Against the Gods - Chapter 943 - Departing for the God Realm

Chapter 943 - Departing for the God Realm

Chapter 943 - Departing for the G.o.d Realm

“Come in.” Mu Bingyun’s gaze turned.

The hall door was pushed open carefully. Mu Xiaolan was carrying a jade bowl that was releasing some hot steam. She glanced at Yun Che and then completely ignored his existence. “Master, this is snow lotus porridge, it’s a local specialty. It’s very delicious, you’ve got to give it a try.”

Mu Bingyun slightly nodded her head, “Leave it there for now.”

Putting down the jade bowl, Mu Xiaolan came to Mu Bingyun’s side with quick steps and looked at her with concern. “Master, how are you feeling today? You seem to be looking a lot better than yesterday.”

Mu Bingyun smiled slightly and said, “Xiaolan, there happens to be something I need to tell you. I have decided that after taking Yun Che to the Snow Song Realm, I’m letting him join our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.”

“Ah?” This news made Mu Xiaolan gasp. She looked at Yun Che with widened eyes and objected by reflex. “But he’s a bad guy…” As soon as she opened her mouth, she instantly realized that her master still needed to rely on him to purify the toxin in her body and immediately changed her tone, “I… I mean, his cultivation level is alright but in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, even joining Snowfall Palace would be a bit far-fetched. After all, even if someone’s at the same cultivation level, there is a large difference between a lower realm and the G.o.d Realm. His profound strength is at fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm but he probably wouldn’t be able to beat one of ours at third level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. He probably wouldn’t even make it through the first test.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Yun Che doesn’t need to go through the test. I will let him enter the Snowfall Palace directly. After a while, I will push for him to enter Freezing Snow Hall. If it wasn’t for the controversy that it may cause, unwanted attention it may attract and trouble it could create for Yun Che, I would like to bring him into our Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace.”

Mu Bingyun’s voice was soft and dull but it made Mu Xiaolan’s mouth open wide, “W-why? He’s weak and he’s from the lower realm and he’s so… Master has already promised to take him to the G.o.d Realm. This is already a really really great repayment, there is absolutely no need for you to do this. Or else, people with ulterior motives might even use this to badmouth behind Master’s back.”

“...I have my own reasons,” said Mu Bingyun. Yun Che’s profound strength had not yet stepped into the divine way and it is a bit far-fetched to even become a half disciple in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. However, to be recognized by the Sky Poison Pearl as owner, to be able to forcefully cultivate the Ice Phoenix G.o.d Invest.i.ture Canon without the Ice Phoenix’s blood or anyone’s guidance, and to even own the Golden Crow’s bloodline on top of that…

How could he be an ordinary person?

But Mu Bingyun could not explain these reasons to Mu Xiaolan, because the fact that Yun Che owned the Sky Poison Pearl could not be revealed. If he went to the G.o.d Realm as he was right now, it would just be like another small duckweed in the vast ocean, noone would even bother to give him a second look. But once it was leaked out that he possessed the Sky Poison Pearl…

The eyes of the entire G.o.d Realm would instantly lock dead onto him!!

“Xiaolan, even though Yun Che’s character is a bit unbridled, he is not one with evil intentions. His cultivation level is far from close to yours but that is because of the limitations of this plane. Just based on his natural gifts, if he was born in the Snow Song Realm, there probably wouldn’t be too much difference between the two of you. From now on in the sect, you must remember his kindness in saving me and give him more care and help.”

“Oh, if Master has already decided, then I… of course will listen to master,” Mu Xiaolan responded but her cheeks were slightly puffed. She was obviously very unconvinced and unwilling. She gave Yun Che a look and said in a domineering tone, “Did you hear that? After we return to Snow Song Realm, I will become your senior sister. You need to obey Senior Sister in the future. If you… if you do something bad and I catch you, even if Master protects you, I… I will punish you severely.”

“Senior Sister?” Yun Che’s swept his eyes from up to down on her unhurriedly, “That’s insane. You’re just a little girl, you want me to call you Senior Sister?”

