Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1282 - Caught Up to Arthur (1)

Chapter 1282 - Caught Up to Arthur (1)

Chapter 1282: Caught Up to Arthur (1)


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Therefore, when he lost track of the scents by the river once again, Parker wasn’t baffled. He snorted coldly and then continued to run along the river.

After Winston led the group of eagle beastman over, he joined in the search as well. The two of them each watched over one side of the sh.o.r.e and quickly located Arthur’s scent once again.

After following the scent on the ground for a distance, the scent was once again cut off next to another river.

Parker snuffed out and thought to himself that this was really a crafty fox.

However, it was the fox’s loss this time around. After they find Right, he’d bite him to death.

Parker and Winston exchanged a glance. Then, showing great teamwork, each stayed on their sides of the river. There were just two directions to go. If they were wrong, they’d just head back and search for the scent again. It would be faster than how the other party was swimming in the water.

It didn’t take them two days to catch up to the fox.


The frenzied leopard howl resonated through the mountain and forest, causing a lot of birds to fly.

Arthur and Right had just stopped to take a rest when they heard it. Arthur’s body trembled, and the food in his hand dropped to the floor.

Right’s eyes gleamed. “Screech screech screech!”

That sounded like the leopard who was with his mommy. Did his mommy come looking for him? Did his daddy come too?

“We have to go!” Arthur quickly turned into his beast form and stood up.

“Screech screech screech!” Right wanted to tell Arthur that his mommy had come and that there was no need for them to fear the wild beasts anymore.

It was a pity that they couldn’t communicate in the same language and Arthur seemed to not have understood what he was trying to say. On the contrary, Arthur displayed an unprecedented nervousness.


Another tiger roar rang out, quickly followed by over ten eagle cries. They came in an imposing manner, making Arthur feel like a beast trapped in a cage, having nowhere to escape to.

Bai Qingqing saw a naked skinny-looking male. When she saw a few black bird feathers, she couldn’t help but call out.

“Are you Arthur? Right is my child. Quickly return him to me!” Bai Qingqing sat by herself on the back of an eagle, shouting loudly toward the ground.

Winston and Parker were both running furiously on the ground, their distance from Arthur quickly shortening. With each 100 meters Arthur ran, their distance would be shortened by 300 meters. They’d definitely catch up in less than a minute.

“Sit on tight.” Arthur placed Right on his back, turned into his beast form, then started running furiously. His speed increased, but he was still a far cry from Parker.

By now, Right was already stunned. He turned back and looked at the leopard and tiger, uncertain if he had mistaken them. However, when he saw his mommy in the sky, all his doubts were gone.

But why was Arthur still trying to run when his mommy had made things so clear?

He didn’t object and grabbed onto Arthur’s fur tightly with his claws, swaying to the left and right as Arthur dashed crazily.

Arthur didn’t look back and didn’t know what the scene behind him looked like. However, for an instant, he felt the hair on his back standing up, and he had a feeling as if he was on the verge of death.

“Howl!” Parker leaped over the fox and at the next instant, pressed down on it with his front claws, his hind legs stepping onto the fox’s back. Moreover, he agilely avoided the little eagle, only using his soft stomach to press against him.

“Howl~” The red fox was pressed down on the ground and let out an agonizing cry.

Parker immediately opened his mouth to bite the fox’s neck, but Bai Qingqing stopped him in time.

“Parker, don’t!”

“Uhh!” Parker moaned. The fox under his claws was too weak and harmless. Parker reckoned he wouldn’t be able to escape and thus held back the urge to tear him up.


Right darted out from under Parker’s stomach. When he saw Parker pressing down on Arthur, he immediately pecked his head.

“Screech screech screech! Screech screech screech!”

He didn’t have any feelings for this leopard, to begin with. With this leopard against Arthur, he naturally had to help his savior.