Against the Gods - Chapter 944 - Goodbye, Blue Pole Star

Chapter 944 - Goodbye, Blue Pole Star

Chapter 944 - Goodbye, Blue Pole Star

【Heads up: long chapter】


Illusory Demon Realm, Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley.

After Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress entered Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, the scene in front of them made them silent for a long time.

“The flame aura in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley has been weakening at increasingly faster rate.” The Little Demon Empress gazed into the distance. Over a half of the once restless volcanoes were now silent. The waves of the sea of flames that once covered the sky now only occasionally surged tongues of flames merely a few meters high.

“...” Yun Che knew very clearly that all of this was because of him. When the Golden Crow bestowed him its last origin blood and soul origin, it had already said that it would only be able to exist for another ten years. Later on, it even forcefully sealed the devil origin orb for him twice in a row, which greatly shrunk its time of existence.

“Let’s go. It said to bring you to it after you are healed. Speaking of which, this is the first time it has asked to see you, there should be something really important,” Yun Che said casually, but he had already made a slight guess in his heart.

The two of them arrived at the end of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. Just as they were about to call out, a pair of golden eyes had already opened up in the skies above.

“It seems like this n.o.ble one woke up just in time.” The light from the eyes of the Golden Crow’s Soul shone down from the sky and landed on the Little Demon Empress.

The Little Demon Empress bowed down deeply, “Golden Crow Divine G.o.d, I have been summoned here by you, what is your command?”

Compared to a month ago, the Little Demon Empress’ profound strength aura had already decreased by a large margin. Her profound energy had weakened from half a step into Divine Profound to the sixth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. However, her life aura was no longer mixed with her profound energy, instead it had become independent and stronger.

“You really… broke free from the foretold three year death time!?”

After noticing the Little Demon Empress’ current condition, a violent commotion appeared in the Golden Crow Soul’s eyes alongside an obvious deep shock. According to its knowledge, that was something that shouldn’t have happened.

“Yun Che, how exactly did you cure her?” the Golden Crow Soul asked in a deep voice, its tone extremely grave.

“This…” Yun Che thought carefully for a while and responded honestly, “My master in the way of medicine from the Azure Cloud Continent thought of this method. By slowly dispersing the profound energy that you have bestowed upon her over a months time and gradually separating her vital energy and profound energy, her lifeline was given independence once more and it also stopped her lifespan from being devoured. At first there was no absolute certainty that it would work but the result is better than expected. There was no risk or danger throughout the entire process.”

“The medicine master from the Azure Cloud Continent? The person named Yun Gu?” The Golden Crow Soul had seen Yun Che’s memory twice, so it naturally knew of Yun Gu’s existence, “Impossible! He was obviously just a mortal. Something like this is impossible to do even for the people of the G.o.d Realm. Your master in the way of profound should have told you before that she couldn’t cure it, right?”

“...” Yun Che was slightly startled. Jasmine indeed had said that either he needed to find the Primordial Seal of Life and Death or he needed to cultivate the Great Way of the Buddha to the highest realm. There was no way to save the Little Demon Empress.

Using the method Yun Gu taught Su Ling’er, combined with her pa.s.sion, focus and extreme talent for the medicinal way, she was able to help the Little Demon Empress. It took only a month to save the Little Demon Empress from a death that even Jasmine and the Golden Crow Soul couldn’t help her escape.

“But, Caiyi was indeed healed because of the method taught by my master, Yun Gu. Even though her profound strength had been greatly reduced, aside from some slight damage to her lifespan, she’s basically completely healed now,” Yun Che said seriously. “Speaking of which, at first when Master said he had a way to heal Caiyi, I was also very shocked.”

The golden eyes in the sky continuously shook. It was obvious that it still couldn’t completely accept this fact. This was because when it let the Little Demon Empress receive an extremely strong power in a short amount of time, it was a life sacrificing art that belonged on the level of the divine way. Strong power was gained by putting someone in a desperate death situation. Even in the ancient Era of G.o.ds, it was irreversible.

How could this be reversed by the medical skills of a mortal?

And it was in such a short amount of time! And healed so thoroughly.


In a long silence, the Golden Crow’s Soul searched through Yun Che’s memories quickly, especially those that was related to Yun Gu. Soon enough, a name was fixed in its mind.


“HAHAHAHA, HAHAHAHA! I see… I see!!”