“In Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, seniority is not based on age but rank. For example, all of the disciples in Snowfall Palace need to address the disciples of Freezing Snow Hall as senior brother or sister. It is the same for Freezing Snow Hall’s disciples towards Ice Phoenix Palace’s disciples. If it’s within the same rank, we will go according to the time one has joined the sect. So, whether it’s according to the level or the time you entered the sect, after you join our sect, you need to call Xiaolan senior sister,” Mu Bingyun explained.

“DID—YOU—HEAR—THAT!?” Mu Xiaolan made a face towards Yun Che with extreme smugness.

“Oh, alright.” Yun Che answered without strength… looks like, no matter in which plane or world, the strong always rule. The law of survival may be even crueler in the G.o.d Realm.

“Xiaolan, remember what I’ve told you. You mustn’t tell anyone that Yun Che cured my poison and has succeeded in cultivating the Ice Phoenix G.o.d Invest.i.ture Canon, not even your family!” Mu Bingyun’s tone was especially cautious.

“I know Master, you’ve reminded me eight hundred times already. If someone asks, I’ll just say the Great Realm King found a way to cure you of the poison,” Mu Xiaolan nodded a bunch of times in promise.

“By the way… what level in the Divine Origin Realm is your profound strength at now?” Yun Che suddenly asked.

“Hmph hmph, right now I am at the fifth level of the Divine Origin Realm… but!!” Mu Xiaolan’s tone immediately became stronger, “Even though I am only at the Divine Origin Realm, in our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, I am a disciple of the Ice Phoenix Palace! Usually one would need to reach at least Divine Soul Realm and would need to pa.s.s a test to enter. But a su—per great genius sixteen year old like me, who had already reached the Divine Origin Realm, didn’t need to pa.s.s the test and I directly entered the Ice Phoenix Palace. Even Master said I will be able to enter Ice Phoenix Divine Hall in the future. Maybe I can even be like Senior Brother Hanyi and become a candidate to become the Great Realm King’s direct disciple… Oh, but I definitely can’t win against Senior Brother Hanyi.”

“Oh, oh, oh,” Yun Che casually responded and mumbled in a low voice, “Then you, this super great genius, must be careful. I heard that the more of a genius you are, the more easily you would be struck by lightning. When you reach the Divine Tribulation Realm, careful you don’t get struck dead by tribulation lightning.”

“Y-y-y-you…” Mu Xiaolan almost jumped in anger. “Master, you… look at him!”

Mu Bingyun smiled and shook her head. She was already used to the duo’s constant bickering. “Xiaolan is indeed an extraordinary and outstanding disciple in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. Many disciples can join the Ice Phoenix Palace each year but extremely few disciples can enter the Ice Phoenix Palace at only the Divine Origin Realm. On average, only one will appear every few years. The last one was thirty years ago. If there aren’t any incidents, in a few dozen years she will qualify to enter Ice Phoenix Divine Hall.”

“Ah, if it wasn’t for me burdening her, Xiaolan’s cultivation would definitely be even stronger by now,” Mu Bingyun sighed softly.

Mu Xiaolan started panicking and forcefully shook her head. “Master, please don’t say something like that. Being able to accompany Master is the greatest fortune of my life. Even if it meant not being able to join Ice Phoenix Divine Hall, I would still be willing to accompany and serve Master!

“Also, after Master is cured, our Thirty-sixth Ice Phoenix Palace will definitely rise to prominence right away. When the time comes, who would still dare to underestimate our Thirty-sixth Palace?”

Mu Bingyun reached her hand out to touch Mu Xiaolan’s face softly with sympathy and affection. Even though she didn’t say anything, deep down her ice cold eyes revealed a sense of gentleness.

Looks like there are many stories between this master and disciple… Yun Che thought to himself.

“By the way, who is this ‘Senior Brother Hanyi’ that you mentioned just now?” Yun Che asked in slight disdain as he thought back to Mu Xiaolan’s eyes lighting up after she mentioned that name.

