Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1408 - : Stealing Leopard (2)

Chapter 1408 - : Stealing Leopard (2)

Chapter 1408: Stealing Leopard (2)


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Parker said confidently, “How will we know if we don’t try?”

Winston only said, “I’m speaking from experience. Never compete against a snake beastman when it comes to memory.”

Parker was doubtful. The two of them walked out of Splendid Villa together and went separate ways at the entrance.

Meanwhile, Muir went to the underground garage to study his car. He called his coach using the cell phone Qingqing chose for him today, then went off to learn driving.

There didn’t seem to be any empty plots of land nearby, so he felt that he would have greater chances if he walked further.

The skies had darkened, and it was pitch-dark all around, brewing an ominous atmosphere.

A golden leopard was illuminated by the streetlights ahead. Its figure flashed past like a bolt of lightning, so fast that even if one saw it, they would think that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

Parker hid in the zoo in his animal form and relied on his memory to find his way to the wildlife park.

Though the iron gate was locked, it wasn’t very high. Parker ground his claws and pounced onto the dark metal net.


A series of electric sparks appeared upon the metal net and illuminated the leopard above.

As the electric sparks disappeared, the leopard also vanished from view.

Parker landed on the ground upright and shuddered. The fur all over his body exploded.


He turned around and looked at the metal net, upon which there was a luminous sign: Be careful of being electrocuted.

Parker shook his fluffy fur and dove into the dark plants.

The city at night was pitch-dark, and few stars could be seen. Even the moon was dusky, and the ground over which the tree crowns loomed was in complete darkness.

The wild animals in this zone were allowed to roam freely. It was just that several doors separated the different species. The first was the leopard zone.

Right now, looking through the eyes of humans, there wasn’t a single beast outside. But in fact, amid the darkness, many jungle killers lurked.

Parker merely let out a low growl while hiding in a dark area, and many leopards that were similarly concealed in the darkness surrounded him.


The leopards crawled towards the golden leopard under the tree, more than 50% bigger than an ordinary leopard. Their att.i.tudes were extremely respectful and reverent.

Parker surveyed his surroundings and asked: [Where’s the leopard that bit a human to death?]

[It’s the strongest among us. It’s been captured and brought outside,] a leopard replied with a gaze of respect and admiration.

To think this leopard could disguise itself as a human? That was incredible! Besides, its body was so big he exuded an aura that made them want to submit to him. For some reason it made them feel like they would die at his hands if they tried to resist.

Parker quickly asked: [Where exactly outside? Who knows the way?]

That same leopard replied: [Humans always catch us there to be pierced. We can’t get out. That net is very numbing.]

Parker stood up and gestured “Let’s go” with his head as he turned around.

That leopard hesitated for a moment before hurriedly catching up.

Parker brought the leopard to the metal entrance. Looking at the metal net, he shuddered again.

Then, he licked his lips and walked towards the leopard leading the way.


Alarm bells rang off in that leopard’s head, and it instinctively took a step back.

However, it was too late for that. Parker bit the leopard’s waist in a swift move and tossed it high up into the air.


The leopard formed a perfect parabolic curve as it hurled through the air, its shriek not any less lethal than that of a human female.

As the leopard reached the peak of its parabolic path, Parker retreated several steps before sprinting towards the metal net and leaping into the air to a height far higher than the top of the metal net, easily exiting from that place.

Parker landed on the ground ahead of that leopard and swiftly ran underneath it as it fell, catching it with his back.

“Pfft!” The leopard fell on Parker’s meaty back and rolled onto the land, completely dumbfounded.