The Golden Crow Soul suddenly started laughing loudly. Its laughter was especially loud and it was also filled with relief. “Yun Che, the medical scripture that Yun Gu is studying is called the《Heavenly Medicine Manual》. Do you know where this medical scripture came from?”

Yun Che shook his head, “Master said he found it somewhere coincidentally and there was only half of it. Even with only half of it, he spent all of his lifetime but was only able to grasp thirty percent of it. Could you actually know about this medical scroll?”

“Thirty percent? Hmph, to be able to grasp thirty percent of it as a mortal, that person called Yun Gu really has a talent high as the heavens. He is a rare medical genius that only appears once in ten million years among mortals.”

This was the first time the Golden Crow Soul has complimented another mortal aside from Yun Che and it even used “high as the heavens” and “only appears once in ten million years” as praise. They were extremely high compliments. “It is after all, the place that the last True G.o.d fell. There are many good items left behind by the Evil G.o.d. The Sky Poison Pearl, Mirror of Samsara, Evil G.o.d Seed… there is also actually this divine scripture here that was originally thought to be lost within the Primal Chaos.”

“Divine… scripture?” Yun Che was startled. What the Golden Crow Soul had said proved that it actually knew of the “Heavenly Medicine Manual,” and its background seemed to be unusually large.

“‘Heavenly Medicine Manual’ isn’t actually the real name of this divine scripture but the name that your master Yun Gu has given it is pretty suitable. You have memorized half of the ‘medical scripture’ thoroughly in your mind so from now on, when you’re free, you can go through it more. If you can grasp the entire half of this ‘medical scripture,’ not only could your medical skills become the best in the world, you could even reverse the terminal illnesses in the divine way. This will also be beneficial to your cultivation of the profound way… and it will be a tremendous advantage too.”

“Golden Crow Soul, the Heavenly Medicine Manual… what kind of divine scripture is it exactly?” Yun Che asked eagerly.

“When Creation G.o.d Li Suo was creating countless lives, at the same time, she also referenced the life inscriptions in the Primordial Seal of Life and Death and used thousands and millions of years to write the 《Miracle of Life》!”

“...Haah!!?” Yun Che’s brain was shocked by this news.

The medical theories that were recorded in the 《Heavenly Medicine Manual》 were extremely deep and mysterious. But there were not any records of such a mysterious medical scripture in the history of the Azure Cloud Continent at all. At the same time Yun Gu was grasping at the 《Heavenly Medicine Manual》, he was also chasing its origin, but he wasn’t able to find anything. Yun Che had heard him compliment the extraordinary person who could write such a medical scripture.

The Heavenly Medicine Manual… The medical scripture that Yun Che had memorized closely and spent his whole life trying to understand was actually… written by a Creation G.o.d of the Ancient Era!?

It was a True G.o.d… and it was a True G.o.d of the highest plane that left behind this divine scripture!

And this was after all G.o.ds had perished. The Evil G.o.d couldn’t bear this world saving divine scripture to disappear within the Primal Chaos, so he placed it in the Azure Cloud Continent?

The Sky Poison Pearl and the Mirror of Samsara…

Evil G.o.d seed…

The undead Primordial Devil Sovereign and the Eternal Night Devil Sword…

The dark world and the bizarre girl under Cloud’s End Cliff…

Even the Heavenly Medicine Manual was also…

The fall of the Evil G.o.d, the fall of the last True G.o.d on this planet... exactly how many secrets were buried here!?

Boom boom boom…

At this moment, the floor under their feet and the area surrounding them suddenly started shaking violently. The Sea of Death that was silent before started surging with waves of flames that covered the sky. Yun Che woke up from the shock and exclaimed, “What’s happening?”

“Huan Caiyi!”

The golden light from the sky suddenly became incredibly strong. Lifting his head, he could see that the Golden Crow’s golden eyes had actually turned into two globes of violently burning flames. Even its voice became extremely dignified and loud. “This n.o.ble one and your clan have a relations.h.i.+p that has lasted ten thousand years. Now that everything in the Illusory Demon Realm is settled, how could you rule for any great period of time as the last empress of your line if you don't possess overwhelming strength when strength equates to power?”

“This n.o.ble one does not have much time left. Rather than using the last of my strength to maintain my remaining life in this world, it would be better to fulfill your wis.h.!.+”


Above the blue sky, the two globes of golden flames suddenly burst open.

The Little Demon Empress lifted her head abruptly. Even though Yun Che was mentally prepared, his mind was still violently shocked, “You… you are going to?”