“Senior Brother Hanyi is the most talented person in our generation of disciples!” Hearing Yun Che suddenly bringing up Senior Brother Hanyi, Mu Xiaolan’s eyes brightened again, “Oh, wrong! I should say, he is the most most most most genius person in the entire Snow Song Realm within the last thousand years. When he was twenty, he was permitted specially to enter Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. He’s currently around… a bad guy like you’s age but his cultivation is already at the Divine Tribulation Realm. Even in the upper star realms, there are very few who can break through to the Divine Tribulation Realm this quickly. That’s why he is, without question, the most likely person to become one of the direct disciples of the Great Realm King. You should know that our Great Realm King only takes a direct disciple on the average of once every thousand years. To be able to become the Great Realm King’s direct disciple is an honor that will last for ten thousand generations in the Snow Song Realm. His position in our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is almost equal to all the palace masters and elders. His future is unimaginable.”

“Also, also, even though Senior Brother Hanyi is extremely strong, he is not arrogant like the other people in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. On the contrary, he often unselfishly helps and gives guidance to many junior brothers and sisters. He is gentle even to those in Snowfall Palace. Whenever he sees those junior brothers and sisters being bullied for no reason by those despicable senior brothers and sisters, he would always step out and put a stop to it. He even helped me a lot of times! In the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, almost everyone likes Senior Brother Hanyi.”

“Also, Senior Brother Hanyi is so gentle and handsome and his family background is very good too. He is indeed the most perfect person I’ve ever met.” Speaking of Senior Brother “Hanyi,” Mu Xiaolan couldn’t stop talking all of a sudden. Her eyes were filled with admiration, but at the same time she didn’t forget to make fun of Yun Che. “Unlike some bad guy. It’s almost like… the difference between a deity and a stinky rock, hmph!”

“Oh my, my. I couldn’t tell earlier, but this little girl whose body hair hasn’t even fully grown yet is already h.o.r.n.y,” Yun Che beamed as he held his chin with his hand.

“Hor… ny?” Mu Xiaolan was slightly confused for a while. When she finally realized what the word meant, her tiny face immediately started glowing red out of anger. She hopped up like a cornered rabbit. “Y-y-y-y-you! Master… look at him! He’s bullying me again. A bad guy is a bad guy after all. His nature is like this but Master still treats him that well.”

“Alright.” Mu Bingyun shook her head helplessly. “Yun Che, thank you for your hard work today. Spend more time with the people around you before you head to the G.o.d Realm. You should also use this time to think it over seriously. Personally, I really don't recommend you go to the G.o.d Realm.”

“Mn,” Yun Che nodded his head and wordlessly stood up and left.


A month of time was very short. During this time, aside from dispelling Mu Bingyun’s poison every day at a set time, he completely stopped cultivating and spent every day with his parents, relatives, and beautiful wives. The Little Demon Empress also officially accepted Su Ling’er’s healing method, Cangyue completely gave up on political affairs and stayed by Yun Che’s side every day and Feng Xue’er hadn’t returned to Phoenix City at all.

Joyous times always seemed shorter and a month of time quietly slipped away.

Following by the full purification of Mu Bingyun’s poison, the day of Yun Che’s departure to the G.o.d Realm had finally come.


Author’s Note:

The reason why the updates have been slightly slow is not because I’ve been having less time to type characters lately but because the set up for the G.o.d Realm is a bit too big. I need to be careful in writing it. Also, adding to the fact that the disparity between Yun Che and Jasmine is seriously tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big, him reaching that plane in a short amount of time is both unreasonable and will easily become boring. Furthermore, in the G.o.d Realm plotline, Jasmine is only an opener and there are too many holes up ahead. If I don’t pay attention, a BUG will easily appear. If a BUG were to actually appear, finding a programmer to fix it hurts the wallet so I have to be very very careful...

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The transition period between killing Xuanyuan Wentian and going to the G.o.d region is a bit long, longer than I originally antic.i.p.ated. Don’t ask me why… I want to know too! But the Snow Song Realm’s plot development will be very fast… very very fast.

There’s something I have to roast here. Someone claiming Frozen Cloud Asgard is a harem is whatever, but someone actually claimed that the Snow Song Realm is a huge harem! And this isn’t just from a few people. Harem your sister!! Come, come come, the Snow Song Realm has a population of more than two hundred billion, show me how you make that a harem!