Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1298 - An'an Jumping Into the Water

Chapter 1298 - An'an Jumping Into the Water

Chapter 1298: An’an Jumping Into the Water


A bright silver water splash came from the waterhole. The leopard cubs and little eagles standing nearby were all stunned.



They went up to the edges of the waterhole. The cubs pawed out and the little eagles put their heads into the water to peck it. They were so anxious that they almost jumped in.

An’an was also stunned when she was surrounded by the cold liquid, unable to breathe, and also having lost control over her body. This was the first time she fell into the water, and she didn’t have any consciousness of having to hold her breath. She immediately choked on the water, and her tender little face flushed up.

Bluepool was taken by great surprise. He swung his fishtail and came darting over like an arrow that was released from a bow. He caught An’an with his hands, making a light blue bubble with his mouth. The bubble swelled up rapidly.

After the bubble was big enough to contain An’an, Bluepool immediately pushed her inside. An’an started to cough intensely.

“Cough cough cough…”

Bluepool patted her back, loving the feeling of her warm and smooth skin. He then thought to himself that the skin of a female child was really good.

“Why did you come? Where’s your mommy?” Bluepool asked. He raised his head and asked, “Did you come out to play with them?”

The leopards on the sh.o.r.e felt relieved, but the little eagles hadn’t seen mermen before and were still trying to scoop out water with their claws anxiously.

“Screech screech screech~”

Third turned his head and licked Right’s wing to tell him to calm down. “Howl~”

Right forced himself to settle down, then lowered his head to take a careful look into the water.

Bluepool waved his hand at them, then brought An’an to the bottom of the waterhole.

The leopard cubs were used to this. After they couldn’t see An’an and Bluepool anymore, they ran off to play by themselves.

Seeing that the cubs weren’t anxious, Left and Right hesitated for a moment, then joined them to play, tossing An’an out of their minds.

Bai Qingqing and Parker were researching blue paint seriously. After it was done, Bai Qingqing couldn’t wait and brought out her drawing board, then started to draw the bushes in the courtyard.

“Hmm? Where’s An’an?” Bai Qingqing suddenly recalled that she hadn’t seen An’an. She turned to ask Parker, who was next to her.

“Maybe Winston carried her off. I’ll go look.” After saying that, Parker left.

There was only the sluggish Curtis in the bedroom. Parker walked to the door and took a look at the bright sky, mumbling to himself, “It’s so hot today. Where would Winston bring An’an?”

An’an’s scent was on the ground, but not Winston’s. Parker had no other leads and thus followed the trail.

In his search, he was given a fright. Judging from the scent, An’an had crawled out by herself!

Parker drew in a gasp and froze at the courtyard’s door.

Bai Qingqing was playing around with mixing different colors when she saw him from the corners of her eyes. She asked, “Have you not found An’an yet?”

“Uhh… I think she went out. I… I’ll go bring her back!” After saying that, Parker ran off.

If he hadn’t caused Qingqing to leave An’an alone, An’an wouldn’t have crawled out by herself. He mustn’t let the others discover this. Otherwise, he’d be the next An’an.

Parker disappeared in a flash, and Bai Qingqing threw a strange glance at him, not thinking of the possibility that An’an might run away from home. She continued with what she was doing.



The cubs and little eagles were still playing near the waterhole. Parker followed the scent to the edges of the waterhole, then lost the lead.

“Did you guys see An’an?” Parker asked anxiously.

“Howl?” Eldest jumped off from a branch and quickly ran over to his father’s side. “Howl!”

Parker opened his eyes wide, his voice unknowingly going a pitch higher. “What? You’re saying An’an jumped into the water?”