Against the Gods - Chapter 595 - Main Culprit

Chapter 595 - Main Culprit

Chapter 595 - Main Culprit

“What… what did you say?!!” The Little Demon Empress’ tone was deep and stiff, and it revealed an incredible, violent confusion.

“Oh?” Duke Ming lifted his eyes, looked at Yun Che with some interest, and said, “This duke doesn’t seem to understand what you are saying all that well.”

“Hehe!” Yun Che’s face revealed a sneer, and his eyes even showed obvious disdain and mockery, “You, Duke Ming, have the ambition to take over the world, have unparalleled profound strength, a calculating mind that even ghosts and G.o.ds can’t predict, and a heart that is ten thousand times even more vicious than snakes and scorpions… I originally I thought that you were a formidable person that couldn’t be more qualified, but too bad… seeing you today, it seems that you are just a chicken who only dares to do but doesn’t dare to confess, it really disappoints me.”

"You have a death wish?!” Duke Huai instantly became furious, and abruptly reached and grabbed towards Yun Che. This was the first time in his whole life that he saw someone actually insult his own father.

However, Duke Ming reached out and stopped Duke Huai, following he lifted his head and laughed loudly, “Hahahahahaha! You are indeed the young man who had made my son fail miserably. Your mouth and devious mind are really sharp like knives, and your words are so harsh that this duke doesn’t even know how to respond.”

Duke Ming narrowed his eyes once again. The light coming from the narrowed, long slit of his eyes were even more frightening that those coming from a poisonous snake, “This duke knows that you are trying to drag out the time. However, there are very few things in this world that interests this duke, and very few things that I want to know the answer to that it’s sad, so this duke is going to grant you some more time to live. Here, tell this duke, what else do you know?”

The words that Duke Ming said was not a question, but rather an implied confession. The Little Demon Empress’ breath was completely messed up, and the flames on her body suddenly ascended high, and the flame burning in her eyes was not simply the Golden Crow’s flame anymore, but it was like gruesome hatred from h.e.l.l’s purgatory.

Yun Che sneered softly, and said without hurry, “Back then, Profound Sky Continent suddenly invaded Illusory Demon Realm… that was because of you! You used some kind of method to let the Four Great Sacred Grounds of the Profound Sky Continent know the existence of Illusory Demon Realm’s ‘Mirror of Samsara’ that was treasured by the Demon Emperor, and falsified that the ‘Mirror of Samsara’ had some G.o.dly powers, triggered their ambition, and caused the people from Profound Sky Continent, with all their resources, to invade Illusory Demon Realm, just to seize the Mirror of Samsara… and the reason they were able to invade again and again, and be able to retreat unharmed, was because you were there their man on the inside!”

Yun Che pointed at Duke Huai and said coldly, “And the reason you did what you did was to replace the Demon Emperor, and become the owner of Illusory Demon Realm! The reason the previous Demon Emperor would chase to Profound Sky Continent personally, was absolutely not because of out of rage and recklessness… he must have fallen into your trap! The Little Demon Emperor’s death… was not because of acting rashly after drinking too much and forcefully barging into the Profound Sky Continent, but… he died in the hands of you, Duke Ming!!”

“Are you going to deny these things?”

Almost each sentence that Yun Che had said made Duke Huai’s face change each time. Deep inside, his eyes were filled with shock. He thought that the things that he had said, in the whole world, were secrets that only they, father and son knew, and it was absolutely impossible for the third person to know… even those people in Profound Sky Continent didn’t know the ident.i.ty of their inside man back then.

Clap… clap… clap… clap…

“Hahahaha!” Duke Ming laughed loudly and clapped his hands, and his eyes were without any ripples, “Brilliant, you really are brilliant. Yun Che, looks like it wasn’t wrong for the son that I am proud of to lose face in front of you. This duke will generously admit it; what you said was absolutely correct. The reason those Sacred Grounds of Profound Sky Continent invaded Illusory Demon Realm was because of this duke. This duke merely told them back then that the Illusory Demon Realm’s Mirror of Samsara that was treasured by the Demon Emperor contained a divine profound mystery. If they could crack the secret of the Mirror of Samsara, then they could break through the limit of the Sovereign Profound Realm, step into the Divine Profound Realm, and become the legendary ‘Profound G.o.d.’”

