Against the Gods - Chapter 338 - A Big Gift Delivered to the Door

Chapter 338 - A Big Gift Delivered to the Door

Chapter 338 - A Big Gift Delivered to the Door

With the slow and gradual pa.s.sage of time, a day quietly pa.s.sed by.

It was a completely calm place where Yun Che had stopped, and no one came there to bother him. Yun Che spent a day in the silence while holding Xiao Lingxi in his arms. His wounds and consumed power had already completely recovered within a day at a rate that transcended common sense, and he didn’t feel any sign of weakness due to the heavy wounds and over consumption he was suffering from before.

Xiao Lingxi, who was lying in his bosom, had also completely calmed down. Her face was tinged rosy red, and her internal wounds, which weren’t very serious in the first place, had almost healed by now. At this time, she suddenly let out a light coughing sound. Her eyelashes slightly trembled, and she opened her eyes bit by bit.

Yun Che at once detected her faint movements, and immediately opened his eyes and looked at her.

Xiao Lingxi’s hazy field of vision began to get clear. Although it was somewhat dark inside the place they were staying, she clearly caught sight of Yun Che’s face even within the darkness… Both her eyes trembled, and her whole body suddenly stiffened.

Everything that had happened these past few days was just like a dream that got increasingly confusing. In the beginning, she wasn’t even able to distinguish that what part of the things she was going through was a dream, and what part of it was reality.

She and her father were taken to the Burning Heaven Clan, which she had only heard of in stories before… She met Little Che, whom she had yearned for day and night… She saw Little Che breaking into the Burning Heaven Clan by himself, and cause great chaos in the incomparably powerful Burning Heaven Clan… She jumped off from the high mountain cliff, yet felt her body fall in his bosom. Then she finally met him before her consciousness disappeared…

All these things were as illusory as a pipedream.

She had no idea whether the dream she would be having next time was going to be a nightmare or a sweet dream.

When her eyes opened, it was darkness that came in contact with them first. But right after that, she found Yun Che, and her eyes shone with worry as well as happiness. Feeling the temperature of his body and the distinct flavor she was longing for, she realized that these things were not possible to enjoy if they were a mere illusion. Then, everything she saw before losing consciousness quickly surface in her mind, and tears started overflowing from her eyes in an uncontrolled manner. She forcefully retracted herself in his bosom, and tightly embraced him with her both hands. She lost her voice crying in sorrow and pain, and amidst the sobbing sound, could just barely managed to call out in a voice that sounded as if she was crying blood: “Little Che… Little Che… Little Che…”

Her teardrops released a glittering and translucent light inside the cave, and seemed like pearls in a dark night. Yun Che caught her tumbling teardrops within his hand, as if he wanted to collect the most valuable rain or dew in the world.

As she hugged Yun Che again, it became incomparably clear to her once more that she was unable to leave him again for the rest of her life. They had always been together for fifteen years, so she was never able to know the implication of staying separated from him. However, she thoroughly understood it during the past three years… Her life and soul were already bound to him since long ago. She had felt as if she lost the body of her soul without him at her side, and every day there were nothing but things related to him on her mind.

“Little Aunt…” Yun Che put his hands behind her back and tightly embraced her. The rim of his eyes had gotten moist. He softly said: “It’s all because of me that you and grandfather had to grieve and suffer so much… But I a.s.sure you that everything will get better now. I won’t let you and grandfather feel any grievance again…”

“Uuuuuu…” Xiao Lingxi could only cry. She was just a fifteen years old child three years ago, and though she was now already eighteen, she still cried wantonly like a child…


“After leaving you and grandfather three years ago, I first went over to father’s grave to offer sacrifice. Then, I changed my surname to my biological father’s, and from then onwards started calling myself Yun Che. Afterwards, I left the Floating Cloud City… Not long after that, I came across an unusual person and she became my master due to some reasons… Her ident.i.ty and existence is very special, and I’m not allowed to mention anything about her. Therefore, I can’t tell you her situation…”

