Against the Gods - Chapter 337 - Grand Clan Master: Fen Yijue

Chapter 337 - Grand Clan Master: Fen Yijue

Chapter 337 - Grand Clan Master: Fen Yijue

Following the tossing motion of Yun Che’s arm, the purple colored flame sea produced by the Heavenfire Star Burning Formation suddenly flooded forward like an exploding volcano. At that instant, everyone of the Burning Heaven Clan uncontrollably screamed under extreme fright; what they felt, was like the coming of the apocalypse.

“DEVILSp.a.w.n, YOU DARE!!”

Just at this moment, a furious roar resounded like rolling thunder, making everyone’s eardrums hum from the shock. Yun Che abruptly turned his eyes around, and looked toward the front… Within his gaze, two middle-aged men appearing to be forty or fifty in red robes swooped over with purple flames burning from their entire body. They were as fast as lightning, and instantly came before the capsizing flame sea. Simultaneously, they extended both their arms as a roar sounded from their mouths, and jointly pushed toward the Burning Heaven Flame sea.


A burst of an extremely sombre noise sounded, and the capsizing purple colored flame sea abruptly stopped there. After that, it suddenly reversed in direction, and was violently pushed toward the east. Then, under countless pairs of wide eyes, it fell over a thousand meters away.


With a huge rumble, a field of purple colored firelight surged up to the skies, burning the skies red, and could even be seen fifty kilometers away. The flames crazily spread, instantly engulfing everything around it. Burning Heaven Clan’s majestic main gate instantly burned into ashes, and one tenth of the sect was completely drowned by the sea of fire. Even though it exploded at the edge of the sect, these berserking Burning Heaven Flames still dealt extreme damage to Burning Heaven Clan, but they did not injure anyone. Compared to the landing point tossed by Yun Che, the results couldn’t even be mentioned in the same day.

The two middle aged men who pushed away the sea of flames simultaneously landed, as their gaze and aura tightly locked onto Yun Che.

“Grand Clan Master, Grand Elder!!”

None of the younger generation Burning Heaven disciples knew these two. However, all the Elders and Pavilion Masters on the scene uttered out with an overjoyed voice. Some even fell onto their knees on the spot, as tears of joy flooded out.

“One is at the second level of the Emperor Profound Realm, the other is at the fourth level of the Emperor Profound Realm… The current you, is not their match. Leave quickly!!” Jasmine spoke urgently.

Yun Che’s brows abruptly knitted. And at this moment, the middle aged man on the left had already explosively flew up, his entire right arm turning into a ferocious purple fire dragon that smashed straight toward Yun Che’s chest.

Yun Che’s expression darkened. Grabbing up Dragon Fault, his entire body’s profound energy surged as the image of a howling Sky Wolf appeared behind him.

“Sky Wolf Slas.h.!.+”


The Sky Wolf’s image and the Burning Heaven Fire Dragon collided in midair, bringing up a rumble on par with thunder from the nine heavens. A field of purple firelight also exploded in the air and dispersed several dozens of meters outwards. The violent blast of air had even knocked a vast amount of Burning Heaven Clan disciples down over a hundred meters away.

Within the firelight, Yun Che sprayed out a mouthful of blood mist, and flew outwards like a cannonball, into the purple colored flame sea several hundred meters away… But right after, an enormous snow white bird flew up from the flame sea with its wings spread out, and became a white spot on the horizon with extreme speed.

The red robed middle aged man slowly descended, his body slightly swaying as he landed. A touch of abnormal flushed redness emerged on his face, as the expression in his eyes became extremely solemn.

“Chase quickly, we definitely can’t let him escape!” Fen Moji loudly roared as he looked in the direction Yun Che left toward.

“Don’t chase!” The middle aged man who stood at the very front raised his hand. His voice was soft and slow, yet was imposing to the extent that it almost made one’s blood solidify: “He didn’t receive too heavy of an injury. If you guys chase, it’ll only be throwing your lives away.”

As his voice fell, his body suddenly wavered as he abruptly covered his chest with his hand. From his mouth, a dry moan leaked out.

“Grand Clan Master, what’s wrong?” Fen Moji fl.u.s.teredly said.