“Those people were even greedier and stupider than this duke had expected. Not only did they believe it, but a year later, then already couldn’t wait and were preparing to step into Illusory Demon Realm. This duke naturally was happy to help them construct the spatial tunnel, and tell them what this duke wants them to know… These people from Profound Sky Continent really didn’t disappoint this duke. They brought Demon Imperial City into complete chaos, and made the deaths of the Demon Emperor and the Little Demon Emperor go even more perfectly than this duke had planned!"

Duke Ming laughed wildly, “Hahahaha! What Profound Sky Sacred Grounds, they were only chess pieces that this duke used and played within my palms. As for that Demon Emperor and Little Demon Emperor, in the hands of this duke, they were only two pitiful little bug. This duke merely used a small trick and easily led the Demon Emperor to where the spatial tunnel was. Of course, no matter how stupid he was, he wouldn’t rashly chase into the spatial tunnel and suicide in Profound Sky Continent’s territory… it was this duke’s timely appearance that helped him. Princess Caiyi, your pitiful father was really surprised when he saw this duke’s appearance. Until this duke approached to a distance of just two steps away from him, he didn’t have any guard, and he was kicked lightly by this duke into the spatial tunnel…”

Little Demon Empress, “!!!!”

Yun Che, “...”

“On the other side of the spatial tunnel, there was the ‘Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation’ waiting for him. As soon as he entered the ‘Heaven’s Might Soul Suppressing Formation,’ even if he had the strongest profound strength, he wouldn’t be able to use it.” Duke Ming laughed lightly, his expression of boundless arrogance was as if everything in the world couldn’t escape his control, “As for the Little Demon Emperor who had just ascended the throne, it was even easier. On the night of your grand wedding, he was just like the you today; he generously gave this duke an absolutely great chance. He actually went to commemorate the previous Demon Emperor alone… But, this duke didn’t kill him. I merely crippled him, and threw him into the spatial tunnel that led to Profound Sky Continent. This way, there would be no trace of this duke left behind. This duke only randomly left some last words for him… The next day, the whole Illusory Demon Realm knew that the Little Demon Emperor who had just ascended the throne acted rashly after drinking too much at the wedding night with the Little Demon Empress, and barged into Profound Sky Continent alone… compared to grieving for the death of the Little Demon Emperor, there must be even more people cursing at his stupidity, hahahaha!”

"Duke… Ming!!!”

The flames on the Little Demon Empress were waving furiously, her small body was even trembling in an incredibly violent way. Yun Che, who was closest to her, could clearly felt that her anger, hatred, and murderous intent were bursting out so strongly that it was almost going to completely tear up the s.p.a.ce. He gave a sideways glance at the Little Demon Empress, and found that even though she was covered in flames, under the reflection of the scarlet-gold flames, her face was still as pale as a white sheet of paper… and at the corner of her mouth, there was a bright, red blood slowly dripping down.

She wasn’t hurt when she was fighting against Duke Huai; that trace of blood… was from the internal injury caused by her rage and hatred that was too intense.

And at this moment, a deep respect rose in Yun Che’s heart for the Little Demon Empress.

Until today, she had not known that the culprit that got her father and brother killed wasn’t Profound Sky Continent, but was the Duke Ming in front of her! He killed the two people that were closest to her, caused the extinction of the bloodline of the Demon Emperor’s clan, caused chaos in Demon Imperial City, and even harmed the whole Illusory Demon Realm. Yun Che could imagine how strong that hatred and murderous intent must be…

But even so, she was able to strictly kept her rationality, and didn’t drop everything under the influence of the hatred that pierced her bones to attack Duke Ming. Because not only was it impossible to kill the Duke Ming whose ability was incredibly terrifying, but she and Yun Che would only die even sooner… At this moment, this second, she must gain every breath of chance to live, so there would be a possibility for her revenge in the future!

