Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1155 - Qingqing's Eating Rights

Chapter 1155 - Qingqing's Eating Rights

Chapter 1155: Qingqing’s Eating Rights

Bai Qingqing instantly felt even more embarra.s.sed. Her face that appeared red from the red light’s illumination seemed even redder now. She feigned a cough and then said, “I’ll do it myself.”

She was getting increasingly out of hand. How was she any different from An’an?

She grabbed Curtis’s hand and ate the dumpling, then took the spoon from him, chewing while getting her bowl from Muir. As if she had suddenly noticed something, she said with a m.u.f.fled voice, “Uhh, the dumplings today are really delicious.”

It was fine before she said anything, but after she said this, all four males were secretly amused. So, she was saying that she only managed to taste the food now.

Muir was especially happy. “It’s good that you like it.”

“So you were the one who made the filling.” Bai Qingqing immediately understood him. “It’s no wonder it tastes different than usual.”

Parker felt unhappy upon hearing that. He snorted and said, “You need to eat more meat now, but dumplings are half made from plants. Of course I, with the best cooking, will have to be the one to cook the main course. Have barbecued meat.”

As he said that, he abandoned the task of collecting charcoal, grabbed a nicely charred piece of meat, and placed it in Bai Qingqing’s bowl next to the still half-eaten dumpling.

The charred fragrance of the barbecued meat came to her nose, tempting her. Bai Qingqing took a bite before nodding with certainty. “It’s delicious.”

Parker’s tail instantly perked up, waving to the left and right like a whip behind him.

As a pure-blooded omnivorous human, Bai Qingqing was used to eating grains and had a greater love for dumplings. However, after finis.h.i.+ng the bowl of dumplings, she was stopped from eating anymore by Curtis.

“I’ll eat ten more. Just ten. There’s also meat in the dumplings.” Bai Qingqing put on a pitiful expression. If she also had beast ears, then they’d definitely be drooping now.

Curtis’s heart softened, but he refused to give in. His voice turned a little gentler. “Be good, you can eat whatever you want after you’ve laid the eggs.”

Although eagle beastmen’s main food was also meat, they weren’t repulsed against grain food either. Upon hearing that, Muir’s face sank.

Curtis kept on asking Bai Qingqing to eat meat. Muir might be able to stand him doing so usually since Bai Qingqing had a small appet.i.te for meat. She would say that it could save her stomach s.p.a.ce for more food—she actually just realized that she had grown fatter around the stomach and wanted to go on a diet.

But today, after finding out that Qingqing was pregnant, he naturally wanted her to eat without any restraints, to eat as much as she could. Having a bit of grain would be better for eagle beastmen’s bodies too.

Muir suddenly grabbed the bowl in Curtis’s hand. Curtis instantly had his guard up and held onto the bowl tightly. Both of them secretly exerted force and clashed gazes.

The atmosphere suddenly froze, and the crackling sound from the burning firewood stood out even more.

“Don’t be like this.” Bai Qingqing’s voice had a hint of anxiety, breaking the stiff atmosphere.

Muir said to console her, “I’ll get you more dumplings right away.”

As he said that, he exerted more force. Curtis’s countenance didn’t change, but he didn’t let the bowl move in the slightest.

“You dare!”

Seeing that the secret clash between the two was getting increasingly intense, hints of crisp cracking sounds rang out in the air, and the stone bowl suddenly split into two halves, releasing a “clank~” sound.

By right, both their bodies should incline backward from having exerted too much force, but this bit of strength was nothing to Curtis and Muir. Their bodies didn’t move in the slightest.

However, at the instant the bowl split into two, the atmosphere between them became so intense as if daggers were drawn at them.

Both of them took in a breath, and their bodies’ center of gravity moved upward. There was no doubt that they’d get up at the next instant.

“I won’t eat any more dumplings! I’ll eat meat!”

Just as the two beastmen were about to get into a fight, Bai Qingqing said in a loud voice and quickly reached out for the barbecued meat.