“What a shocking strength.” Looking into the distance, the middle aged man said with a overcast voice: “After cultivating away from the world for twenty-odd years, I didn’t expect that a being of such a caliber actually appeared in Blue Wind Empire.”

“Judging from his age, he ought to not even be over twenty yet. Seems like in these years, something big had taken place within Blue Wind.” The other red robed middle aged man also slowly walked over, the expression on his face was similarly solemn. They both didn’t choose to chase Yun Che. Pus.h.i.+ng away that terrifying energy of flame, wasn’t easy and painless even for them, whose might was at the Emperor Profound Realm. They had used all their might when pus.h.i.+ng earlier, not daring to hold anything in reserve, but still didn’t manage to push it outside of the sect. And after that push with all their strength, the aura and blood continuously surged in their bodies, and still had not calmed even now. They knew of that snow white enormous bird, which was evidently the Snow Region of Extreme Ice’s emperor of beasts, the Snow Phoenix. It would be difficult to catch up with Snow Phoenix’s speed even for them.

Out of these two middle aged men, one of them was the previous clan master of Burning Heaven Clan, who was now the current Grand Clan Master Fen Yijue. The other was Grand Elder Fen Ziya. Even though they appeared young, their actual age were both over a hundred years old. Originally, they had already stopped bothering with matters of the sect, and hid within the sect’s secret grounds to cultivate in a concentrated state. Yet today, they were simultaneously startled awake by the enormous movement within the sect.

Looking at the blood, shattered corpses, and mayhem all over the ground, even though Fen Yijue’s heart was already like still water, he was still unable to contain his anger as he asked with heavy voice: “Duanhun, just what is this about? Who was that young man earlier? You all sure are looking more and more promising, our thousand year sect of Burning Heaven, was actually almost buried in the hands of a youth!!”

Even though Fen Duanhun was the current Burning Heaven Clan Master, his father’s prestige still remained. Coupled with the shame in his heart, he let out a long sigh, and slowly spoke out the whole story...


The Snow Phoenix went straight east, and after flying very far into the distance, it suddenly emitted a lamenting cry. With a pair of wings that couldn’t flap anymore no matter what, it fell straight down, bringing Yun Che and Xiao Lingxi along as it plummeted into a barren valley.


Yun Che crashed down from Snow Phoenix’s back with Xiao Lingxi in his arms, consecutively flipped several times on the ground, then crashed onto a mountain cliff head on. He sat up with difficulty… And beside him, the Snow Phoenix Beast’s head drooped onto the ground. Its entire body was limp and trembled non-stop, even the cries it uttered became powerless whimpers.

After an entire three thousand kilometers of full speed rus.h.i.+ng, it had reached its limits long ago. Furthermore, it attended a great battle with Yun Che, then had also carried him and fled with full speed. The current Snow Phoenix had already exhausted a large extent of its power and lifespan. Yun Che walked over, gently stroked its snow white feathers and said with an aching heart: “Little Chan, you’ve worked hard… Come back and rest well.”

Snow Phoenix made a low cry, turned into a white stream of light, and returned into the profound seal.

Xiao Lingxi still had not awakened. Under Yun Che’s protection that Yun Che had split away most of his power for, she wasn’t harmed in the slightest even during that instant of exchange with Fen Yijue, while Yun Che himself, had instead suffered a considerable internal injury. He still held onto Xiao Lingxi, unwilling to let go, and after a few heavy breaths, he started to observe the surrounding landscape.

This place was entirely barren; the land was dry and vegetation was scarce. There were also no hint of footprints in the surrounding area. With a glance, short mountains and jagged boulders were everywhere. It should be a desolate ground that hadn’t been stepped on by people for a long time.

This place, was clearly still within Burning Heaven Valley. And Burning Heaven Valley, was territory belonging to the Burning Heaven Clan.

Yun Che thought for a bit, and didn’t choose to leave. Instead, he took up the Dragon Fault, and heavily smashed onto the mountain wall behind him. Very quickly, a cave over ten meters deep was blasted out. He entered the cave carrying Xiao Lingxi, and laid a Frozen Cloud Barrier that cut off auras… The most dangerous place was often the safest. Burning Heaven Clan’s people wouldn’t expect that when riding on a Sky Profound mount, Yun Che didn’t even fly out of the Burning Heaven Valley, and had instead just hid within the valley like this.