“She helped me to repair my profound veins, taught me profound laws of cultivation, bestowed me with various kinds of profound arts and skills, and saved my life many times… Then, I arrived at New Moon City according to grandfather’s wish…”

Xiao Lingxi snuggled before Yun Che’s chest, and pressed her little hands against his chest; quietly listening attentively to his narration. Her body didn’t want to be apart from him even for an instant. Yun Che’s narration was slow and very long, as he narrated all the hards.h.i.+ps and troubles he went through during the past three years bit by bit… Without anyone realizing it, daytime had pa.s.sed and night had arrived. A bright moon was already hanging high in the sky outside the cave. The night breeze would occasionally blow through the cave, filling the hot and dry insides of the cave with a natural refres.h.i.+ng sensation.

Yun Che’s experience was like a mythical tale to Xiao Lingxi, who had never stepped outside the Floating Cloud City. Although Yun Che omitted many things in his narration, listening to it still caused her to unceasingly show lovable expressions of amazement and fear on her face.

Thinking back to everything she saw in the Burning Heaven Clan, Xiao Lingxi couldn’t help but believe whatever he said. He, who had crippled profound veins and was called rubbish by the whole city, was now already a super-cla.s.s individual who could force the highest-ranked sect of the Blue Wind Empire into a hopeless situation. She could confidently think so because she was sure that the one before her eyes was none other than her Little Che himself. His appearance, eyes, smell, aura… everything belonged to the Little Che she was very familiar with. She might mistake all other people in the world, but it was impossible to mistake someone else for him.

“I just know that my Little Che is worthy enough to receive help from Heavens, so he’ll definitely soar in the sky one day, and everyone would be only able to look up at him. I just know…” Xiao Lingxi whispered while crying tears of joy. At the same time, a sense of fear flashed within her heart. But this fear also dissipated completely at once… Even though he was already soaring high enough and had become an individual who could look down on earth, even though he had already reached such a height that she wasn’t even able to look up at him, even though the gap between them was as wide as heavenly moat, what of it? Back then, when everyone mocked him as rubbish, she treated him as her most precious thing. So now when he could look down disdainfully on earth, he would still remain her Little Che… The Little Che who didn’t hesitate to travel thousands of miles and bravely rush inside the Blue Wind Empire’s top-cla.s.s sect with the intention to kill, just for her!

She believed that no matter what heights he reached in the future, there would never be any distance between the two of them… And even if they truly got distant from each other, she would readily grit her teeth and exhaust all her strength to chase him with big strides; even if she had to act like a moth throwing itself at fire.

Yun Che set up a stove, and began to cook delicious rabbit broth. The fragrance of the meat wafting through the air was undoubtedly a trying torment for the two very hungry people. In the midst of this “torment”, Yun Che started listening attentively to Xiao Lingxi’s narration of her past three years… She lived those three years in such a simple manner that there was hardly any difference in her life during that time… Every day she would practice the profound art and sword, and then fall in a daze, missing Yun Che…

Before they realized, it was already midnight. The moon was s.h.i.+ning brightly at its peak position in the sky. At last, the rabbit broth was nicely cooked. He half-filled a bowl with the broth, and carefully blew on the broth to cool it down before bringing the bowl in front of Xiao Lingxi. However, he didn’t hand it over to her, and said in a very natural way: “Little Aunt, I will feed you.”

Xiao Lingxi had already recovered under Yun Che’s treatment and care, and her condition was no different from normal. Although she had remained paralyzed on Yun Che’s body until now, let alone drinking broth by herself, even climbing mountains and rocks wouldn’t pose any problem to her. However, Yun Che still seemed to be carefully attending to a seriously ill patient. Xiao Lingxi giggled and slowly collapsed on Yun Che’s body. She narrowed her moon-like eyes, and lightly opened her lips.

