Against the Gods - Chapter 596 - That's Ripping Off Your Grandson!

Chapter 596 - That's Ripping Off Your Grandson!

Chapter 596 - That's Ripping Off Your Grandson!

Duke Ming’s words triggered Yun Che’s heart, and evoked a strong, unsettling feeling; he then immediately crushed the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven that was in his hand without any hesitation.

He would dare to rush in, and wanted to save the Little Demon Empress from Duke Ming, and what he counted on the most was indeed this Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven that Mu Feiyan had just gifted him! Because when Mu Feiyan gave him the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, his face was full of pride, and promised that as long as Yun Che had it on him, at a crucial moment, it could form a protective barrier that no one could break, and it could last for as long as six hours… in this amount of time, it would definitely be enough for Yun Qinghong to get here.


Following a soft sound, the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven was crushed by Yun Che very easily. A wave of blue light spread in haste. In an instant, it formed an ice-blue barrier with a diameter of ten meters, enveloping Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress within, and cutting Duke Ming and Duke Huai out.

Even though the process was short, to an extremely strong pract.i.tioner, a short breath of time could allow him to do a lot of things. But Duke Ming only watched while smiling; there wasn’t even a sign of him trying to stop them. When the protection barrier appeared, his expression also didn’t change at all… except in his eyes, which held an additional trace of disdain.

When Duke Ming called out the “Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven” that was held tightly in his hand, Yun Che already had a bad feeling about it, and the expression on Duke Ming’s face right now magnified the unsettled feeling in his heart a dozen times more… For being able to open up the protective barrier at the first instant, Yun Che had held the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven in his hand from the very beginning. And to keep the aura from leaking out, he naturally used his profound energy to safely trap the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven’s aura, but Duke Ming called him out so easily!

Merely based on the aura, he knew that it was the Mu Family’s “Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven,” it was obvious that he was absolutely no stranger to it! Then he wouldn’t be unaware of the toughness of its released protective barrier! But, even though Duke Ming already knew that he was clearly holding the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, he didn’t look for a chance to seize it, didn’t stop him from crus.h.i.+ng it, and wasn’t even surprised or panicking…

His reaction was all outside of Yun Che’s expectations!

“Hahahaha!” Looking at the protective barrier formed by the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, Duke Ming only laughed recklessly, “So that’s what it was. This duke was originally looking forward to what kind of clever way you would use to escape from this duke’s hands, but the result really disappointed this duke greatly.”

"It was only this mere Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven!”

Yun Che locked his eyebrows tightly, and his heart was suddenly alarmed. He said without weakening his momentum, “Mere? The Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven is the Mu Family’s most protective treasure. Since you look down on it so much… You can try breaking it!”

“Hahahaha,” Duke Ming laughed recklessly once again, as he slowly stepped forward. Even though there was a protective barrier in between them, every step Duke Ming got closer, the pressure on Yun Che multiplied. In front of the protective barrier, he reached out his palm and slightly recounted, “If it were a hundred years ago, it would be true that this duke wouldn’t have the powers to destroy it, and in the whole Illusory Demon Realm, no one could do so.”

“But, now this duke is no longer at the ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, like a hundred years ago. I am at the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm! It is the peak realm in this world. Upon reaching this level, this duke’s palms can already almost touch the laws of this world, even this s.p.a.ce under the palm of this duke, could in an instant… be shattered!”

Duke Ming suddenly twisted his wrist, and at that instant, a large swirl abruptly appeared and spread in speed… this wasn’t a swirl caused by airflow, not a swirl caused by profound energy… but it was a completely twisted s.p.a.ce!!

The twisted s.p.a.ce didn’t disappear in an instant, but it was spreading fiercely like sea waves, and in a blink of eye it spread onto the ice-blue barrier… The barrier that was originally thought to be tough and unbreakable, under the extremely horrifying s.p.a.ce swirl, was instantly twisted like a fragile soap bubble, and it continued to twist even more violently, until it was twisted into an extremely exaggerated shape… Perhaps, in the next breath, it would be completely torn apart.

“!!!” Yun Che was solidly surprised. He subconsciously blocked in front the Little Demon Empress, his eyebrows locked tightly, blue veins popping out from both sides of his hands. The protective barrier that the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven formed was promised by Mu Feiyan that it could hold on for six hours, and even if his grandfather were alive it couldn’t be destroyed…

What kind of person was Mu Feiyan... Not only was he Yun Che’s grandfather, he was also the highly respectable Patriarch of the Mu Family. What he said was absolutely authoritative, and on top of that, the exaggerated reaction of Mu Yubai and the others when Mu Feiyan took out the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, and the joyous expression revealed by his father and mother… towards the strong protective ability of the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, he naturally had no reason to doubt it. Or else, he wouldn’t dare to just barge in and face the extremely strong Duke Ming.

Never mind six hours, even if it only supported him for two hours, it would be completely enough for Yun Che.

He never thought that the life-saving barrier of the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven was so vulnerable in front of Duke Ming.

That’s ripping off your grandson!

And it’s ripping off his little life!!

“This Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven is indeed a rare protective item in the Illusory Demon Realm,” Duke Ming stopped the movement of his palm, but the twisting s.p.a.ce was still continuing, and the protective barrier was on the edge of collapsing. If Duke Ming continued his movement, it would completely shatter, “Because the profound energy level that it can resist, is only up to the ninth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. But against a level exceeding that, it is no different from a thin layer of ice! In all of Illusory Demon Realm, only this duke can destroy it this easily. Yun Che, you miscalculated.”

Yun Che, “...”