Yun Che also didn’t want to go too far. Because Xiao Lie, was still within Burning Heaven Clan.

The unconscious Xiao Lingxi’s expression was peaceful, like a baby in deep sleep. When Yun Che gently put her down, she seemed to have noticed herself leaving Yun Che’s embrace; her charming eyebrows knitted slightly, her eyelashes anxiously trembled faintly, and fear emerged from her expression… Yun Che hastily held her up once again, and tightly squeezed her hand… All of her unease calmed again, and the corner of her lips had even faintly formed into a light smile of happiness.

Seeing Xiao Lingxi right under his nose and within his arms, Yun Che felt deep gratification, but also deep heartache. He had wanted to take them away after he returned home, to a place that no one would ever oppress them. He didn’t expect that before he was even able to see them, he had allowed them to encounter such an adversity, because of him.

He didn’t let go of Xiao Lingxi anymore, and just silently sat there holding her in his arms. On one side, he used his own profound energy and slowly repaired her injuries; on the other, he conjured the Great Way of the Buddha, recovering his own internal and external injuries with an extremely fast speed.


“b.a.s.t.a.r.d thing!!”

Before Fen Juecheng had the chance to call out grandfather, he was already sent flying by Fen Yijue with a slap. This slap was extremely heavy; Fen Juecheng’s entire left face greatly swelled as blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. On the ground, three of his completely shattered teeth rolled about.

Fen Yijue, who found out about the whole story of the matter, was already burning in rage. As he looked at everyone, he, who had been cleared of emotion for more than twenty years, was actually shaking from anger at this moment: “My Burning Heaven Clan, actually birthed you bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!! Not only did a group of elders head out only in order to one youth, you actually did such a despicable and filthy act of abducting his family as bait, how f*cking fantastic! Ignoring the matter of you bunch losing all of our clan’s face, you actually were conceited enough to think that you drew in a jarred turtle… but too bad that it was actually a tiger which nearly even destroyed the sect! If not for me and Ziya arriving in time, you would all have become lying corpses! My Burning Heaven Clan’s thousand years of heritage, would have been wiped out then and there!”

Facing Fen Yijue’s rage, all the Elders and Pavilion Masters were all as silent as cicadas in the wintertime and didn’t even dare to breathe out loudly. Fen Juecheng had almost been slapped unconscious on the spot. He knelt down the ground, trembling; let alone speak, he didn’t even dare to let out pained screams.

“Sigh, what’s done is done, there is no use in getting angry.” Fen Ziya shook his head, let out a long sigh, and said: “Duanhun, how are the casualties this time?”

Fen Duanhun closed his eyes, and said with grief: “Amongst twenty seven elders, and thirty three pavilion masters, an entire thirty one had died in Yun Che’s hands, including Great Elder Fen Moli. One hundred and twenty seven middle level disciples, and one thousand six hundred and ninety two regular disciples fell in battle…”

Each number that Fen Duanhun spoke out was more ghastly than the previous, to the point that it caused Fen Yijue’s entire body to tremble from rage. His fist violently smashed down, and the stone table beside him instantly turned into a pile of dust. He raised his head, looked outside the door, and said in a low and deep tone: “This kid, must be killed!!”

“His other family member is still here. With his personality, he’ll certainly come back.” Fen Moji said cautiously while paying careful attention of Fen Yijue’s changes in expression.

Just as Fen Jueyi was about to explode in fury, Fen Ziya had spoke instead: “This kid, indeed must be killed. What’s done is done, borrowing that already kidnapped ‘bait’ is the simplest and most effective method. Elder brother does not need to get angry for this matter any further. However, that devilsp.a.w.n is considerably injured from what I had seen; added to the fact that he has already found out about the existence of the two of us, he will certainly only come back after his injuries fully recover… So, he wouldn’t come again in at least seven days. In this period of time, let us first settle down the chaos in the sect.”

Fen Yijue went silent, then slowly nodded.

Fen Ziya thought correctly; Yun Che would indeed wait for his own wounds to completely heal, and his strength to fully recover before he enters Burning Heaven Clan again.

However, what he absolutely wouldn’t have expected was that the time Yun Che used to recover from his injured state wasn’t seven days at all...

He only used one day!!