“Hmph! When a great calamity was approaching, the Phoenix Spirit was willing to discard its own divine dignity and bestow its last existence to a mortal, why can’t this n.o.ble one do so as well!? Even though this n.o.ble one’s remaining power is almost nothing in the face of any great calamity ahead… the Evil G.o.d has helped the Golden Crow before. With this slight power, I can at least protect the planet that the Evil G.o.d was once fond of!”

These were the last words of the Golden Crow Soul. After that, the surrounding area, even the entire Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was suddenly lit up with strong golden flames. The entire world turned into a vast, edgeless sea of golden crow flames. The sea of flames churned fiercely and at the command of Golden Crow’s Soul’s power, it wildly surged toward the Little Demon Empress.

“Caiyi, don’t think about anything. Focus your mind and open all of your profound entrances,” Yun Che said quickly. He looked up to the golden sky and sighed deeply.

The first time he saw the Golden Crow Soul, its arrogance, tyranny, and unreasonable att.i.tude made him almost feel disgusted.

But underneath its fierce character was a proud and great soul…

Even though it was only a shard of the Golden Crow’s soul, it was a great benefactor in his life just like Jasmine was.

The Golden Crow Soul disappeared and Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley started collapsing in the infinite flames. The last of the divine energy and soul energy the Golden Crow Soul used to hold Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley together were all pulled away and surged into the Little Demon Empress


Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley finally collapsed completely. The scorching brightness of the flames lit up the sky for five hundred kilometers and turned all of Demon Imperial City into a golden city.

All the profound pract.i.tioners in Demon Imperial City were shocked, all the people from the Twelve Guardian Families and the Duke Palaces rushed over but none of them could get close.

In the center of the flames were Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress who were discharged out of Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley. He guarded and stuck by the Little Demon Empress’ side for a whole six hours until the golden flames had finally extinguished.

And the Little Demon Empress, who has been silent for six hours, finally opened her eyes at this moment… Her eyes that seemed eternally cold actually released a golden light.

“Thank you… Golden Crow Divine G.o.d.”

She absent-mindedly said in a low voice and a tear slowly fell down her face from her golden eyes, leaving a trail of water which reflected a graceful gold on her tender cheeks.

“I can finally… be at ease and go to the G.o.d Realm,” Yun Che said softly, infinite sadness in his heart.

Profound Sky Continent, Snow Region of Extreme Ice. Fluttering snow filled the sky on the day of Yun Che’s departure.

The Frozen Cloud Celestial Soul that was flickering with a mysterious light floated from the back of Yun Che’s hand, flew through layers of flying snow towards Murong Qianxue and quietly melted into the back of her hand.

“Senior Master Murong, from now on, you will have to take care of Frozen Cloud Asgard,” Yun Che said with a smile. “If you ever run into any difficulties, you can use the teleportation formations and go to Demon Imperial City or Xue’er for help. I believe that it won’t be long until Frozen Cloud Asgard becomes the Profound Sky Continent’s new sacred ground.”

“Asgard Master…” Murong Qianxue lowered her head with her voice trembling a little, “I will definitely… not let you down with the Frozen Cloud Asgard that you’ve been trying this hard to protect.”

“Asgard Master…” The Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue sisters had already both broken into tears.

“Alright, Asgard Master is only leaving temporarily and will be back in a few short years. You two are after all part of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies. This doesn’t look good to the Senior Ancestor,” Chu Yueli comforted in a soft voice.

Mu Bingyun watched the transition ceremony in silence. She reached out her snowy hand and a dark red drop of blood with a light blue ice radiance condensed at her finger tip. Then it suddenly split up into six s.h.i.+ny dots and flew toward Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie, Mu Lanyi, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue and Feng Hanxue and directly burrowed in, between their eyebrows.

“Ah…” Mu Xiaolan gasped in a low voice but she swallowed the words that were in her throat when she thought about the relations.h.i.+p between Mu Bingyun and Frozen Cloud Asgard for all these years.

“This is a drop of my blood essence. Even though the Ice Phoenix’s bloodline within is extremely weak,it should be enough to help you all cultivate the Frozen End Divine Arts,” Mu Bingyun pulled back her arms and said gently.

It was almost impossible to mend damage to one’s blood essence. Murong Qianxue and the others were extremely grateful from the bottom of their hearts. They all bowed down. “Thank you, Senior Ancestor.”

“Yun Che, it’s time for us to leave.” Mu Bingyun looked at Yun Che. “You still have time to change your mind right now.”

Yun Che smiled, turned around, looked at those who came to see him off… the most important people in his life.

