Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1281 - Arthur Escaped (2)

Chapter 1281 - Arthur Escaped (2)

Chapter 1281: Arthur Escaped (2)


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The grief Arthur felt was too strong, and Right couldn’t help but notice it. He used his smooth beak to nudge against Arthur’s chest.

“Screech screech~ Screech screech~” His soft voice was filled with concern, as if he was saying, “I like you too. I like you too.”

Arthur lowered his head, putting his forehead against Right’s. He took in a deep breath, feeling complicated.

“Good little eagle, I’ll treat you very well, better than your mommy.”

So… I’m sorry.

He saved a lot of young children and helped many sick females in his lifetime. However, he was helpless when facing his own children’s death.

The little eagle’s mommy would have other children, but he wouldn’t.

Although his mate hadn’t removed his spousal mark and he still had a chance to return to her side, he wouldn’t have another chance at reproduction. It’d be impossible for him to get the chance to take care of such an adorable and frail life anymore.

Therefore, let him be selfish for once. He only had the little eagle beastman now.

Even if he were to lose the chance to return to his mate’s side, he wanted to get the little eagle to stay. Let this be a punishment for him.

“Let’s go. The wild beasts might catch up very soon. Let’s rest after finding prey on the way, alright?”

Right nodded docilely. After Arthur turned into a fox, he flapped his wings and jumped onto his back. The two of them then continued on their way.

With how big the world was, it was very easy to avoid some people. Arthur’s gaze was determined. He had already thought out a plan.

He was going to head to the very borders of the world furthest from this place, join a random small village, and live a low-profile life from then on. Given his medical skills, ordinary villages would definitely not refuse him.

Bai Qingqing and the others found the last place where Arthur and Right had stayed at. From the eagle beastman scent, Right had been running here to and fro many times, and he had probably stayed for quite long here.

They searched this area and shouted for very long but didn’t get any reply. Parker let out a snuff and then got up, turning into his human form.

“Hmph, we shouted out as you said. That Arthur would definitely have heard us. But seeing how he hasn’t shown himself, he’s clearly avoiding us,” Parker said in annoyance.

Bai Qingqing had some doubts as well. After hearing that, she felt uncomfortable. “Are you sure?”

Parker pointed to the ground and said, “Right ran between this spot and there more than 100 times. They definitely stayed here before. We searched in this area for so long yesterday. If that Arthur wasn’t trying to hide from us, why did he not come out? He even disappeared again.”

Bai Qingqing was certain about this too, and her head ached a lot. She raised her hand and ma.s.saged her aching temples.

The pain of having lost his children must have caused Arthur to develop selfish thoughts. However, in most cases, more mothers had lost their child bringing up someone else’s child. For example, a bird rearing a goldfish in a jar of water, or a human baby being brought up by a mother wolf.

But this was the first time that Bai Qingqing had heard of a male bringing up someone else’s child. She felt both helpless and at a loss.

d.a.m.n, to think she would encounter such a thing too. It was really too much.

Winston’s expression turned cold, carrying her up, then said decisively, “It seems there’s no need to search slowly anymore. Parker, you continue to track for their scents while I’ll go call back the eagle flock to catch him!”

“We should have done that long ago!” After saying that, Parker turned into a leopard. Then, he lowered his head and ran quickly after the scent traces.

Parker was very smart. After finding out the other party was intentionally hiding his tracks, then it’d be understandable no matter how strange his route was.