A spoonful of broth was brought near Xiao Lingxi’s lips. The broth flowed inside her mouth as some of it stuck to her soft lips. Then, it entered her body, pa.s.sing down the narrow pa.s.sage. A warm current slowly started to vaporize inside her body, warming her body as well her heartstrings in the process… During the first fifteen years of her life, they had fed food to each other so often that it could be called an ordinary thing. But today, she felt direct warmth in the depth of her soul. Because this let Xiao Lingxi even more firmly know that he was still her Little Che, and had never changed all along.

Within the calm and warm atmosphere, she quickly finished drinking a bowl of broth. Just when Yun Che was about to fill the bowl again, he unexpectedly turned around and his movement suddenly stagnated. Then, he slightly raised his brows.

Xiao Lingxi got nervous when she saw the change of expression on his face. While holding tightly on to his arm, she asked in panic: “Little Che, what’s wrong?”

“Sssh…” Yun Che raised his forefinger, and lightly gestured her to stay silent.

Very soon, the sound of two people’s footsteps could be heard getting closer and closer from outside the cave, and their voices also became clearer.

“…I can’t believe they made us sneakily infiltrate the Bluefire City this late at night. Sigh, we’ve been the dominating power in the Bluefire Region for so many years, and this is the first time we’ve felt so oppressed and subdued.”

“We can’t do anything about it. Yun Che’s strength is truly very terrible after all. He is simply just like a monster! If Grand Clan Master and Grand Elder hadn’t appeared in time, Burning Heaven Clan would have thoroughly destroyed, and we would have also been cremated together with the Burning Heaven Clan.”

“According to Grand Clan Master’s conjecture, Yun Che is possibly a descendant from one of the Sacred Grounds, otherwise he would not be so powerful… hah! What do you say? Is it really possible that he might be hiding within the Bluefire City?”

“I’m not sure about that. However, Yun Che had suffered heavy wounds and he also consumed a lot of profound power, so he certainly needs a large amount of replenishment to recharge. And within the area of one thousand miles, only Bluefire City that has the most comprehensive supply of resources. Since supplies from other small places would be utterly inadequate for someone of his power level, there’s a very big possibility of him hiding in this place… Grand Clan Master will personally set out as long as we determine his hiding place. His injuries and power shouldn’t have recovered yet, so I don’t think he’ll be able to escape from the Grand Clan Master’s hand.”

The sound of their footsteps were getting closer and closer. The auras of their profound power wasn’t very weak. One of them was at the fifth level of Earth Profound Realm, and the other was at the sixth level of Earth Profound Realm, similar to Yun Che. The two people should be Hall Masters or Instructor cla.s.s individuals within the Burning Heaven Clan. From their grumbling, Yun Che roughly understood their objective for pa.s.sing through this place.

The strength of their profound auras allowed Yun Che to completely ease his brows. He turned his face, and said with a relaxed smile: “No need to worry. They are just two little rats who are unlucky enough to come to this place. Watch me as I take care of them.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che’s body flashed as he rushed out of the cave entrance with a single leap, and landed right before the two people. His sudden appearance scared the h.e.l.l out of the duo that were busy chatting with each other.

“Who is it?!!” Both of them asked, shouting coldly in the same manner. However, the moment they caught the sight of Yun Che’s face, their eyes opened wide and they became tongue-tied… Even in their dreams, they had never thought that they would run into Yun Che at this place.

“You have come just at the right time.” Yun Che let out a cold laugh. He spoke out a sentence that the duo wasn’t able to understand even after hearing it completely.


Before the two could finish their sentence, their vision suddenly blurred as a very heavy, enormously powerful, and ferocious blow struck their chests.


Both of them were blown away like straw. The person on the right side met a violent death on the spot, and the one at the sixth level of Earth Profound Realm was barely managing to breath. The upper part of his body trembled, and he firmly stared with wide opened eyes as Yun Che approached in his direction. His eyes were filled with desperation.

Yun Che extended his arm, releasing the Profound Handle. It instantly flew and pierced its way to this person’s mind… Immediately, all the memories belonging to this Burning Heaven Clan’s Hall Master poured into Yun Che’s mind at an extremely fast rate.