“Grandfather, Father, Mother, Xiao Yun, Seventh Sister, Yuanba, Yue’er, Lingxi, Caiyi, Xue’er, Ling’er… I’m going. Even though my decision this time was very hasty and it could last about three to five years, I promise that this is the last time I’m being selfish. After I fulfill my wish and return, even if you chase me away, I won’t leave again.”

“Che’er, must… never… never do anything dangerous. You must come back safely…”

Before Mu Yurou finished talking, she had already buried herself in Yun Qinghong’s chest and started crying.

“Don’t worry. When has Che’er ever disappointed us? The place he is going is ever broader, we should be happy for him, right?” Yun Qinghong smiled and comforted her.

“Husband, you can go with peace in your mind. We will take good care of grandfather, father and mother. When you come back, everything will only be better than what you expected,” Cang Yue said softly. She had a smile on her face but the edge of her eyes rippled with a hint of tears that she tried really hard to hold in.

“Big Brother, you must come back safely,” Xiao Yun said with tears in his eyes.

“Don’t forget the three things that you promised us! You better repeat it in your mind every two hours!” The Little Demon Empress said in a cold and harsh tone.

“Big Brother Yun, I will… will protect everybody. You don’t have to worry about anything here… you must come back soon…” During these scattered words, Feng Xue’er shed about five or six tears.

“You all are really something. Big Brother Yun Che is only going to see someone in another place, not going somewhere to battle, and he will be back soon. It’s not a parting of life and death. It’s basically just like when I go out and and play for a while, there’s nothing to worry about,” Su Ling’er said with a smile. She then rolled her eyes towards Yun Che, “Big Brother Yun Che, you are also at fault, to make this many people worry for you. If you come back late, none of us will forgive you.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll promise once again. Whether or not I have achieved my goal, I will definitely definitely be back within five years, not one day more,” Yun Che immediately guaranteed, “I will probably be back in only two or three years.”

“Brother-in-law, I…” Xia Yuanba walked forward and said in an riled-up tone, “I want to go with you, is that really not possible?”

Yun Che smiled and shook his head, “Yuanba, you have just become the master of a sacred ground, how can you leave the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary alone? Your sister could also be in that world. After I arrive there, I will also try to look for your sister. A miracle might happen.”

Xia Yuanba’s lips moved but he finally nodded his head and clenched his fist, “Brother-in-law, while you’re gone, I will absolutely not let my guard down. I promise by the time you’re back, you will definitely be surprised.”

“Mn, I’m looking forward to it.”

“This man… the Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins?” Mu Bingyun looked at Xia Yuanba, her cold eyes flashed with deep astonishment.

“Eh? Master what did you say just now?” Mu Xiaolan moved her face close and asked.

“Nothing.” Mu Bingyun shook her head and said, “Open the dimensional formation.”

“Okay!” Mu Xiaolan took out the dimensional stone, inserted her profound energy and an ice blue profound formation was slowly released. She mumbled softly, “Bringing a lowly bad guy back with us… I don’t feel all too willing. Um… he saved master’s life, I should be grateful to him… Aaaah, but why is he so annoying?”

When the dimensional teleportation formation opened, Yun Che waved. “I’m going, I will be back soon.”

After saying those final seven words, Yun Che turned around and walked directly into the dimensional profound teleportation formation. He had his back turned toward them and stopped looking back.

He didn’t know what he would encounter this time, heading to the G.o.d Realm. He was afraid that if he faced those deeply concerned, worried, unwilling, and tearful eyes again, he really wouldn’t be able to leave anymore.

“Asgard Master, we will keep on waiting for your return!” Feng Hanxue yelled loudly.

The blue light flashed as the dimensional profound formation started to spin slowly. Mu Bingyun, Mu Xiaolan, and Yun Che started floating in a swirl up into the sky, it became more and more rapid and soon it was already close to the edge of the clouds.

Xiao Lingxi’s eyes kept on following Yun Che’s silhouette and never left for even an instant. Watching Yun Che, who was slowly getting further from her sight, she suddenly felt dizzy… She saw a ball of flames. Yun Che’s silhouette was covered entirely by the flames, and it suddenly shattered and became scattered ashes in the air…


A soft dimensional hiss came from above the air and the dimensional profound formation had already completely disappeared with the trio.

“Little… Che…”

An indescribable suffering and pain was shaking deep in Xiao Lingxi’s soul. She lifted her arm to try to reach towards the direction where Yun Che was but just as she lifted it halfway, her eyes went dark and fell back directly.