Duke Ming rolled his eyes, then narrowed them and enjoyed the Little Demon Empress’ expression at this moment...That’s right, ‘enjoy.’ That hatred that so strongly wished to burn his bones to ashes, that hatred that so strongly wished to tear him into pieces, made him enjoy and gave him pleasure, “Knowing the truth, and still able to refrain from attacking this duke, you are indeed Princess Caiyi. It was worthwhile letting this duke not getting the perfect chance to kill you for this hundred years. You should thank this duke gracefully, letting you know who destroyed your clan before you died...Oh, that’s right, you know back then when the Little Demon Emperor clearly saw this duke’s face, how remarkable his expression was? Tsk-tsk, it was so remarkable that even when this duke thinks about it now, it gives me endless aftertastes.”

“Duke… Ming…”

The Little Demon Empress’ voice was so raucous and deep that it didn’t even sound like a human’s voice. The two short words were so cold it was as if it was from the h.e.l.l’s purgatory, but it couldn’t be compared to a ten thousandth of the hatred in her heart. Even though Yun Che’s face was calm, the hatred in his heart was no less than that of the Little Demon Empress, because his grandfather’s, Yun Canghai’s death, was also because of Duke Ming! The Yun Family’s descent, the tragedy of Xiao Yun and his destiny… it was all because of this Duke Ming in front of him!

He took a deep breath, and said coldly, “Duke Ming, your clan was able to be a royal clan; that was all because of the Demon Emperor’s clan! You not only weren’t grateful and failed to serve loyally, but you grew your own ambitions, and were cruel to this point! Aren’t you afraid of getting struck by lightning because of your sins!”

“Such childish words.” Duke Ming smiled lightly, “The emperor of the world should naturally be someone with ability. From the moment this duke was born, I was determined to be the one to rule the people under heaven. The people who get in this duke’s way, no matter who it is, this duke will do anything to get rid of the person. These so-called ‘loyalty’ and ‘righteousness’ are things that belong to ridiculous weaklings!”

“What you want this duke to confess, this duke has all confessed. Now, tell this duke, about the information of this duke, how did you find out?” Duke Ming looked straight at Yun Che, the gaze from his eyes was like two sharp knives; it almost pierced through his heart and soul as Duke Ming continued, “This duke thought that no matter what I did, I wouldn’t leave any trace. Over this past century , the whole Illusory Demon Realm has never had anyone who suspected this duke. How did you, Yun Che, find out about it? Could it be that this duke made any mistakes on the way?”

“Very simple.” Yun Che casually stepped back, stood by the Little Demon Empress and said, “You should already know, that even though I am the son of the Yun Family, I am from the Profound Sky Continent. When I was in Profound Sky Continent, I was in contact with Mighty Heavenly Sword Region of the Four Sacred Grounds… these, were naturally heard from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region!”

“Mighty Heavenly Sword Region? Heh!” Duke Ming was obviously not satisfied with this answer, but he didn’t continue to ask; instead he made a sneer, and his eyes which were already revealing a dangerous light, immediately becoming even more chilly, “This duke will believe your answer for now. Then, your goal of dragging out the time is already perfect enough, but unfortunately, the back-up that you have been waiting for didn’t show up. Next, how are you going to save yours, and Princess Caiyi’s lives in front of this duke? Mn?”

Yun Che also sneered and said, “Then does Duke Ming think that the reason I came here despite knowing you were here was to die for nothing?”

“So this duke is curious; why do you think you could escape from the palm of this duke’s hand?” Duke Ming asked with a smile. His dangerous but calm expression was as if he was telling Yun Che that even if he had some great trick, it was absolutely impossible for him to escape from him, “Is it based on the Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven that you’ve been holding in your hand?”

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