Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1156 - : Stepfather Curtis

Chapter 1156 - : Stepfather Curtis

Chapter 1156: Stepfather Curtis


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Bai Qingqing was so used to seeing males grabbing meat straight from the fire that she had forgotten how hot meat that was just done roasting was. Her fingers had just touched the meat when she drew her hand back from the scorch.

Worried that the two of them might still get in a fight, she didn’t retract her hand, frowned, and planned on forcibly grabbing a piece of meat.

Curtis and Parker extended their hands concurrently to stop her. Their hands clashed and Parker drew his claws back from the pain, swinging it as he gasped.

“Willful.” There was a hint of fury in Curtis’s voice, but he grabbed Bai Qingqing’s hand gently and carefully. When he saw the red spots, he felt remorseful.

When she was further into her pregnancy, the children’s craving would naturally influence Snow’s food craving. He shouldn’t have been so anxious.

A cool breeze blew on Bai Qingqing’s fingertip, and then Curtis’s icy tongue touched it. The coolness immediately relieved the scorching pain a little.

Bai Qingqing shrank her finger back and said softly, “Don’t fight. I can eat anything.”

Both Curtis and Muir fell silent. Following Bai Qingqing’s earlier wish, Muir got up and got a small bowl of dumplings. Curtis didn’t object either, but his countenance was extremely grim.

The battle intent had relaxed, but the atmosphere was still as tense as before.

No matter how good the food tasted, Bai Qingqing lost her appet.i.te and just finished the dumplings before quietly eating a small amount of barbecued meat and getting up.

“You guys eat slowly. I”ll return to the room with An’an first.” Bai Qingqing took An’an from Winston’s arms, smiling as she said this, making the atmosphere a little less tense than before.

Parker immediately hastened his eating speed, stuffing a large chunk of meat into his mouth, gave a m.u.f.fled reply, then hurried after her.

After Winston replied, he turned and took a look at the stove in the kitchen that was boiling water. He secretly decided to finish his meal before the bathwater was ready.

Muir paused. Although he had satisfied Qingqing’s craving, he still felt upset to see her forced smile.

This matter made him understand one more thing: If he wanted to make Qingqing happy, he had to maintain a peaceful relations.h.i.+p with Curtis, even if it was just an act.

Curtis got up, carried her horizontally, then left quickly.

“Does your finger still hurt?” Curtis asked on the bed, his heart aching and his icy red tongue wrapping around her fair fingertip.

Bai Qingqing nodded, her voice sounding a little aggrieved. “En.”

Curtis had been suppressing the fury in his heart, but after seeing her like this, it suddenly dissipated. He rubbed her head helplessly, drawing his tongue back, and said, “Don’t take risks with your body in the future.”

“I didn’t think of that.” Bai Qingqing pouted and leaned sluggishly in his arms.

Having been working for half a day, Bai Qingqing’s body felt very tired. Moreover, it was easy to feel sleepy after having a full meal. She started feeling groggy after a while.

“If you’re tired, then sleep,” Curtis said softly, covering Bai Qingqing with the blanket, then grabbing An’an’s leg, who had half climbed out of the bed, pulling her back. An’an was dragged back with her stomach facing downward and her legs opened wide.

An’an continued crawling, raising her head and keeping her eyes straight on the luminous ball amidst the family portrait figurines. Her silvery-gray eyes reflected a bit of light.

Curtis couldn’t bear to disturb Bai Qingqing. He saw An’an’s craving but steeled his heart and ignored her, letting her climb over ten times before dragging her back the same number of times. He really fit the term “stepfather”.