Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1409 - Stealing Leopard (3)

Chapter 1409 - Stealing Leopard (3)

Chapter 1409: Stealing Leopard (3)

Very quickly, that leopard realized that it had gotten out of the metal net. In its excitement, it opened its mouth and let out a low growl.

Parker instantly stopped it sternly and gestured for it to lead the way.

That leopard snapped out of its excitement and hurriedly ran forward to lead the way.

The two leopards ran to a row of human architecture. As there weren’t supposed to be any wild animals roaming freely here, the humans’ alertness level was very low. The two of them successfully found the locked up “culprit leopard”.

Several uniformed zookeepers were doing a checkup on the leopard. One young man said, “This leopard is so young and robust. Is it really going to be euthanized? What a pity. Is there a possibility for this decision to be reversed?”

“No way, it’s an order from the higher-ups. Once it wakes up, after it finishes eating its last meal, we’ll have to euthanize it.”


The zookeepers were in low spirits. One of them even scolded the dead humans. But since the entire family had died, they didn’t scold them for long.

Parker exchanged a glance with his companion and whispered: [Don’t harm the humans.]


The leopard let out an indignant and doubtful sound.

“A leopard’s outside!” an old zookeeper exclaimed nervously as he distinguished the species who made that sound right away.

The zookeepers in the room immediately fully geared up, some grabbing a tranquilizer gun and some scrambling for a stool, all looking very fl.u.s.tered.

Without waiting for them to dash out, Parker indicated with his gaze for the leopard to dodge to one side, before squeezing between the cracks of the door at the very instant it opened.

“Ah!” The shrieks in the room were filled with terror.

Parker let out a ferocious growl as he knocked the weapons off the humans’ hands easily, making them feel even more terrified and fleeing the moment they found the opportunity.

In no time, only the two leopards remained in the room. Parker nudged the leopard on the bench and let out a roar.

Previously sleeping like a dead pig, it instantly opened its eyes. It looked around, then jumped up, looking invigorated.

Turns out, it had been feigning unconsciousness.

There was a thick metal chain on its neck. When it leaped, it was pulled back by the metal chain chained to the table leg.

Roar! Roar!

The leopard cried out in agony as it struggled with all its might.


Parker howled at it in frustration, making the leopard quieten down at long last.

He then walked to the metal chain and sniffed at it. When the leopard outside the door also walked in, it walked in circles around the chained-up leopard.

Leopards were solitary creatures at first, but because of humans’ brutalness, they developed a sense of unity and would even express goodwill towards other animals.

When humans discovered this, they would merely say that it was because the animals were too lonely. Which led to news such as “wolf fell for sheep”, “the love between a tiger and a dog”, etc.

Thankfully, animals couldn’t understand the human language nor could read words. Otherwise, who knew how many might vomit blood from anger.

Parker tried using his teeth to bite the metal chain.

The two leopards stared at him with hopeful gazes, feeling so nervous that they didn’t even dare to take a big breath.

Chip chip… chip chip…

The metal chain let out sharp moans, and Parker’s leopard face also became contorted.

His mouth suddenly let go of the metal chain and roared with his claw covering his mouth. A few deep tooth marks could be seen on the metal chain.

The two leopards’ bodies slumped in disappointment.

[You guys should go. You won’t be able to break it,] the chained leopard said in a dejected tone.

Parker glanced at it, his gaze suddenly turning nasty.

Actually, if the fur on the head was shaved away, it might be possible for the metal chain to be removed.

Under Parker’s strange gaze, that leopard shuddered, suddenly overcome by an ominous feeling.

But Parker didn’t act on that idea, for it would waste too much time. He used his front limb to hook around the metal chain and yanked forcefully, and the metal chain snapped into two with a clang.