“Ah! Little Aunt!!” Number Seven Under Heaven who was standing right behind Xiao Lingxi immediately reached out and held on to her.

“What’s the matter?” The Little Demon Empress turned around instantly and her eyebrows knitted abruptly… Xiao Lingxi’s face was unusually pale and she was obviously suffering, as if she was enduring some kind of cruel torture.

“Sister Ling’er, come… come quick!” Feng Xue’er yelled in panic.

Su Ling’er hurried towards Xiao Lingxi’s side and grabbed her wrist but she let go of it immediately as if she was shocked by electricity. She said in shock, “This… what kind of pulse is this?”

“What’s wrong with her pulse? What exactly is the matter? Could it be some kind of serious illness?” The Little Demon Empress said in a deep voice.

“Her pulse is so fast,” There was shock on Su Ling’er’s face, “it is so fast that it’s…”

At this moment, Xiao Lingxi suddenly moaned softly and then slowly opened her eyes.

“Ling’xi, how are you? Where are you feeling sick?” Mu Yurou asked in concern.

“I…” Xiao Lingxi held onto Number Seven Under Heaven’s arm, stood up without any difficulty, shook her head and forced a smile, “I’m alright. It’s probably because I miss Little Che too much. I’m a bit sad to see him leave.”

Su Ling’er tried Xiao Lingxi’s pulse again and it was a lot more steady. This made her pink lips open slightly and she started to doubt whether that was an illusion just now… Her pulse was so fast just now, it was at least a few dozen times faster than a normal person. That kind of pulse should not have appeared on a living person.

It should be an illusion from her own panic… Su Ling’er told herself.

“That’s good,” Even though her face was still a bit pale, there didn’t seem to be anything unusual about her, so Mu Yurou was slightly relieved and comforted. “With you all this concerned about him, he will definitely be back soon.”

“Mn.” Xiao Lingxi smiled and nodded her head but her mind was paused on the scene when Yun Che turned into ashes in the flames.

Little Che…

And Yun Che at this moment was already in the spatial tunnel heading toward Snow Song Realm.

The reason he headed towards the Realm of the G.o.ds was only for Jasmine. He also kept the Little Demon Empress’ advice carefully in his mind. He had a restless personality but for his parents and those who missed him, he had made the decision that he would only work hard to find Jasmine in the G.o.d Realm. He would absolutely not do anything dangerous for anything… even if it meant he’d have to give in to something.

With his strength now, he couldn’t even make a tiny ripple in the huge G.o.d Realm. The reason Mu Bingyun took him to the Snow Song Realm was only to thank him for saving her life. As for him wanting to meet the Heaven Slaughter Star G.o.d, even though she would do everything she could to help, she did not believe that there was any possibility of it succeeding at all deep down in her heart.

She never would have thought that this decision of hers would actually completely change the situation in the entire G.o.d Realm.

And she never would have thought that this person she brought back from a lower realm would turn the entire G.o.d Realm upside down in the near future…

The wheel of destiny for Realm of the G.o.ds started turning once more at this very moment.


Author’s Note:

【”Senior Brother Hanyi” has appeared before in chapter 667, no one remembers at all?】

【Seven Divine Profound Realms】: Divine Origin Realm (vital energy becomes divine) → Divine Soul Realm (soul becomes divine) → Divine Tribulation Realm (getting struck by lightning) → Divine Spirit Realm (spiritual perception becomes divine) → Divine King Realm (Lower Realm King) → Divine Sovereign Realm (Middle Realm King) → Divine Master Realm (Higher Realm King) → Divine Extinction Realm (Half step into True G.o.d)...

【Eastern Divine Region’s Four Great King Realms】: Brahma Monarch Realm, Eternal Sky Realm, Moon G.o.d Realm, Star G.o.d Realm. Brahma Monarch is the strongest, Eternal Sky is next, Moon G.o.d Realm and Star G.o.d Realm are similar in strength.

【The Ranking of the Four Divine Regions】: Western Divine Region > Southern Divine Region ≈ Eastern Divine Region > Northern Divine Region

【Ranking of the Snow Song Realm’s disciple】: (from lowest to highest) Snowfall Palace (half disciples, half part-time worker) → Freezing Snow Hall (one thousand and eight halls) → Ice Phoenix Palace (thirty-six palaces) → Divine Ice Phoenix Hall (core disciples) → direct disciple of the Realm King.