Duke Ming’s eyebrows loosened up slightly, and the corner of his mouth raised a little. The face without any expression became a leisurely soft smile, “Yun Che, honestly, this duke would hate to kill you. You have an abnormal skill, and you are smart, and your potential is even more surprising. Under the gaze of this duke, you didn’t panic at all, and this means that your mental strength is also unusual. You dare to barge in knowing that this duke is here, your bravery and boldness is even more unusual… With your age, having this type of ability, even this duke cannot help but be impressed. If you just die like this, it would be such a waste.”

“So?” Yun Che narrowed his eyes, “Could Duke Ming be prepared to give me a chance to live?”

“Let this duke plant a soul imprint on your body, and from now on be loyal to this duke, then, not only can you life, when this duke rules the world, you can enjoy riches and honor in your life, and this duke can even spare your Yun Clan.” Duke Ming said softly, “This duke has never hesitated and became soft-hearted when it came to killing someone; you are the first. This is the utmost grace that this duke is giving you! Do not disappoint this duke.”

“Grace? Heh…” Yun Che sneered deeply, “Your so-called ‘grace’ doesn’t even amount to a penny to me! Even if I die, I will not let someone like you who cannot even be compared to an animal taint my own soul!”

“Very well.” Duke Ming nodded his head slowly, “Since you choose stupidity, then… die!!”


The s.p.a.ce trembled crazily, and the enormous s.p.a.ce swirl immediately swallowed the protective barrier that was built by the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, and it ripped it into countless of shattered pieces. At that instant, it was as if the whole heaven and earth was drawn into the horrifying spatial whirlpool.

Because of the extremely terrifying profound energy’s suppression, Yun Che almost suffocated, his legs couldn’t even move, and he couldn’t make a sound from his mouth. At this moment, a small, grayish-white shadow slightly swayed, and blocked in front of him. At the same time, the s.p.a.ce swirl viciously collided onto the grayish-white shadow…


A deep, suffering moan swept across Yun Che’s ears. Afterwards, his arms were grabbed tightly by a small, delicate hand. On the wrist of the small hand, a dark scarlet bracelet instantly broke, and released a flame-like bright light...


The instant that flame brightness flickered, the figures of Yun Che and the Little Demon Empress disappeared at the same time, and the spatial whirlpool swept across, crus.h.i.+ng the layers of s.p.a.ce. Under this extremely horrifying power, even a normal Monarch, not to mention a normal person, would be easily crushed into pieces.

Duke Huai was surprised and hurried forward, “Royal father, what happened? How did they disappear? Could they have…”

“Heh!” Duke Ming put down his palms without a hurry, there was not a trace of panic or an unsettled expression on his face, not even an expression of surprise; it seemed like this was also within his expectations, “It was only the crus.h.i.+ng of the ‘Scarlet Blood Bracelet’ that launched a dimensional escape. There is such a thing existing in the Little Demon Emperor’s memory, and it was just as this duke expected, that the Little Demon Empress had equipped it. But too bad, Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley is an independent world, the Demon Emperor’s Seal’s blood escape can help her escape to the world outside, but the Scarlet Blood Bracelet could never do that.”

“It is just a pitiful struggle before their death, how can they escape from this duke’s palms?” said Duke Ming as he slightly turned his body, narrowed his eyes and smiled. His eyes were directly focused on the northwest. The corner of his mouth slightly raised a smile, soft and gentle as a breeze… The light from the slits of his eyes were even more cold and bone-piercing than the world’s most vicious poisonous snake.

Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, northwest borderland.

The world was immediately several times hotter, and the air was so thin that it was almost impossible to breathe.

Yun Che was swung away by the Little Demon Empress, and landed on the ground roughly. After a short duration of being stunned, he suddenly understood what happened. He stood up, looked at the surroundings and asked, “Where… where is this place?”

“Northwest borderland,” the Little Demon Empress had her back turned against him, as she said coldly. As soon as she finished speaking, her body suddenly froze and an arrow of blood spat out from her mouth, landing several meters away. Her whole body lost all her strength, and she knelt down onto the ground.

“Little Demon Empress!”

Yun Che immediately stepped forward, wanting to held her up, but when his hand just touched her shoulder, he was pushed away hardly by her, “Don’t touch me!”

Yun Che stood there, and didn’t dare to move. The Little Demon Empress painstakingly struggled to breathe for a little while, finally stood up slowly and turned around… The young girl’s cheeks were without any color of blood, but the bloodstain at the corner of her mouth was still hard to look at.

Yun Che hurriedly in his calm mind, started to appear the scene from a few breathes ago… Duke Ming’s attack wasn’t pointed at the Little Demon Empress first, but it was him! At the pressure of a peak Monarch’s profound energy, how was it possible for him to avoid it? He was able to live, and not only was it because the Little Demon Empress escaped with him using the dimensional escape… but it was more because the Little Demon Empress used her own body, and endured Duke Ming’s deadly attack.

Yun Che’s chest was violently rising and falling, he said sincerely, “...Thank you for saving my life.”

Compared to this… his unreliable grandfather, arghh!!

The Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven that Mu Feiyan gifted him not only failed to save his life at a crucial moment, it almost killed him… because if it wasn’t for the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven, he wouldn’t just barge in Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley like that.

“Save your life?” The Little Demon Empress held her chest, and said in a low, cold voice, “Ridiculous! You think you could live past today?! The Demon Emperor’s Seal has been seized by Duke Ming; we cannot leave Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley at all. With Duke Ming’s ability, it won’t be long before he would be able to find us again… you self-righteous idiot, why did you barge in here to suicide for nothing?!!”

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