Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1297 - An'an Runs Away From Home (2)

Chapter 1297 - An'an Runs Away From Home (2)

Chapter 1297: An’an Runs Away From Home (2)


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They had made great progress in the research of paints, and they’d be able to draw very soon.

It was just that there were three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. One would be able to concoct all sorts of colors with these three. Red and yellow were easy to find, but it wasn’t that easy to get blue.

She didn’t expect to obtain raw materials to make the blue color by accident on a trip out.

Bai Qingqing took the flowers, buried her head in them, and took a whiff. She asked excitedly, “Where did you find them? How many of these are there?”

“There are plenty.” Parker pinched her face. “More than you can use up.”

“Hehehe…” Bai Qingqing took his hand and ran into the kitchen.

The two of them didn’t notice An’an crawling out of the courtyard’s door.

It was too annoying at home. There were always people annoying her. She’s better find a quiet place to stay.

The sun outside was so strong that even adult males couldn’t stand it. An’an’s tender palms were scorched when she pressed them down on the ground.

She furrowed her beautiful brows, drew back her chubby hands, hesitated for a moment, then eventually still looked forward with determination. She curled up her legs into a squat, pressed her hands onto the ground, then stood up slowly.

If Bai Qingqing were to see this, she’d definitely be overjoyed. It was just unknown if she could still laugh after finding out that An’an had stood up in order to run away from home.

An’an’s body was very good, being almost one meter tall. Her body was fair and tender, and with her snakeskin dress, she looked exquisite like a princess who had walked out from an ancient castle.

Her appearance immediately caused a commotion amongst the beastmen, and everyone started discussing her.

“Which family does this female belong to? To think that she’s so pretty! Moreover, to think that none of us have heard of a female this old.”

“That’s not strange. If I had such a good-looking female at home, I’d definitely hide her.”

“That’s right! She might end up getting stolen by some gutsy single male.”

“But judging from the direction she came from, she seems to have walked out from the city lord’s stone castle. This is An’an?”

Very soon, the reactions from the leopard cubs and little eagles gave everyone an affirmative reply.

When the leopard cubs saw their younger sister “upright”, they were very surprised. They looked at her for a while as if they were looking at a stranger, then ran over happily.

Howl howl~

Three ma.s.sive creatures (only from her perspective) surrounded An’an. Then, two big black birds came flying over.

An’an’s expression didn’t change, but the annoyance on her face became stronger.

More of them had come. She had to walk faster.

Anxious, her steps became a lot more wobbly. Every time she looked like she was going to fall, she’d wobble for a while, then stand up steadily and tenaciously.

Everyone dismissed their thoughts.

“She really is from the city lord’s family. With so many experts, we wouldn’t be able to keep her even if we managed to steal her away. I don’t think anyone would dare to make a move.” The guy who spoke sounded very regretful, clearly having thought about it.

His words received everyone’s recognition. Having been through so much over the years, Bai Qingqing’s family had become a legendary existence. As long as her mates were still around, no one would dare to make a move on An’an.

At this moment, no one expected that someday not far off, their entire family would disappear from this world. The young An’an would cause great havoc in the City of Beastmen, bringing about a bloodbath. Even the well-fortified city would almost disintegrate.

An’an didn’t have any recognition of being a female and paid no heed to her elder brothers surrounding her as she strongly walked over to the waterhole.

She squatted and looked down.

Bluepool had his head raised and was soaking in the water, getting a suntan. When he suddenly saw An’an’s face, he blinked in disbelief.

An’an also saw the blue figure in the water, feeling at ease as she pounced in.