t bad.”

He then took a bite.

Furry instantly opened its eyes big in disbelief, slowly putting down its front paws.

Parker tried the food while saying, “The only thing is that it’s too mushy, melting in the mouth. There’s also a stench to it. But that doesn’t matter. I recommend that you buy food with more chew to them in the future. You can train your teeth.”

Furry’s face showed signs of turning black. Its four legs stood on the ground and it barked at him twice.

“Do you want some, too?” Parker immediately took a can for it, even being considerate to bite it open for him before pouring the content onto the floor.

Furry instantly became pa.s.sionate again and started eating after letting out a bark.

Parker finished a can of dog food and wanted to eat more. However, there weren’t many of them and he wasn’t sure if Furry would agree to it.

Parker licked his lips, feeling a little thirsty. He then went to the tap and drank some water from it.

“I still have things to do and will be making a move first. I’ll bring you food next time.” After saying that, he rapidly reached out and took half of the cans in the cupboard. Before Furry reacted to things, he quickly ran off.

Furry raised its head and took a look at the cupboard that had become a lot emptier, then turned to give chase. “Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof!”

However, Parker had already jumped out from the balcony and ran off at rapid speed. Furry could only bark furiously at the thief who had stolen its food.

Parker carried the cans with one hand while using the other to peel it open and ate away. He met Winston on the way and quickly went over to greet him.

“Are you planning to head back, too?” Parker asked.

Winston nodded. He stared at the cans in his hand for a while.